How to Fix Outlook Search Bar (Ribbon) Missing

The Microsoft Outlook Search Bar or Search Ribbon may be missing after a Windows or Office update. This issue has been known and unfortunately it is more common after the updates for Microsoft Outlook 2019 and Microsoft Office 365.

If you are currently facing this issue, you can read the step by step solution on how to restore it. In order to fix the Microsoft Outlook Search Bar or Search Ribbon missing, the first thing that you will need to do is to open the Options window.

You can do it by clicking File and then Options in Microsoft Outlook. Then, in the Outlook Options window, find and click on Customize Ribbon which is located in the left bar. Under Choose commands from, please choose Tool Tabs and under Customize the Classic Ribbon, please choose Main Tabs.

The next thing that you should do is to left click Search to choose it so it will be highlighted in blue. After that, click the Add > button. doing so will make the Search (Custom) appear under the Main Tabs. Then, click OK at the bottom of the Outlook Options window. It should be done to save the changes and to close the window.

When it is done, back in the main window of Microsoft Outlook, click the Search ribbon, and choose any icon in the Refine section to look for specific emails. For example, you can select From to find emails from a certain sender.

How to Fix Outlook Search Bar (Ribbon) Missing

It is also possible for the Microsoft Outlook to show two Search tabs instead of one Search box if you want. However, it does cause a small issue. Every time you choose in the Search box, there will now be two Search tabs. If it is not bothering you and you are OK with it, you are all done. If you find it annoying, you are also able to disable the Search tab that shows up every time you choose in the Search box.

If you want to remove the two Search tab errors, first of all, you will need to right click any of the tabs in the ribbon. Next, click on the Customize the Ribbon option once again. Now, it is time for you to change the Main Tabs option of the drop down to All Tabs. After that, scroll down to Search Tools Uncheck Search and then choose the OK option. In the end, every time you click in the Search bar, the second Search tab will not be visible.

For those who are still confused about the error related to Microsoft Outlook search bar, here is the FAQ.

How to bring back the Search Bar in Microsoft Outlook?

If the Microsoft Outlook Search Bar is missing then you can restore it with these steps. First, click on the File Menu and then choose the Options. Second, find and click on the Customize Ribbon option. Third, you will see a lot of kinds of commands, ribbons, and tabs listed in the dialog boxes. All that you need to do is to click on the Tool Tabs in the field of Choose Commands from.

You need to also click on the Main Tab option in the field of the Customize the Ribbon. Please do these two different things at the same time. Fourth, find and pitch on the Search on the left side. After that, choose the Add button in the center. Fifth, choose the Ok button in order to save the customization.

What is the reason that makes the Search Bar in the Microsoft Outlook disappeared?

After a while, a little switch next Coming soon located at the upper right of the Microsoft Outlook window. If you enable the switch, the Search Bar will disappear and if it is disabled, then the Search Bar will come back.

Where does the Search Bar go in Microsoft Outlook?

If you are wondering where the Search bar goes in Microsoft Outlook, you can go to your Microsoft Outlook and see it up at the top. It is above the ribbon, on the title bar. That is the new place for the Search Bar. When you choose it, a box will drop down with the options “Suggested searches”, the searches for a few users that you have dreamed about recently, and “Suggested Actions” in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook Search current mailbox missing

After a while, a little switch next Coming soon located at the upper right of the Microsoft Outlook window. If you enable the switch, the Search Bar will disappear and if it is disabled, then the Search Bar will come back.

Microsoft Outlook Search Bar missing 2020

You will have to press the Ctrl + E or F3 in the Microsoft Outlook so they will redirect you to the Search bar immediately. This one navigates the Search Ribbon if needed and puts an active cursor in the Search Bar. This shortcut key is able to be used everywhere in Microsoft Outlook, including when the Search Bar is missing.

There is a new Search box in the Microsoft Outlook, which is quite like. The only weakness is the Search tab is now hidden until you click in the Search Bar. Luckily, there is a way that can be used to make the tab stay there permanently.

For those who are using Microsoft 365 (M365) or Office 365 (O365), there should be the new Search Box tab. In the previous or older versions of Microsoft Outlook, the Search tab was always available and visible on the ribbon. After the arrival of the new Search Bar, it is now missing or hidden.

It will show every time you click inside the Search Bar, but only once you have cleared or removed the automatic drop down menu. it is definitely not good for those who love to use the tab in the place of the Search Bar. The good news is that there is a way to restore it.