Bing Music Quiz

If you really admit that you are a master of music, as proof, would you take the quiz about music? Of course, the quizzes here will ask you about the songs, singers, numerous music genres and more. What you should do is to answer the quiz as accurately as possible in order to get a high score.

Sure, you are able to take the music quiz on Bing. As you know that Bing is a popular quiz provider where you can access it on Bing Fun. Need to know, Bing will not provide all quizzes about music in a day. That means there are plenty of questions about music quizzes which will come soon.

Bing Music Quiz

We think that you have to practice a lot for the music quizzes as the quizzes will be available on Bing. To ease you practicing the quiz about music both questions and answers, we’ll give you samples of music quizzes that probably will appear on Bing some day. Here are they:

1. Classic rock band Queen wrote and performed the theme to which ’80s film?

a. Footloose
b. Back to the Future
c. Flash Gordon
d. Streets of Fire

The answer is c. Flash Gordon

2. Who is the lead singer of Led Zeppelin?

a. John Bonham
b. John Paul Jones
c. Jimmy Page
d. Robert Plant

The answer is d. Robert Plant

3. Which band is named after two blues singers?

a. Deep Purple
b. Pink Floyd
c. Fleetwood Mac
d. Dire Straits

The answer is b. Pink Floyd

4. Eric Clapton’s hit song ‘Wonderful Tonight’ was first featured on which album?

a. Slowhand
b. Journeyman
c. No Reason to Cry
d. 461 Ocean Boulevard

The answer is a. Slowhand

5. Ozzy Osbourne was the original lead singer of which band?

a. Megadeath
b. Black Sabbath
c. Judas Priest
d. Iron Maiden

The answer is b. Black Sabbath

6. Who is the female singer that sings ‘When I Said I Do’ featuring Clint Black?

a. Naomi Judd
b. Trisha Yearwood
c. Faith Hill
d. Lisa Hartman Black

The answer is d. Lisa Hartman Black

7. Which musical show Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote “Love Changes Everything”?

a. Evita
b. Aspects of Love
c. Phantom of the Opera
d. Song dan Dance

The answer is b. Aspects of Love

8. The line of : “Oh please, say to me. You’ll let me be your man.” found in which Beatles song lyric?

a. Love in my Mind
b. Love me Do
c. All You Need is Love
d. I Want to Hold Your Hand

The answer is d. I Want to Hold Your Hand

9. Who sang “Beauty and the Beast” movie song with Celine Dion?

a. Elton John
b. Peabo Bryson
c. Bryan Adams
d. Luther Vandross

The answer is b. Peabo Bryson

10. Who had a hit with the beautiful song “Through the Years”?

a. Jimmie Rodgers
b. George Jones
c. Hank Williams
d. Kenny Rogers

The answer is d. Kenny Rogers

11. Where was Joe Cocker born?

a. Sheffield
b. London
c. Bristol
d. Leicester

The answer is a. Sheffield

12. Who was the original drummer for The Beatles

a. Pete Best
b. Chas Newby
c. Tommy Moore
d. Jimmie Nicol

The answer is a. Pete Best

13. How many members are there in Korean Boyband, BTS?

a. Five
b. Six
c. Seven
d. Eight

The answer is c. Seven

14. Where did the Spice Girls release Wannabe?

a. in 1996
b. in 1992
c. in 1997
d. in 1998

The answer is a. in 1996

15. Which singer can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes

a. Ariana Grande
b. Billie Eilish
c. Selena Gomes
d. Beyonce

The answer is b. Billie Eilish

16. In which video did the King of Pop Michael Jackson first perform his famous moonwalk in 1981?

a. Billie Jean
b. Beat it
c. Smooth Criminal
d. Thriller

The answer is a. Billie Jean

17. Who is the best-selling female artist of all time?

a. Adele
b. Madonna
c. Beyonce
d. Celine Dion

The answer is b. Madonna

18. Who is the singer on the track ‘Senorita’?

a. Camila Cabello
b. Billie Elish
c. Demi Lovato
d. Miley Cyrus

The answer is a. Camila Cabello

19. Which Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson track spent 14 weeks on top of the Billboard Hot 100 in 2015?

a. 24K Magic
b. Uptown Funk
c. Marry You
d. Just the Way You Are

The answer is b. Uptown Funk

20. Who is a singer with success with singles ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Sorry’?

a. Justin Timberlake
b. Ed Sheeran
c. Justin Bieber
d. David Archuleta

The answer is c. Justin Bieber

21. Who has won the most Grammys in history?

a. Georg Solti
b. Michael Jackson
c. Beyonce
d. Madonna

The answer is a. Georg Solti

22. Which musician caused controversy when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009?

a. Jay Z
b. Kanye West
c. Drake
d. Ice Cube

The answer is b. Kanye West

23. What is the highest-selling single of all time? (worldwide)

a. White Christmas (Bing Crosby)
b. Heal the World
c. Wake Me Up
d. Don’t You Worry Child

The answer is a. White Christmas (Bing Crosby)

24. Which artist has the record for the highest grossing tour of all time?

a. Charlie Puth
b. Adam Levine
c. Ed Sheeran
d. Bruno Mars

The answer is c. Ed Sheeran

25. The line of ‘You’ll remember a place, Someone touching your face…’ found in which Michael Jackson song lyric?

a. You’re not alone
b. Heal the World
c. Thriller
d. One day in you life

The answer is d. One day in you life

Well, those are the samples of quizzes which may appear on Bing. Once you see the quizzes, what do you think? Is it easy to answer, instead hard? However, if you’re really passionate about music, taking the quiz about music does not matter, aren’t you?

Of course, some of the quizzes are really easy to answer, some of them may be hard. That’s such a way that you should take to improve your music knowledge, right?