How to Download Windows Update 1903 Manually from Microsoft

Microsoft made the seventh Windows 10 feature update called May 2019 Update or 1903 version. In addition to security and performance improvements, the update includes some new features like a new light theme, the ability to pause updates (including Home versions) and Windows Sandbox for app testing.

Manually Download and Install Windows Update 1903

Before upgrading your version of Windows 10, you have to ensure that you have your important data backed up first. Also, ensure to have a full system image backup or at least a Windows 10 USB recovery drive. This will be able to help you restore and recover your system in the event something goes awry.

To download and install Windows Update 1903 manually, you are able to follow these steps below:

  • At the first step, open Windows 10 Update Assistant page. You are able to open it in a new browser tab.
  • After that, you have to click Update now button. You are going to receive a prompt to download the file.

click Update now button

  • To save the file to a location on your computer, simply click Save File. For note: The file save option is going to depend on the browser you are using. We use Mozilla Firefox so our file was saved in our download folder automatically.

simply click Save File

  • The next step that you have to do is to open the folder you saved the update assistant file. Please double-click it. On the User Account Control dialogue, just click Yes.

open the folder you saved the update assistant file

  • Once the Update to latest version of Windows 10 page opens, you have to click Update Now button.

Update to latest version of Windows 10 page opens

  • Windows 10 update assistant will be able to check your PC for compatibility. If your PC passes compatibility test, then the update assistant will start downloading the update.

If your PC passes compatibility test, then the update assistant will start downloading the update.


  • After the download completes, the update assistant is going to start updating Windows 10. Please wait a few minutes for the update to finish. While it is going on you are able to continue using your PC. At any time during this process, you are able to minimize the update window by clicking Minimize. Once you minimize, the activity will be able to continue on the background. To start update assistant, please locate the shortcut on your desktop.

After the download completes, the update assistant is going to start updating Windows 10

  • Once Windows 10 is ready to install, it will offers three options. The first option is  count-down and auto-restart. The second option is Restart later. The last option is Restart now.
  • If you do not do anything, your computer is going to restart automatically once the Restarting in: countdown reaches zero (0). Also, you are able to click Restart later. Then choose a convenient date and time to install the update.
  • In alternative, you are able to click Restart Now. Immediately, your computer will restart and install Windows 10 1903 update manually.
  • To install the update immediately, you have to click Restart Now. You are going to receive the notification. This will provide you time to save your work before your computer restarts.
  • Now, your computer will restart. It will take a few minutes for the update to install. Once it is installed, finally your Windows 10 will have a new look now.

Everything New in Windows Update 1903

Besides the new look, Windows Update 1903 also offers some new features. Now, we are also going to share some new features in Windows 10 version 1903. Here are some new features of Windows Update 1903:

Speed Improvements

One of new Windows Update 1903 features is Speed improvements. Now, you are going to notice that your PC should get faster.

7 GB of Your PC’s Storage Reserved for Windows Updates

Sometime Windows Updates may fail to install correctly if your PC does not have enough free disk space. This is able to be an issue on inexpensive devices with only a small amount of built-in storage. Fortunately, Microsoft is fixing the issue by commandeering about 7 GB of your PC’s storage and creating it into Reserved Storage. Once Windows requires the space for updates, it removes the temporary files and does the update.

A Light Desktop Theme

Now, Windows 10 has a shiny new light theme. The Start menu, notifications, action center sidebar, taskbar, print dialog, and other interface elements can be light instead of dark. Even, Windows 10’s latest update features a new default desktop wallpaper which matches the new theme. Technically, now Windows 10 has two separate options: Windows mode and app mode. The old default theme, that combined a dark taskbar (dark Windows mode) with light apps (light app mode) is still an option. You are able to select any combination of the two settings.

Windows Sandbox for Pro Users

Also, now Windows 10 has a built-in Windows Sandbox. It is everything we always wanted: an integrated, isolated desktop environment where you are able to run software in a container without affecting your host operating system. Once you close the Sandbox, all the software and files in the sandbox are removed. It utilizes hardware-based virtualization to keep the software confined to a container. The hardware available to the sandbox, for instance GPU, networking, or shared folders and other settings can be customized via config files. For your information, the Windows Sandbox is only available on Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows. So, Home users need to pay to upgrade from Home to Pro to install and use the sandbox.

Lets You Uninstall More Built-In Apps

If you want to uninstall more built-in apps completely, now you can do that. Windows 10 allows you uninstall some built-in apps like Skype, Solitaire, My Office. But now it also allows you uninstall built-in apps like Groove Music, Mail, 3D Viewer, Paint 3D, and more. This does not extend to all apps.

Cortana and the Search Bar Are Separating

Windows 10 has a search bar which is integrated with Cortana, but they are separating. In the Windows Update 1903, the search bar functions as a normal search box, and there is a separate Cortana icon on the Windows taskbar. You are able to leave the search box on the taskbar and hide the Cortana icon or hide the search box and leave Cortana.

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