Did You Know That Among Us Strategies How To Play as an Impostor

We have games that have problems with cheating, survival, and finishing. In this game, most players focus on correcting parts of the map and completing missions. However, 3-4 other players cheat and it is the role of the player to stop and destroy the team. These techniques are like everyone else, so to win the game you have to save your strategies.

However, these Impostor are rare, and if other members of the team are skeptical enough, players can be expelled from the group and win the game. What can Impostor do to increase their chances of success? What strategies can they use?

A guide to how to play as a cheater among us, a game that seeks to identify and shoot Impostor discovered by innocent team members.

Your mission is simple. The outpost must be captured before the team can complete the mission. There can be one or two teammates, or this mission can be alone. In any case, the moment there are no more crew members than swindlers, the victory will be yours.

Don’t stand out in Among Us

The main Impostor raise suspicions so Impostor are advised to act instead of pursuing potential victims. Go to your computer, engine, etc. and wait. Other crew members will do the same, so cheaters will have trouble playing with them. However, being similar to a job makes it very difficult for crew members to recognize players as cheats.

Another important aspect that does not seem to be suspicious is that during a brief discussion before voting on an argument into an exception after a body search, one should behave like a member of the other team trying to win the cheating match.

Although Impostor lie and blame innocent crew members, we do not advise you to do this because the entire crew may be scattered on the map. This means that if all the crew members accused of fraud could be an excuse, the other crew members would be in the same area as them.

Similarly, complete silence will only increase suspicion. But the best negotiation strategy for Impostor is to work without asking. Ask questions, see who’s where, and so on. When do you know who the thugs are? Agree with them even if it is another Impostor. Otherwise, if you try to prove it, other Impostor will come forward.

Sabotage and shut doors in Among Us

Undoubtedly, everything is fine and good, but the Impostor still has a chance to kill someone else. This means actively creating barriers to increase time on the map and not going and makes it easier for Impostor to kill them.

In fact, it means doing a destructive act and, if possible, closing the door before killing someone. This gives Impostor plenty of opportunities to get out of one of the toughest targets. Extinguishing a fire can be very effective, especially if you have very few players to kill. Similarly, simple methods such as closing the door before killing the opponent, allow the thief to escape quickly in a few seconds if necessary.

Avoid being seen in Among Us

This may seem obvious, but it shouldn’t be different from killing him when the fraudsters stop breathing. One way to catch Impostor is to testify to the murder. However, nearby players do not see them. Instead, they seem to have hit CCTV cameras. It’s a small and easily overlooked thing to see, but the cameras are scattered all over the map. Red flashing means someone is watching the tape in the security room. Therefore, always check the camera condition before removing other players.

The important thing is to use the ventilation system and it is never seen. Not just going through the holes is a difficult skill. This means that if a Impostor uses it, he loses his dignity. For this reason, Impostor are often advised not to use ventilated fields. This is especially true when multiple matches start around players.

In fact, some players may want to use the holes to run faster after the kill. Until the end, it seems suspicious to get close to a corpse, so it makes sense to move away from the crime scene. Enter a room where no one else is. Do not use ventilation systems or open spaces such as bars or control rooms for heavy traffic access. Also, use a ventilation system to avoid areas with active cameras.

Know the Crewmates in Among Us

It is true that Impostor have to kill almost all citizens, but it is important for them to choose from whom the fraudsters want to escape. A good part of the game is shooting the players. This means that the Impostor is less likely to verify the identity of the Impostor, so he can lean in his favor and keep the less experienced player alive. This is especially useful for beginners, as the new features of the game still do not know how it works.

So if a cunning player sees that someone is having a very hard time navigating the map, or if they don’t really find any clues in the encounter, they can let them live a little longer. First select the most experienced player select the rest after the match can be easily selected. Or you can destroy critical systems like the reactor or oxygen and if this stupid little potato is there before time runs out, you can win, and you are the smartest.


You don’t have to worry much because it’s a list of fake missions, but you can pretend to do something better with the need for a traitor. In each round, all the crew members perform the same common task, so you must show that you have accomplished it.

As an enthusiastic crew member, you should be careful that you do a mission that is not usually assigned for this tour so that you do not get caught. I’ll call you. He is also very skeptical about avoiding emergencies, so it is safer to pretend to be immersed in a mission but make sure you don’t catch them when you escape from a broken furnace.

This is what you need to go out and betray everyone you meet. However, we received a copy of our friend’s guide. Know what your enemies say. Now go ahead and tap slowly. Now 2 of us this recommendation doesn’t work fast.

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