Bing Friends Quiz

For those who have watched all the seasons of Friends, you will enjoy playing this Bing Friends quiz. So, are you excited to play this Bing Friends quiz? If yes, let us get started! Ensure you learn it well.

Bing Friends Quiz – Questions and Answers

1. How lots of different categories does Monica have for her towels?

A. 5
B. 14
C. 11
D. 10

Answer: C. 11

2. What juice flavor did Ross burst on his date with Rachel for the first time?

A. Apple
B. Strawberry
C. Cran-Grape
D. Cran-Apple

Answer: C. Cran-Grape

3. What are the names of Phoebe’s triplets?

A. Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler
B. Frank Jr., Donna, and Joey
C. Franklin, Monica, and Chandler
D. Frankie, Lester, and Chandler

Answer: A. Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler

4. Finish this following quote: “It is not that common, it does not happen to every guy….”

A. “… and you should be ashamed!”
B. “… and you shouldn’t worry about it!”
C. “… and it’s fine!”
D. “… and it is a big deal!”

Answer: D. “… and it is a big deal!”

5. What is Joey’s highest level of education?

A. High School
B. One year of community college
C. Two year of community college
D. Middle School

Answer: A. High School

6. What is Phoebe’s alias?

A. Regina Phalange
B. Regina Peterson
C. Smelly Cat
D. Regina Richter

Answer: A. Regina Phalange

7. Which of Joey’s sisters did Chandler fool around with?

A. Mary Louise Tribbiani
B. Mary Angela
C. Maria Angela
D. Marta Tribbiani

Answer: B. Mary Angela

8. What number do Chandler and Monica promise to marry in Las Vegas?

A. A six
B. An eight
C. Snake eyes
D. A twelve

Answer: B. An eight

9. Which one punches him in the face?

A. Cookie
B. Mary
C. Angie
D. Louisa

Answer: A. Cookie

10. What name does Mike threaten Phoebe to change to?

A. Poop head
B. Poop bag
C. Crap purse
D. Crap bag

Answer: D. Crap bag

11. What is Rachel’s tattoo?

A. A red heart
B. A blue angel
C. A red cupid
D. A little dress

Answer: A. A red heart

12. What is Phoebe’s apartment number?

A. Six
B. Fourteen
C. Twelve
D. Sixteen

Answer: B. Fourteen

13. What cards does Rachel win the hand with against Ross?

A. Four of a Kind
B. Straight Flush
C. A Full House
D. Royal Flush

Answer: C. A Full House

14. What model does Chandler choke on gum in front of?

A. Jane Badacre
B. Jill Goodacre
C. Jackie Grint
D. Jill Goodwin

Answer: B. Jill Goodacre

15. What is the name of Rachel’s cat?

A. Mrs. Whiskers
B. Mrs. Whiskersons
C. Mr. Whiskers
D. Mrs. Meowskers

Answer: B. Mrs. Whiskersons

16. What food do Joey and Chandler spill on Phoebe’s dress, delaying a fancy night out for the group?

A. Ketchup
B. Soup
C. Salsa
D. Hummus

Answer: D. Hummus

17. What is Joey’s certified way to get anyone to sleep with him?

A. The Cancer Story
B. The Europe Story
C. The Airplane Story
D. The Canada Story

Answer: B. The Europe Story

18. What is the name of Ross and Chandler’s band in college?

A. Way Out
B. Way, No Way
C. The Way Is the Way
D. No Way, Dude

Answer: B. Way, No Way

19. What is the name of the guy that used to be a part of their group?

A. Nat
B. Kip
C. Todd
D. Brad

Answer: Kip

20. What store does Phoebe hate?

A. Walmart
B. Sharper Image
C. Macy’s
D. Pottery Barn

Answer: D. Pottery Barn

21. What song does Monica sing, where the spotlight makes her nice clothing see-through?

A. Bring my flowers now
B. Love me like you used to
C. It’s a little too late
D. Delta Dawn

Answer: D. Delta Dawn

22. What was the name of Monica and Rachel’s downstairs neighbor?

A. Mr. Jeckson
B. Mr. Hicks
C. Mr. Heckles
D. Mr. Hyde

Answer: C. Mr. Heckles

23. In “The One With All the Resolutions,” what is the resolution of Chandler?

A. Chandler will not smoke cigarettes ever again
B. Chandler will not make fun of anyone for a week
C. Chandler wants to learn how to cook
D. Chandler wants to be a better singer

Answer: B. Chandler will not make fun of anyone for a week

24. Who wins the football game on Thanksgiving?

A. Monica’s team wins
B. Ross’ team wins
C. Chandler’s team wins
D. They never get to finish the game

Answer: D. They never get to finish the game

25. What does Monica have a hard time conveying in a game of Pictionary?

A. Bye, Bye, Birdy
B. Flicking the Bird
C. Waving to a Plane
D. Hello Sky

Answer: A. Bye, Bye, Birdy

26. What name appears on the TV Guide which comes to Joey and Chandler’s apartment?

A. Mr. Chandler Bing
B. Mrs. Chandler Bong
C. Miss Chanandler Bong
D. Mr. Chandler Bong

Answer: C. Miss Chanandler Bong

27. What is the name of Joey’s boat?

A. The Mr. Beaumont
B. Rosita
C. Joey’s boat
D. Chick and Duck

Answer: A. The Mr. Beaumont

28. What is the profession of Richard Burke?

A. Orthodontist
B. Ophthalmologist
C. Origamist
D. Podiatrist

Answer: B. Ophthalmologist

29. What is the middle name of Chandler?

A. Murray
B. Moby
C. Muriel
D. He has no middle name

Answer: C. Muriel

30. How many sisters does Joey have?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8

Answer: C. 7

Few Facts About F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Friends was first aired on September 22nd, 1994 on NBC. It ended with the 10th season’s last episode on May 6th 2004. Friends is an American sitcom television series which was made by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. The cast includes six best friends namely Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, and David Schwimmer. They lived in Manhattan, New York. Their story gets interesting as the seasons proceed.