Bing Deserts Quiz

However, taking the quiz about Geography especially about desert can make anyone challenging but fun to answer. In fact, the Geography quiz comes with easy but little difficult to take if you’re not mastering this subject as well.

Sure, to increase your knowledge in the desert, it’s such a good time for you to take some quizzes about it. By taking the quiz, of course, you can totally know more about many areas on the Earth.

 Bing Deserts Quiz

Here are the samples of deserts quizzes which probably will appear on Bing:

1. Where is Gobi desert?

a. South America
b. South Africa
c. Central Asia
d. West Africa

The answer is c. Central Asia

2. Where is the Atacama Desert?

a. Chile
b. Brazil
c. Tanzania
d. China

The answer is a. Chile

3. What is the highest point in the Sahara?

a. Mount Marrah
b. Mount Ras Dejen
c. Mount Koussi
d. Mount Al-ʿUwaynāt

The answer is c. Mount Koussi

4. What is the largest desert in the world?

a. Atacama Desert
b. Gobi
c. Sahara
d. Rubʿ al-Khali

The answer is c. Sahara

5. What is the largest desert in North America?

a. Green Basin Desert
b. Chihuahua Desert
c. Great Sandy Desert
d. Atacama Desert

The answer is b. Chihuahua Desert

6. Which one is not a hot desert?

a. Thar Desert
b. Gobi Desert
c. Kalahari Desert
d. Great Sandy Desert

The answer is b. Gobi Desert

7. What shape are barchan sand dunes?

a. Crescent-shapes
b. Long and Narrow
c. Long with a wavy huge
d. Star-shaped

The answer is a. Crescent-shapes

8. How much of Earth’s land surface is covered by desert?

a. 75%
b. 10%
c. 25%
d. 50%

The answer is c. 25%

9. What is the largest hot desert in the world?

a. The Sahara
b. Gobi Desert
c. Antarctica
d. Chihuahua Desert

The answer is a. The Sahara

10. How much rain falls in the desert in a year?

a. 1,060 mm
b. 2,300 mm
c. 9.300 mm
d. Less than 250 mm

The answer is d. Less than 250 mm

11. What coastal desert is found in Southern Africa?

a. Arabian Desert
b. Gobi Desert
c. Namib Desert
d. Sahara Desert

The answer is c. Namib Desert

12. How tall are the world’s tallest sand dunes?

a. 300m (994 ft)
b. 1,200m (4,000 ft)
c. 35m (115 ft)
d. 8,848m (29,028 ft)

The answer is b. 1,200m (4,000 ft)

13. What is the driest place on Earth?

a. Atacama Desert
b. Sahara Desert
c. Antarctica
d. Namib Desert

The answer is a. Atacama Desert

14. How many deserts are in the world based on the continent?

a. 29
b. 45
c. 34
d. 54

The answer is b. 45

15. What is the two-humped camel which lives in Asian deserts?

a. Dromedary
b. Guanaco
c. Bactrian

The answer is c. Bactrian

Well, those are the samples of desert quizzes that you may find on Bing. Of course, if you want to get a high score in taking the Bing quiz, it’s recommended for you to practice a lot by taking the quiz above.

Interesting Facts About Deserts

It’s not enough if we do not talk about desert facts. However, knowing a bunch of facts about deserts will give you more knowledge and lead you to be ready in taking the quizzes and also the school test.

Here are some interesting facts about deserts:

  • Snow falls in the Desert

According to science, if an area has certain rainfall or the area allows rain and has low enough temperature to cool the falling water, then the area allows snow to drop. In other words, the desert is not an area without rainfall, it’s just that the rainfall is very, very small. It will snow in the region in winter at the right time.

  • There is one of the most isolated trees on Earth

This tree that was once considered the most remote tree on Earth is the only tree over 400 kilometers away. That’s Tenere tree which is the only tree shown on the map at a scale of 1: 4,000,000.

This Tenere tree is near a 40 meter deep well located in the Sahara desert region. Unfortunately, this tree which was quite shocking and in the spotlight, collapsed in 1973, was hit by a truck driver who was suspected of being drunk. Until now this tree is still a topic that is much discussed when it comes to deserts.

  • The extent of the desert on earth

With a total of approximately 71 percent, the Earth’s area is generally controlled by the oceans. About 29 percent of the remaining land area cannot be used as a place to live. Sure, it is estimated that one third (33 percent) of this land area is controlled by deserts.

The deserts are spread on the African continent and the Asian continent (the land area of the Earth itself is estimated to be around 148.9 million km²). It is not surprising that the number is very large because the polar region is a very large area.

  • Some deserts turn into adorable cities today

As we know that the deserts that are scattered all over the world are almost largely uninhabitable because the land is quite barren and it is difficult to get food and water to survive coupled with the lunge of desert storms that will occur at any time.

However, several countries in the Middle East have started to spread their wings to the area around the desert by building cities that are quite beautiful.

  • Deserts are not all about sand

Desert is an area that receives rainfall of slightly less than 250 millimeters per year. The formation of the desert itself can be divided into two, namely due to excessive evaporation of groundwater and the weathering process of rock types.

Deserts are usually separated based on the biomes that live in them, which are divided into cold deserts, hot and dry deserts, semi-arid deserts and coastal deserts. The majority of the deserts that cover the earth itself are in arctic regions.