Bing Solitaire Quiz

If you’re trying to find a Solitaire quiz on Bing, you surely cannot get it. That’s because Solitaire on Bing is not a quiz, instead it is a ‘matching card’ game which will be fun to play. You can find the matching cards game or well-known Solitaire game on Bing Fun. Access the Bing Solitaire game here.

How to Play Solitaire Game on Bing

Not only quizzes with numerous topics, Bing also provides the games that you can play within. The games here include puzzle, chess, sliding tiles, crossword, sudoku, jigsaw, 2048 and also matching cards game or better known as Solitaire game.

Bing Solitaire Quiz
As the name implies, a matching card game is played to match cards that have the same object either in the form of a picture or a number. To play this game, you just simply click on a card to see the image and then open the next card and so forth to find the card which has the same image.

In the way of playing this game, you should focus on the image that you find on the card before you continue to open the next card. However, that’s such a way to find a perfect match for your card. Make sure to memorize a card that you firstly open to get the match on another card.

Bing matching card games consist of three levels, they are easy, medium and hard. Of course, if you are a beginner for Bing games, it’s better for you to take easy level, then medium and last hard level. Here are the differences between the three levels:

    • The easy level will show you 8 cards with the same 4 images on the cards.
    • The medium level will show you 12 cards with the same 6 images on the cards.
    • The hard level will show you 16 cards with the same 8 images on the cards.

Aside from different levels, Bing matching cards game also provide some categories, they are:

    • Farm
    • Vehicles
    • Shapes
    • People
    • Holiday
    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Colors
    • Animals
    • Houses
    • Plants
    • Science

We think that the categories here will ease you to find in what you are interested in. Well, if you get in touch with something that you really interest, you surely will get easiness to play this game. So, make sure to choose the category that you’re good at.

The point is, on Bing, you can only play ‘matching cards’ which is similar to the Solitaire game, not taking the quiz about Solitaire.

How If You Want to Take a Solitaire Quiz?

You totally can take the quiz about Solitaire, but not on Bing, instead of other quiz providers. Well, if you’re looking for the samples of Solitaire quizzes, thankfully, this post will show you plenty of Solitaire quizzes both questions and answers which may appear on quiz providers.

Here are they:

1. What is the name of the game solitaire which was included in ME, Vista, XP version of Microsoft in Microsoft Plus for Windows 98 where there are 54 cards dealt onto tableau in ten piles with all cards face down, the top cards are exceptions?

a. Golf
b. Canasta
c. Pyramid
d. Spider

The answer is d. Spider

2. What Solitaire game consists of a tableau which is shaped like a triangle and where you issue the cards which add up to 13?

a. Patience
b. Tri-peaks
c. Pyramid
d. Golf

The answer is c. Pyramid

3. What is the name of the games which begin with 18 cards dealt face down forming 3 pyramids?

a. Tri-Peaks
b. Up Hills, Down Dales
c. Triple Threat
d. Three, Three, Three

The answer is a. Tri-Peaks

4. What is the name of the Solitaire game version as a multiple player card game where you can put cards on a five by five grid attempting to reach the highest value hands?

a. Rummy Solitaire
b. Canasta Solitaire
c. Bingo Solitaire
d. Poker Solitaire

The answer is d. Poker Solitaire

5. What Solitaire game is played like Klondike, however uses twice as many cards having 8 foundations that are built up from aces and also have a layout of 9 across?

a. Classic Klondike
b. Twin Klondike
c. Double Klondike
d. Cruel Klondike

The answer is c. Double Klondike

6. In the United States, playing cards alone is called Solitaire, however, it’s often called by another name in England. What is it?

a. Soloplay
b. Patience
c. One Man Cards
d. Cadogan’s Game

The answer is b. Patience

7. What is popular Solitaire which consists of a tableau of 7 rows that you create in alternative colors and also has a foundation where someone builds in suits from aces up?

a. Ali Baba
b. Tri-Peaks
c. Klondike
d. Golf

The answer is c. Klondike

8. Who was the name of Casino owner in Saratoga, New York introduced the concept of paying $50 for a deck of cards and received $5 for every card which is played to the foundation?

a. Golf
b. Klondike
c. Canfield
d. Spider

The answer is c. Canfield

9. What form of Solitaire consists of a field of 12 cards piles which are laid out in a circle with a thirteenth pile in the middle of the circle?

a. Clocks
b. Circles
c. Watches
d. Rounds

The answer is a. Clocks

10. Which Solitaire game joined Windows Solitaire (Klondike) as part of Windows operating system from Windows 95 on?

a. Golf
b. Free Cell
c. Hearts
d. Rummy

The answer is b. Free Cell

11. What is the name of a game where each player plays as fast as can, in other words, there are no turns?

a. Old Sledge
b. Euchre
c. Poop
d. Spit

The answer is Spit.

12. What is the name of this game where two people can sit down together and play most two-handed card games with a purpose of getting rid of all the cards in the player’s pay-off pile by playing on one of the center stacks?

a. Pike and Chalice
b. Night with Cialis
c. Spike and Alice
d. Spite and Malice

The answer is d. Spite and Malice

Well, those are some examples of Solitaire quizzes which may also appear on Bing.

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