Bing Boxing Quiz

Bing Quiz is one of the recommended quizzes to take when you have free time. The topics of these quizzes vary. Sport is one of the things that usually appears with boxing being one of the things that is featured.

Boxing is harsh but it is also one of the most favorite sports to watch. Are you included as one of those who love boxing? How much do you think you know about boxing? If you consider yourself as a fan of boxing, you might want to challenge yourself and prove your statement that you are truly a fan.

Bing Boxing Quiz
You can look for the quiz related to boxing on the popular search engine named Bing. If you have not seen one, how about answering these questions since the boxing quiz on Bing is similar to these below?

1. How long does it usually take for a round in boxing?

a. 3 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 12 minutes
d. 13 minutes

2. Who is the one that advises a boxer during the fight?

a. Corner man
b. Cut man
c. Mediator
d. Pastor

3. What is the meaning of TKO?

a. Total knockout
b. Technical knockout
c. Tentative knockout
d. Two kicks only

4. When a boxer is knocked down, how long does it take for him/her have to get back up?

a. This is up to the referee.
b. A count of three
c. A count of ten
d. 16 seconds

5. How many knockdowns in one round result in a TKO?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 5
d. 6

6. What is the reason for the existence of the judges in the boxing match?

a. They are there to judge the artistic merit of a fighter’s style.
b. They are there to second guess the decisions made by the referee.
c. They are there because not all fights end in a knockout or TKO.
d. They are there to make sure that the cornermen do not interfere.

7. What is the name of the result when the judges don’t agree on the winner of a fight?

a. A draw
b. A technical victory
c. A split decision
d. A minority report

8. Who was the legendary in the late 1800s and early 1900s?

a. Joe Louis
b. Max Baer
c. John L. Sullivan
d. Marvin Hagler

9. What was the reason for the early boxers leaning back and holding their arms up high while fighting?

a. It was a method of inviting the enemy to attack first.
b. They were afraid of getting hit.
c. They thought it looked good.
d. Without wearing gloves, they had to use their forearms to absorb blows.

10. What was the thing thrown by the men into a ring to show they were willing to fight?

a. Their hats
b. Their belts
c. A pocket watch
d. A wristwatch

11. What is the name of the rules that still largely dominate boxing?

a. Sullivan
b. Council of Trent
c. Marquess of Queensberry
d. International Olympic Commission

12. What is the thing that the boxer is not supposed to hit?

a. Below the belt
b. The back of the head
c. Right on the nose
d. Right on the mouth

13. What is the thing that is thrown by a corner man into the ring in order to stop the fight?

a. His hat
b. A towel
c. A daisy
d. The fight card

14. Which of these followings is not a weight class in boxing?

a. Flyweight
b. Cruiserweight
c. Light heavyweight
d. Gnatweight

15. In the WBA and WBC, which one comes just before heavyweight?

a. Welterweight
b. Middleweight
c. Cruiserweight
d. Light heavyweight

16. Which one is the upper limit of the heavyweight weight division?

a. 260 lbs
b. 220 lbs
c. Too heavy to fight effectively
d. There is no upper limit

17. Who is the name of the fighter that was the subject of the documentary entitled Unforgivable Blackness?

a. Michael Spinks
b. Jack Joshson
c. Joe Louis
d. Mike Tyson

18. Who is the one that fought German boxer Max Schmeling in the WWII years?

a. Rocky Marciano
b. Gene Tunney
c. Jack LaMotta
d. Joe Louis

19. Who are the two fighters that met in the Rumble in the Jungle in 1974?

a. Joe Frazier and George Foreman
b. Michael Spinks and Joe Frazier
c. Muhammad Ali and George Foreman
d. Gene Tunney and Max Baer

20. What is the birth name of Muhammad Ali?

a. Michael Attick
b. Cassius Clay
c. Joseph Johnson
d. Michael King

21. When did boxing for women be included in the Olympic sport for the first time?

a. 2012
b. 1993
c. 1971
d. 1987

22. What is the name of the championship won by defeating the existing champion?

a. Succession
b. Lineal championship
c. Monarchic championship
d. Morganatic championship

23. Which of these following expressions is not part of boxing?

a. Glass jaw
b. Down for the count
c. Pound for pound
d. According to Hoyle

24. Who is the Golden Boy referred to?

a. Michael Spinks
b. Mike Tyson
c. Marvin Hagler
d. Oscar de la Hoya

25. Who is the name of the novelist that took pride in his boxing skills?

a. James Royce
b. Victor Hugo
c. F. Scott Fitzgerald
d. Ernest Hemingway

26. Where is Manny Pacquiao from?

a. Vietnam
b. Thailand
c. The Philippines

27. Which patron saint is associated with the Boxing Day?

a. Saint Stephen
b. Saint Nicholas
c. Saint Patrick

28. What is Joseph Louis Barrow, the one that is widely regarded as one of the most influential and greatest boxers of all time, known for?

a. The Black Bomber
b. The Red Bomber
c. The Brown Bomber

29. Which one is the heaviest weight class in boxing?

a. Flyweight
b. Feather weight
c. Bantam weight

30. Who was the youngest fighter to win the heavyweight boxing championship in 1986?

a. Mike Tyson
b. Muhammad Ali
c. Evander Holyfield