Among Us Airship Map Vent Layout

You may like playing Among Us and if you want to play on the Airship map, it is better if you know the locations on the map including about the vent. In this article, you are able to read the information about the Airship map vent layout so that when you play Among Us on this map, it will be easier for you to do your tasks.

Vent Guide on Airship Map

According to the Screenrant, the vents are broken up into 4 different groups with 3 vents in each. They are scattered around the map so that players are able to find that the vents are in a triangular position. You are able to try and remember which room you are in and what vent goes where. It is particularly important in rooms like the Vault, Meeting Room, Medical, and Viewing Deck because the Crewmates will spend a lot of time trying to bring the power back online. It is a good way for securing a kill and make a break for it before anyone notices. Besides, it is also good for conversation if you can mention finding a body in one location but appearing in another.

Among Us Airship Map Vent Layout

On The Lost Gamer site, it is explained that there are a whopping 21 locations in the newest Among Us map Airship. By having this number of locations, it makes this map the biggest Among Us map. On that site, it is also explained that to make the situation worse for Crewmates, they are not able to use Among Us’ visual tasks to find out who the Impostor is since Airship does not have visual tasks. On this map, the Impostor has the ability to use 12 vents which are located in the most task-concentrated rooms.

According to The Lost Gamer site, here are the 4 venting networks in the Airship map of Among Us.

    • Vault – Cockpit – Viewing Deck
    • Engine Room – Kitchen – Outside Main Hall
    • Outside Records – Main Hall – Below Gap Room
    • Records – Showers – Cargo Bay

About The Airship Map

About The Airship Map

In Among Us, The Airship map is the fourth map where it is based in the Toppat Clan’s Airship in the Henry Stickmin game Infiltrating the Airship. Now, this map becomes the largest map in this game and it includes more tasks and has seventeen new locations.

As explained on the Among Us Wiki, the development of this map was confirmed officially by Innersloth on September 23rd, 2020. Originally, it was aimed to be included in Among Us 2, but at the cancelation of the sequel, this map was to be added to Among Us instead. Innersloth on their developer log made a statement that it will be free to all players. Then, on November 18th, 2020, Cockpit was shown in the first post of official Twitter account of Among Us with an unknown name. There are two characters who are featured there and they are like a Center for Chaos Containment employee and the Right Hand Man Reborn.

In an interview with Innersloth, he was asked whether he made any plans for the new map or not, and Marcus Bromander answered that he has got four rooms drawn and he has got the layout of the map kind of sketched out.

On December 10th, 2020, at The Game Awards 2020, the announcement trailer of this map was shown and the announcement was officially confirmed by Geoff Keighley on his Twitter account on December 2nd, 2020. It shows the names of some locations such as Viewing Deck, Cockpit, Medical, Meeting Room, Gap Room, Lounge, Armory, and Showers. Besides, new tasks are also shown.

As explained on Among Us Wiki, in 2020, at the moment of the Nintendo Switch version was released, The Airship map was accidentally released with its new cosmetics. It was not patched quickly and it caused a lot of players using the Nintendo Switch to be able to leak gameplay of the map.

Here are locations on the Airship map according to the Among Us Wiki.

    • Electrical
      It is a large room and it has several smaller rooms which are connected by randomly-opened doors.
    • Cockpit
      It has a vent at the left-center of the room and also houses the Admin table.
    • Vault
      It is a circular room which has the large ruby in Polish Ruby, a mound of gold, a golden gun, a red halo energy sword, and some mannequins with clothing.
    • Brig
      This is a long room which leads to Vault, Gap Room and Engine Room and it is one of the rooms that you are able to begin after a meeting.
    • Security
      It is a small room and there are three doors which lead to the Hall of Portraits, Outside and Electrical and also the Security ability.
    • Medical
      It is a large room which has two sections. The first section leads to Cargo Bay and the second section leads to Electrical.
    • Meeting Room
      It is the place where all the emergency meetings are held and have three room divisions. In the first division, there is a ladder from the Gap Room and it has the Empty Garbage task. In the second section, there is the emergency button and in the third section, there is the Enter Id Code task.
    • Gap Room
      It has two ladders and also a moving platform which is able to be used to cross the large gap of the room.
    • Engine Room
      It is a large, long room and there are entrances to the left, above, and right.
    • Records
      It is a large, circular room which has four bookshelves, a table, and two brown chairs.
    • Main Hall
      It is one of the rooms that players may begin after an emergency meeting.
    • Kitchen
      It has a vent and it is one of the rooms that the player may start in after an emergency meeting.
    • Showers
      It is a medium-sized room and it has the showering area which is cornered at one end.
    • Viewing Deck
      It is a small room which has a Fix Lights panel and it leads to Outside.
    • Lounge
      It is a two-part room and has a room near Records.
    • Armory
      It is a V-shaped room which has two small corners.
    • Cargo Bay
      It is a large room which begins from the Lounge and ends at Medical.
    • Ventilation
      It has a gap like the Gap Room, but the gap between the platforms is bigger.
    • Communications
      It can be found at the left of the map near Cockpit and Armory.
    • Outside
      You can access it from the Viewing Deck or Security.
    • Half of Portraits
      It is a short halfway which links Kitchen and Security and there are some pictures of characters’ portraits.