What is Willpower in BitLife

BitLife is a currently rapidly popular simulator game in the world. This game allows you to choose your character’s future in every manner. Playing this game will encourage you to come across day-to-day decisions and scenarios, meaning your choices are very precious.

When you choose your character in BitLife, you will also equip it with attributes.  One of the attributes in BitLife is Willpower. If this is your first time playing BitLife, you may wonder what Willpower means in BitLife and what the ideal Willpower you should choose for your character. Let’s dive into our post to know deeply about WillPower Attribute in BitLife!

What Does WillPower Mean in BitLife?

What is Willpower in BitLife

In BitLife, Attribute is a new gameplay element available in the God Mode update. There are a bunch of attributes that you can choose for your character. Well, Willpower is one of the attributes that you can set for your character.

Willpower means a scaled attribute to help a character overcome any problems or obstacles that your character encounters in their life. That means, the higher the Willpower of your character, the easier your character can resolve any difficulties.

According to Willpower, the game could be easier or harder for you. The measure of Willpower in BitLife is actually similar to real life. An individual with more Willpower is persistent and will be able to survive through any difficulty faced in life.

Furthermore, the more Willpower your character has, the more you will have the opportunity to overcome a hard situation. You definitely can increase your Willpower by performing good deeds. As an alternative way, you can purchase your way out and use the God Mode pack to tweak your attributes, manually raising the Willpower.

How Does Willpower Work in BitLife?

Willpower is available in God Mode Update in iOS where it provides one particular statistic in the game which strikes people. If you change your character in the game, you can see how much Willpower your character will have. You definitely can change your character’s Willpower by changing your character’s reaction to certain things.

Willpower may refer to a person’s willingness to give in when they think of specific actions that they know are really bad versus those they know are good.

Many sources give an example how the Willpower works in BitLife with an alcoholic. If an individual wants to cheat on their girlfriend behind their back or if an alcoholic is willing to resist the urge for a drink. The more will power that someone has, the less likely he is to give in to certain desires. Otherwise, they can struggle if they have a low number.

If you set your character who has less Willpower in their moral compass, the opportunities are they will cause a lot more problems than someone with a lot. To know deeply how Willpower or other attributes work on certain individuals, you may be able to play around with the stars in God Mode.

After checking the stats, you can consider to either raise or lower your character’s Willpower. You can also see what happens when it is a quarter of the bar, half of the bar or even 70%.

How to Access Willpower in BitLife?

Willpower is currently available in iOS, for Android, this attribute may be available in the future. If you are using iOS and want to access the Willpower attribute, you may have to buy the God mode premium pack from the game store to tweak the attribute manually.

Meanwhile, if you are a F2P user, you will be able to improve your Willpower naturally through positive deeds. Keep in mind, you can also change the Willpower of all the characters that are involved with your life. Additionally, such tweaks will influence your life scenarios and aspects.

The God Mode in BitLife actually allows you to establish a custom life with full customization to your character’s appearance and attributes.

All the Attributes in BitLife God Mode

There are 10 attributes available in BitLIfe God Mode. The attributes can be selected after you customize the physical appearance of your character. The attributes will be available in the next screen after customizing your character’s appearance.

Here are all the attributes that you can select in BitLife God Mode:

    1. Happiness
      Happiness refers to a healing way when something tragic or traumatic is experienced by your character. This attribute is the easiest stat to boost, but when your character experiences traumatic or tragic, it can lower happiness all the way to zero.
    2. Health
      It may take longer to boost up your character’s health. However, it does not lower dramatically very often in life. However, having high happiness and high health will help your character live longer.
    3. Smartness
      This attribute may be harder either to boost and to lower. When your character has a high intelligence, you will get the Academic ribbon. When your character has a low smart, you will be dropped out of school and gain the Stupid ribbon, making bad decisions throughout your life.
    4. Looks
      Your character will inherit looks from the parents, along with the smart problems. When your character has high looks at 100%, it will get your character any of the famous jobs. When your character has low looks, it will get your character rejected by their crushes at the school dance.
    5. Athleticism
      This attribute refers to your character’s performance in school sports.
    6. Discipline
      This attribute actually affects your performance at school or at work whether you are an underachiever or an overachiever.
    7. Sexuality
      This attribute refers to your character’s gender whether they are straight, gay or biseksual.
    8. Fertility
      This attribute refers to your character’s ability to sire or bear children.
    9. Karma
      Karma in BitLife is a determination on how well you reach challenges or how long you live whether it can be increased or decreased by performing good or bad things.
    10. Willpower
      As we’ve mentioned, Willpower is a person’s willingness to measure a Bitizen’s ability to resist temptation doing bad things.

Well, all the attributes can only be accessed in BitLife God Mode, especially on iOS.

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