Explanation About Free Robux for Real Not Fake

Who does not want to have a large amount of Robux? Of course, every Roblox player will be happy when they have much Robux on their Roblox account, especially for free. With Robux, any paid-items in Roblox can be easily yours without any dramas.

Since getting Robux is a little bit hard in Roblox, a lot of Roblox players then attempt to look for any instant way to gain free Robux. But, we all know that getting Robux for free through the Robux generator is totally a scam, making you just a fool. Then, can you get Robux for free without a scam? To know more about it, let’s see our post below!

Explanation About Free Robux for Real Not Fake

Is There a Real Way to Earn Robux For Free?

Even though it’s a little bit hard to believe, there is a real and right way to get Robux for free. How to do it? But, you should keep in mind that getting Robux for free in a real way is not like trying to get Robux with a generator.

If Robux Generator allows you to do some activities within a certain site such as completing any surveys, downloading some mobile apps, taking some online quizzes, etc, it will be different when you attempt to get free Robux through the real way. Why?

In this case, the real way of getting Robux will not easily give you Robux for free, but you should perform some sensible activities. The amount of Robux you will earn does not also as much as what the Robux generator offers to you, meaning  the amount of Robux is very reasonable with the activities you do.

How to Get Robux For Free in Roblox?

You will be able to get Robux for free legally through the Microsoft Rewards Program. This program is also known as the Bing Rewards program, allowing the users to gain rewards points that can be exchanged to Robux. Certainly, the amount of rewards points that the users will get is based on their activities on the Microsoft products.

For more information, the Bing Rewards Program was introduced in 2018. This program aims to grant a certain amount of points for the players who actually do some activities through Bing Search Engine. In this case, you can set Bing as the primary search engine on your browser.

Aside from that, you should also perform several supporting activities which you can do such as using Windows 10 in your day to day life, browsing the internet with Microsoft Edge and buying some apps and games on the Microsoft Store.

After you have performed some certain activities within, you will have a chance to get Bing Points that you can redeem for Robux, gift cards, movies and many more. Sure, you will have to join the Microsoft Rewards program first to earn Bing Rewards Points.

The Bing Rewards Points can be redeemed starting from 100, 200, 400, 800 or even 1,000 Robux Digital Codes. Certainly if you want to redeem the Bing Rewards Points, you should save enough Bing Rewards Points  that you have gained from the Microsoft Rewards program.

It’s important to note, this Bing Rewards Program is only for United States players to gain Robux for free through Microsoft Rewards program. In the case of redeeming the Bing Rewards Points, you need to choose between three tiers of Robux depending on how many Microsoft Rewards Points that you have obtained. Here’s a list of cost-per-points for Robux Digital codes:

    • 1,500 points = 100 Robux
    • 3,000 points = 200 Robux
    • 6,000 points = 400 Robux
    • 12,000 points = 800 Robux
    • 16,000 points = 1,000 Robux

To redeem Bing Rewards Points, you can head toward the ‘Redeem Page’. After you are at the redemption page, you have to click on the Roblox Digital Code option. You will need to select the amount of Robux that you want to redeem.

Afterwards, you need to confirm your order when it is ready. If it is successful, a Robux gift card will be sent automatically to your email. After you have received an email, you need to get the Redeem Roblox cards. Afterwards, you should enter the PIN that can be found in your email and complete the verification.

If you successfully redeem the Microsoft Rewards Points, a certain amount of Robux that you can choose will appear in the top-right corner of Roblox client. That’s how to redeem the Bing Reward s points for free Robux.

How to Avoid Free Robux Scams?

You might have tried to earn Robux for free by visiting any Robux Generators that hope you will get free Robux. Unfortunately, you do not get the amount of Robux as what the Robux Generators promise to you.

Well, up to this point, you should understand that almost all Robux Generators are scam and will not grant you Robux for free. There are a lot of Robux scams scattered on the internet. The scam sites are designed to do three things including to steal your username and password, to steal Robux, and steal your items.

There are the primary methods what the thief runs Robux scams, here are they:

    • Roblox game chat
    • Roblox messaging system
    • Fake free Robux streams
    • Fake web pages
    • Free Robux for App Exchange
    • Downloaded programs
    • Javascript attacks
    • Cookie scraping

You have to know that most scammer accounts will fall into the ‘bot’ or ‘phishing’ categories. However, the bot accounts are actually created with running cons in mind. Certainly, those scammer accounts are frequently reported to Roblox Corporation that are banned from the platform.

Unfortunately, it is very easy to make bot accounts, as they do not require verification through email. So, an entire bot army will be able to be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Moreover, the scammer accounts are the accounts which send messages and chats to their targets that hope you will click a malicious link.

If your Roblox account get stolen, it’s better for you to contact Roblox Corporation to get it back. You shouldn’t wait and have to react as quickly as possible to get your Roblox account back.


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