How to Manage Your Windows and Apps Make Alaways Open at The Same Place

Windows and applications can be difficult to manage. There are some built-in features for Windows 10, but Microsoft has one more tool with more options. I will always show you how to open a window in the same place.

Note: This guide is about using Windows 10 on a desktop or laptop computer. If you’re using a tablet with a touch screen, the following guidelines work differently (some features aren’t available at all). For more information, see our course on using Windows 10 on a tablet.

Windows Application (Application) is a program powered by Microsoft Windows operating system. Applications and programs are basically the same. It is a computer program designed to do something, to do something, or to do something else. It also explains what to do with your computer (or other device).


These are programs that require a mouse and keyboard to use existing Windows applications that you normally install and use. Windows, web browsing, table management and much more. Comes with a number of pre-installed apps to assist you with the usual tasks.

That’s why apps are an important part of Windows 10 and can be very frustrating if they don’t exist. Often people can’t open the app because they don’t. This is not the most common problem for Windows 10 users, but it does happen. Problems with Windows applications can occur in a variety of situations, such as not opening applications after a Windows update or system recovery.

The application continues to crash, does not appear or load. If you have a problem with the Windows application and can’t open it, there are several ways to fix it. In this guide, we will show you some ways to do it, explaining what should be done carefully and how it should be done

So, Windows 10 is probably the most widely used desktop computer today. Compared to other desktop computers, Windows 10 Home offers additional options and features. When working with many applications in Windows 10, we have difficulty creating multiple windows at home.

Microsoft Home Windows 10 provides a variety of options for managing the main window, such as Cascade Home, but it is not enough. What if I tell you that you can activate a specific window that you always open?

This can be really imagined in Windows 10 but you will need to use additional tools. Microsoft PowerToos has a feature that allows customers to choose where the main window screen can be opened. This is a little-known feature, but it must have been in Power Toys for a long time.

Get Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft has released the first version of PowerToy for Windows 95 to provide advanced users with better performance and personalization options. It’s back for Windows XP, but I haven’t seen it before 2019 since the latest version of Windows 10 PowerPoint was released.

Equipped with many utilities, PowerToys are designed to develop and improve Windows 10 in a very specific and useful way. Fancy areas make plans for better placement of windows for multiple tasks. File Explorer Preview lets you preview advanced file types. Image riser can give the size and shape of the images.

The keyboard manager resets some keys and the PowerName toy changes the names of multiple files. The PowerToy launch helps you find specific programs and documents, and our Keyboard Shortcut Guide will show you a list of all Win Keyboard shortcuts available. We test each toy to see how you can simplify and extend your Windows 10 experience.

This feature is sometimes made possible by the Snap Assist feature in Windows 10. Sometimes the app opens where it was pasted, though not always. Microsoft Power Toys are more effective at opening applications from there.

PowerToy is a utility that every Windows Power user should learn. In this tutorial, we use FancyZones, which is one of the many features.

FancyZones lets you divide the screen into “regions” of your choice. Not limited to 2×2 Snap Assist. Territories are fully customizable in terms of size and distance.

Choose where Windows will open

First select the FancyZones to place the window in a specific screen area. This setting requires opening a window in the same location each time.

FancyZones is similar to the Snap Assist feature in Windows 10, but is part of the PowerTage application, which lets you manage more complex screen layouts.

Unlike Snap Assist, however, FancyZones allows you to draw a window of your choice, allowing you to create custom fixes and access additional customizable options to increase efficiency.

This tool can be used on any screen but it is especially useful for large monitors with multiple real estate screens and multiple monitor settings because you can create a unique design for each screen.

In this guide we take steps to manage window edits using the Power Toys Fancy Zone feature in Windows 10.

FancyZones will create your Windows management layouts using predefined templates, and you can also create custom layouts using the built-in editor.

Then open the PowerToys and go to the FancyZones tab.

Go to the Windows Behavior section of the FancyZones regions tab on your Windows.

Here you want to activate the “Move newly created windows to their last known zone” option. This means that if you close a window in a certain place, it will return to that area the next time you open it.

You can go! Not only is it effective for opening frequently used applications, it can also provide great startup automation. If you initially set a specific application to open, it will automatically go to this case.


This function can also be used as a primary drawing application. When the laptop is turned on, it is given a position similar to where it is in the main window.

It’s here! Done this way, you can always open the main windows in the same place as your Windows 10 laptop.

So this text is about how you can always open your main window from the same place. I hope this article will help you! Also check the percentage with your colleagues. If you have any doubts about this, let us know in the notes section below.


This feature also works on startup applications. After the computer was turned on, Windows was set to the same position as before.

It’s here! Done so you can always open Windows 10 from the same place on your computer.

So this article is about how to always open windows in the same place. I hope this article was helpful. Share with your friends. If in doubt, let us know in the comments section below.

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