Which One is Better Between PC or Mobile Device for Playing Among Us?

Among Us have available on PC and mobile phones and both communities can play together, but what is the best gaming experience?, so the optimal version often depends on the individual situation but there are important differences before making an important decision.

It has gained widespread acceptance among us for a variety of reasons (AOC, we are all in it, our cell phones, etc.), but it has also reached many random players on Steam because it can be downloaded anywhere in the UK in 15-78 seconds.

The two versions of Inside Us, PC and Mobile, create a lot of buzz as players argue which version is better.

In addition to the various benefits and definitions inherent in the platform, there are many small things that can affect the use of the game.

Average time overview

Playing on the computer has some key benefits that are closely related to the game. For example, it is easy for us to use other programs such as Discord or Spotify at the same time when playing on a PC.

It’s becomes even clearer when the actor first feels the pain of death. Completing and playing on the computer with little or no activity during the session allows players to reduce the level of play and schedule time for other activities.

In the real world, gameplay allows players to gain more intuitive and easy-to-use mouse and keyboard control when playing on a PC. This includes cases where keyboard players can communicate faster and more accurately than a mobile device during a meeting, but these benefits are not taken into account when using applications such as Discord.

Steam database of Among Us

PC gamers also use their skills to play on the big screen, which allows them to look farther than their peers. In general, vision options limit the importance of these benefits but there is one more factor that helps.

If a bandit uses ventilation, you will see the ventilation animation even if you are not out of sight of the team. That is, playing on the big screen among us makes it easier to watch these small events.

Finally, PC gamers have the advantage of not touching the screen for conversations or transfers. While this is not a common problem, mobile gamers sometimes face problems where their hands can occupy a part of the screen and hide existing information.

Among Us on mobile device

Despite the many advantages of the computer, the mobile version that we have offers a unique advantage. First, the ability to play without us sitting at a table in front of a monitor allows players to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Mobile bit beyond the ideal for waiting on the street or for a meeting.

It should also be noted that most tasks are easier than with a mouse and keyboard. This is because the work Among Us is not important when using the touch screen, but often requires certain precise movements that require attention when using the mouse.

Mobile games are the only way for Mac or Linux players. There are emulators that can solve these problems, but you usually feel more comfortable on mobile devices, and the benefits of playing on a computer may not be enough for all players.

There is a joystick and a button that you can use or worry about. The user interface is familiar to us and easy to use on mobile devices, because the screen is not complicated. Two controls operated with one finger of each hand are more intuitive than controls in a computer. This is a great moment for mobile devices

We noticed that the game is free and that’s a big plus. Warning: Inserloth says the app will share personal information and allocate money for research instead of regular monetization on a shopping basis. At least they are transparent about who you agree with.

Also, it’s optimized for small screens, so you don’t lose any images or haptic effects you see on your computer. Same.

Among Us on PC platform

In the case of games, this is a collection of mini-games that you can see in us and everyone around you. Admin is a quick and easy way to navigate WASD scrolling and mouse strokes until you navigate the map. PCs have small mini-games that don’t work alongside mobile devices, so PCs are built there. It’s perfect for anyone who likes gaming rats and keyboards.

Many players also prefer to play on PC, as they can while using other applications, such as Discord, which are available for voice chat during discussions. This is, without a doubt, the fastest method of communication. PC players also have the advantage of a bigger screen.

Some argue that PCs get extra time to do tasks compared to mobile, because mobile users can more easily tap the Report, Use, or Kill button. However, discussing with other Among Us players is much faster on a PC, because players can type on a physical keyboard compared to a virtual keyboard on Mobile.

Final conclusion

Players are arguing about downloading games on their phones or paying $ 5 for a computer. As the controversy over computer consoles intensifies, so does the controversy over computers and phones. Most of the games available on the phone are compatible with PC. Some people prefer their phones because they can play a lot of games with them on the street without Wi-Fi connection. Others prefer computers over updated graphics and screens.

Domestic fans are debating mobile and PC versions of the game. The mobile version of the game can be played for free on the App Store and Google Play, with the PC version selling for $ 5 on Steam and itch.io, and the differences both of them as follows:

1. Ads

Among us, the biggest advantage of buying on PC is the lack of advertising. The mobile version is free to download, but the ads appear in the games. You can pay to get rid of the ads, but very little.

Of course ads don’t ruin the experience. Appears in games and is usually avoided after 5-10 seconds. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. But if you hate ads and love your computer, it’s worth $ 5 for us.

2. Cost

The most obvious deficit is spending money. You have to pay $ 5 to play on PC. Yes, it doesn’t show ads, but it’s still a more expensive option. The app version is free to download and costs 1.99 to remove ads.

Many people do not make money playing games without advertising. According to a survey conducted by App Lovin, only 14.5% pay 2 2 a month to remove ads from their phones. About us one-time purchases and people do not delete ads from the app.

3. Keyboard

The most important aspect of the game for us is the keyboard. You need to send a message to the team as there is no voice chat in the game. Some players have trouble typing on a smartphone and prefer the comfort of an original keyboard.

I lost a lot of games because I couldn’t write a quick reply on my smartphone and I wrote “my own” because I was silent. Paying 5 for a computer is not the worst thing in the world if you have something like us. It could be easier to play PC!

There is no benefit of mobile phone without texting and chatting. If you can use your smartphone keyboard in landscape adaptation, choose your smartphone and earn $ 5. Also, we do not support console controllers, so if you do not want to use the console version with console controller PC.

4. Pets, skins, and hats

Like most games, we have micro-payments. These purchases are used to personalize your character. There are already different colors and hats to choose from, but you can use more than one hat. There are also some skins and pets that you can use for your own character.

If you’re a PC user and aren’t interested in additional personalization, it’s probably worth 5 to play it on your computer. If you want to decorate your character with skin or pets, spend $ 5 for the free version.

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