How to Fix Runtime Error 217 at 004bb10d in Windows 10/8/7

When you are working with Windows, the runtime error 217 may appear on your screen. Then, why does it happen? Generally, the runtime error can happen for many reasons.

It could be due to misconfiguration of the system files, corrupt system files, conflicts with third-party applications, memory problems, conflicts with antivirus, corrupt Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library, or it could be due to graphics driver problems.

How to Fix Runtime Error 217 at 004bb10d in Windows 10/8/7

Generally, there are so many codes that may happen when you get runtime errors on all Windows versions. But, in this chance, we will focus on giving you the way to fix runtime error 217 at 004bb10d which may appear on all versions of Windows.

At least, there are some ways that you can take to fix it. So, let’s see how to fix runtime error 217 at 004bb10d!

Way 1: Use Third-Party App to Fix Runtime Error

When you get difficult ways to fix runtime errors in a manual way, it is time for you to use some third-party apps. Here, we have two gorgeous apps to help you in fixing runtime error 217 at 004Bb10D.

App 1–RegCure Pro

You definitely can choose the RegCure Pro app to fix Runtime Error 217 At 004Bb10D automatically. How to get it?

  • The main thing that you have to do is downloading  RegCure Pro app that you can get at
  • Once you download the app, it is time to install it on your Windows.
  • Find the file that you have downloaded from your library.
  • Then, install the program by right-clicking the file and Run as administrator.
  • After that, follow the installation steps until finish.
  • Once the app appears on your desktop, click on to run it.
  • Of course, the window of the app will be open, here, you need to click on Scan button.
  • Click the Fix errors button when the scan is completed.
  • Last, you have to restart your computer to have a check.

App 2—SpyHunter

You have to know that Spyhunter is one of the most gorgeous spyware removal tools on the market. Here, this app can help you to detect and remove various kinds of viruses, malware and anything that can harm your computer’s system. So, follow the steps to run this app:

  • First, you need to download Spyhunter app at
  • Then, install this app when the downloading file is completed.
  • Double-click on the downloaded file to install it. Follow the installation steps on your screen.
  • After the installation is completed, it is time to launch the app.
  • On Spyhunter app screen, you have to choose the Malware Scan button to perform a full and fast system scan on your computer.
  • When the scan is finished, you can choose Select all, click Remove to delete all the threats on your computer.

That’s it! Now, you already get rid of any threats that may be a cause of the runtime error occuring on your Windows.

Way 2: Update Your Windows OS

If the third-party apps above cannot solve your problem, well it’s time for you to take the next solution. Here, we recommend you to update your Windows operating system.

However, the error 217 at  004bb10d Windows can be used by an old version of your Windows. To update your Windows, let’s follow some steps below!

  • First, click the Windows Button icon on your screen.
  • Then, choose Settings and choose Update and Security.
  • After that, click Window Update.
Update Your Windows OS
  • Select Check for Updates.
  • MOve on to the next step if you got a message that says your device is up to date. While, move on if the process fails to resolve your problem.

Way 3: Shut down the TSR program

Runtime errors can occur due to conflicts with third party programs and TSR. TSR stands for Terminate and Stay Resident, which is a set of programs that are loaded into memory at startup and will become active when needed.

When there is a conflict between a third party application and TSR with the Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library, a Runtime error message appears. To shut it down, follow our steps below!

  • Open Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + Esc)
  • Go to the Startup tab
  • Disable all TSRs and startup programs
Disable all TSRs and startup programs
  • Restart the computer
  • After the computer turns back on, try to check if the runtime error is gone.
  • If the runtime error is gone, then you can reactivate the TSR and the startup program that was disabled one by one.
  • Check which TSR or startup program caused the error.
  • Permanently disable the program.

Way 4: Clean Boot

Then, to solve Runtime errors in Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7 is to enter clean boot mode. This mode is a state where Windows runs only with the basic services it needs.

The way to clean boot in Windows can be done either  by entering Safe Mode or manually. Here are the way to clean boot on all Windows version:

  • Go to Run service (Windows key + R)
  • Then, type “msconfig”. Hit OK.
  • Click on the Services tab after entering the System Configuration window .
  • Then, check the Hide all Microsoft services option
  • Click Disable all options. Click Apply and hit OK.
  • Now, you have to restart your computer.

Way 5: Correct the Regional Settings

Wrong regional settings on your computer can cause the runtime error 217 on your Windows. So make sure that you set the correct regional settings on your Windows by following some steps:

  • Hit Windows Key + R to open Run.
  • Then, type the Control Panel. Hit OK.
type the Control Panel. Hit OK.
  • Once the control panel opens, you need to type Region in the search box.
  • Choose Region and Language.
  • Set the regional settings and make sure all are correct.
Set the regional settings and make sure all are correct

Way 6: Update Msvcrt.dll File

Msvcrt.dll File here is included in Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. To update it, you have to follow some steps below!

  • Go to Run (Windows Key + R)
  • Type wuauclt.exe /updatenow.
  • Then, click Ok.

To note, this error can also happen when the Microsoft DCOM file on the system is outdated. If it is the same problem with you, of course the only way that you can take is to update Msvcrt.dll File.

Hopefully, our ways above can solve the issues of runtime error 217 at 004bb10d on all versions of Windows (7,8 and 10).