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Climate change has been a popular topic for the past few decades. There have been protests about climate change here and there. Unfortunately, it seems like the world will not get better anytime soon as most people do not seem to care for their environment, though some others try their best to do something.

Do you love the place where we live? If the answer to the question is yes, there are tons of ways that you can go green. You can take the eco friendly quiz to find out how eco-friendly you are. Are you ready for the challenges?

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The questions about the eco friendly thing might be featured on the popular quiz called Bing quiz. When you take this kind of quiz on Bing, please answer everything with honesty and being honest is actually really important. Below are some examples of the question of eco friendly quiz. Feel free to try these so that you can be prepared when you take one on Bing.

1. What one of these things that you usually do to conserve energy?

a. Unplugging appliances that are not in use
b. Choosing LED bulbs over the regular ones
c. Boiling just enough water that is needed instead of overfilling the kettle
d. No one of the above

2. How often do you recycle?

a. Every time you get chance, whether at home or when you are out
b. Rarely do it, unless you see a recycle bin
c. As often as you can, sometimes when you are not able to or forget

3. Which one of these options do you use to reduce single use plastic?

a. Bringing your own containers for take away
b. Bringing your own reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles
c. Using the reusable container instead of plastic sandwich bags when packing your own lunch
d. No one of the things above
e. All the things with some more

4. How often do you share the eco-friendly tips with the others?

a. Some of the time, but you are eager to learn more
b. No, hardly ever
c. All the time

5. What will you do if you have glass jars and plastic containers that have been used?

a. Recycling them
b. Throwing them away if you have no use for them or they are hard to clean
c. Reusing them in a number of ways such as DIY crafts or using them to store things or food

6. Do you always separate your trash according to wet waste, plastic, paper glass, and so on?

a. Yes, all the time
b. No, never
c. Sometimes, if and when you want

7. Do you always turn the lights off when you leave the room?

a. Yes, you usually do that
b. No, you are afraid of the dark
c. You try your best but sometimes you forget

8. Do you always leave the water running when you brush your teeth?

a. Yes, you have enough water
b. No, never. It is such a waste

9. Do you use a plastic straw for your drink when you dine out?

a. If there is no alternative, then yes
b. Never, you always bring your own metal straws and refuse plastic straws
c. You try your best, but sometimes it cannot be helped

10. How often do you use the reusable tote bags for shopping?

a. All the time, you keep them in your car or handbag
b. Sometimes when you remember to bring them
c. Never, they are hard to carry around so using the regular plastic bags is better

11. Washing dishes by hand generally consumes less water compared to using a dishwasher.

a. True
b. False

12. Which one of these following lifestyle changes is the most effective one for reducing the carbon footprint?

a. Boycotting fast fashion
b. Switching to a vegan diet
c. Taking public transport instead of driving
d. Unplugging devices when you are not using them

13. How much money per year can be saved by switching to energy efficient light bulbs?

a. £100
b. £70
c. £50
d. £20

14. How many single use cups go to landfill every year?

a. 100,000,000,000
b. 100,000,000
c. 1,000,000
d. 100,000

15. By what year is renewable energy expected to be the primary power source of the world?

a. 2050
b. 2040
c. 2030
d. 2020

16. What is the name of the item that can be widely recycled when clean?

a. Lightbulbs
b. Aluminum foil
c. Wrapping paper
d. Cooking dishes

17. By average, how many single use plastic bottles can an average individual save each year by switching to a reusable bottle?

a. 156
b. 81
c. 53
d. 28

18. The internet is responsible for roughly the same percentage of greenhouse gas emissions as air travel.

a. True
b. False

19. Which one of these renewable energy sources generates the most power worldwide?

a. Wind
b. Solar
c. Hydro
d. Geothermal

20. What will happen if the climate change continues?

a. Loss of human life
b. Rising sea levels
c. Increased instances of extreme weather
d. Widespread species extinction
e. All of the things

21. Do you buy organic foods?

a. Always
b. Never
c. Sometimes

22. Do you leave your phone charged plugged in when it is not even on it?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes

23. Do you drink bottled water?

a. Every day
b. Sometimes
c. Never

24. What do you usually do with the clothes that you do not want anymore?

a. Sell them
b. Throw them away
c. Donate or give them away
d. Convert them into some things useful

25. What do you eat off of when you are having a family BBQ?

a. Styrofoam plates and cups
b. Paper plates and plastic cups
c. Dishes from the inside house so that they can be washed later
d. Bio degradable plates, cups, eating utensils, and napkins

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