Bing Earth Quiz

The image of Earth always becomes the frequent Bing logos and themes. When you access, you may often see the Earth logos and themes on this search engine. The earth logo is also used for Bing Fun quiz. The image of the earth displayed on Bing is certainly different every day.

On Bing, you’re able to choose the themes as your desire. In fact, Bing has multiple themes that you can click one-by-one until getting your favorite one. To see multiple themes on Bing, you just simply access and then click on the ‘Info’ option that you can find on the bottom left of Bing homepage. By clicking on the ‘< >’ icon, you surely will find multiple Bing themes. Yeah… you’ll find the Earth theme as you can see in the picture below!

Talking about Bing Earth quiz, of course too many topics which will probably appear on Bing. However, Earth is a general topic to be a quiz. On Bing Fun quiz, you surely will find numerous topics related to Earth. Well, to ease you taking the quiz about Earth, this post will categorize sub-topics related to Earth that we get from Bing Fun Quiz.

Here are they:

Today’s Bing Quiz

Bing quizzes today show the landscape for certain countries which can be categorized as Earth quizzes.

1. This is all that remains of the capital of Ayutthaya, the precursor of what country?

a. Thailand
b. Nepal
c. Cambodia

The answer is a. Thailand

2. These three structures are called chedis and they served what purpose?

a. Royal treasury
b. Royal temple
c. Royal fortress

The answer is b. Royal temple

3. What’s another former name of Thailand?

a. Siam
b. Shangri-La
c. Malacca

The answer a. Siam

Bing Geographic Quiz

Bing Geographic Quiz
On Bing Fun, there is Geographic quiz which mostly shows about Earth including forest, all continents, landmarks, world capitals, agriculture geology and general quiz about earth. That’s not enough if we do not give you samples for Geograhpic quiz, isn’t it? Here are they:

1. Where are the Aleutian Mountains located?

a. Russia
b. Italy
c. Alaska
d. Australia

The answer is c. Alaska

2. The Yadkin River is one of the biggest rivers in….

a. Indiana
b. Wisconsin
c. North America
d. California

The answer is c. North America

3. Bent’s Old Fort is a National Historic Landmark located in…

a. California
b. New Mexico
c. Colorado
d. Arizona

The answer is c. Colorado

4. Auschwitz in an infamous landmark located in…

a. Poland
b. Slovakia
c. Germany
d. Czech Republic

The answer is a. Poland

5. Hagia Sophia is a famous landmark located in…

a. Turkey
b. Syria
c. Bulgaria
d. Saudi Arabia

The answer is a. Turkey

6. Fort Sumter is a famous landmark located in which US state?

a. Georgia
b. Virginia
c. North Carolina
d. South Carolina

The answer is d. South Carolina

7. Which city is furthest from the sea?

a. Kansas city
b. Las Vegas
c. St. Louis
d. Philadelphia

The answer is a. Kansas city

8. Saint Lucia is an island in the sea?

a. The Atlantic Sea
b. The Caribbean Sea
c. The Dead Sea
d. The Norwegia Sea

The answer is b. The Caribbean Sea

9. Which country is in Africa?

a. Croatia
b. China
c. Chile
d. Congo

The answer is d. Congo

10. Which waterway will you find between Africa and Madagascar?

a. Malawi Canal
b. Mozambique Channel
c. Martinique Strait
d. Madagascar Strait

The answer is b. Mozambique Channel

Surprise Me Category

Surprise Me Category
On Bing Fun quiz, you will also ‘Surprise me!’ category. Why do we put this category for Earth quizzes? Well, if you explore this category, you surely will find various topics which are related to Earth topics. The topics here include Oceaan, forest, weather, flowers, trees, penguin, and more.

Here are the samples of quizzes that you can find in Surprise me category related to Earth quiz:

1. If you suffer from nephophobia, which weather phenomenon do you fear?

a. Snows
b. Clouds
c. wind
d. Thunder

The answer is b. Clouds

2. Most weather takes places in the what?

a. Troposphere
b. Mesosphere
c. Exosphere
d. Stratosphere

The answer is a. Troposphere

3. What was the most powerful solar storm in history, recorded in 1859, called?

a. The Bastille Day Event
b. Aurora of November 17
c. The Carrington Event
d. Halloween Solar Storm

The answer is c. The Carrington Event

4. Of the four major oceans, which is the saltiest?

a. Pacific
b. Indian
c. Atlantic
d. Artic

The answer is c. Atlantic

5. Which ocean current flows south from the Arctic Ocean?

a. Agulhas
b. ACC
c. Benguela
d. Labrador

The answer is d. Labrador

6. How much of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans/

a. 69%
b. 71%
c. 75%
d. 83%

The answer is b. 71%

7. What is the smallest penguin in the world?

a. Fairy
b. Gentoo
c. Macaroni
d. Adelie

The answer is a. Fairy

8. Where can you find the rare yellow-eyed penguin?

a. New Zealand
b. Southern Africa
c. Galapagos Island
d. Antarctica

The answer is a. New Zealand

9. What is the most poisonous tree in the world?

a. Bristlecone pine
b. Manchineel
c. Sequoia
d. Aspen

The answer is b. Manchineel

10. Which flowers often appear after a wildfire?

a. Asters
b. Tulips
c. Roses
d. Poppies

The answer is d. Poppies

Bing Homepage Quiz about Earth

Bing Homepage Quiz about Earth
Here are some samples of Bing Homepage quizzes which are related to Earth quiz:

1. What’s the highest waterfall in the world?

a. Angel Falls
b. Niagara Falls
c. Yosemite Falls

The answer is a. Angel Falls

2. Torronsuo National Park is a swamp. Where are we?

a. Switzerland
b. Brazil
c. Finland

The answer is c. Finland

3. Where is the bald mountain?

a. Switzerland
b. France
c. Alaska

The answer is b. France

4. We’re looking at the Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve. Where are we?

a. Russia
b. China
c. Germany

The answer is b. China

5. The tower of rock on Fanjing is said to look like…

a. A thumb
b. A Rocket
c. A Skyscraper

The answer is a. A thumb