Among Us Mod Apk Free Skins and Pet and Always Impostor

Becoming an impostor constantly and getting unlimited cosmetics is such an impossible thing in Among Us. However, the system of Among Us randomly determines who will be the impostors and who will be the crewmates. In other words, the players are not allowed to set the setting themselves to always be an impostor in each round.

A fresh wind suddenly appears among the players where there is a solution for those who want to always be an impostor, referring to Among Us mod apk. This mod promisingly gives the bigger chance of being an impostor in each round. If you’re wondering what Among Us mod apk is, let’s dive into our post to find the information!

Among Us Mod Apk Free Skins and Pet and Always Impostor

What Is Among Us Mod Apk That Give You Free Cosmetics and Always Be Impostor?

Recently, there is a latest version of Among Us mod apk that can be used to unlock all the items within the game. Among Us mod apk v2022.4.19 is the latest version of Among Us mod apk that was developed by InnerSloth, updated on April 21, 2022. This mod apk is available for free, just downloading and installing the mod apk to use it.

Among Us mod apk is known as a modified version of the official Among Us game. With the use of Among Us mod apk, you can enjoy all the modded features within that allow you to boost the chances of always being an impostor, getting unlimited cosmetics and many more.

In the modded version, you can gain Emergency meetings unlimitedly, meaning you can do the emergency meetings and gain more chances to win the match. Here are the things the Among Us mod apk offers:

    • To always be an impostor in each round
    • To set emergency meeting unlimited time
    • To run in very high speed
    • To unlock any cosmetics including skins, hats and pets
    • To find who are crewmates and impostor

Another interesting thing about Among Us is that the players will be able to change the color of the characters, control music and special effects. As a veteran Among Us player, you may already know that this game has very easy-to-use controls in which you can use a joystick to hold the character’s movement.

How to Download the Latest Among Us Mod Apk?

There are several sites that provide Among Us mod apk to download including,, and Most of the sites also provide the link to download the previous version of Among Us mod apk.

In this post, we’ll show you the way to download Among Us mod apk at, as this site provides easy-navigation, so it will be easier for you to download Among Us mod apk. Here’s how!

    • First, visit
    • Once you are at the site of Thinkkers, you will see a blue button that reads ‘Download’ and click on it.
    • In the next page, you will see four versions of Among Us mod apk including v2022.4.19, v2022.3.29, v2022.2.24 and v2021.12.15. We recommend you to select the latest version of Among Us mod apk (v2022.4.19).
    • To download it, you just simply click on the ‘Among Us Apk (MOD) v2022.4.19’ option.
    • By clicking this option, you will be directed into the downloading page and click on the blue ‘Download’ button to start downloading this mod apk.
    • Wait for a few minutes until Among Us mod apk has been successfully downloaded and saved on your device’s file manager.
    • Once you’ve downloaded the mod apk, you can then install it on your device.
    • To install it, you have to open the downloaded file which reads ‘’ on your Android phone.
    • Once finding it, you can tap the ‘Install’ button to start installing this mod apk.
    • You need to follow on-screen instructions until the Among Us mod apk is successfully installed on your device.

That’s how to install Among Us mod apk on your device and you can begin to use it in the game. Make sure to follow the guide above step-by-step to successfully use this mod apk in Among Us.

What Features Are Available on Among Us Mod Apk

What Features Are Available on Among Us Mod Apk?

That’s not all about the chances of always being an impostor, Among Us mod apk offers unlocked cosmetics including unlimited skins, hats and pets, as well as the Anti-ban Android download actually brings more features to the party table.

Here are some features available on Among Us mod apk:

1) Boost chance of always being an impostor

The most sought-after advantage the players look for on Among Us mod apk is the chance  of becoming an impostor. In normal mode, Among Us will give you the role randomly, either being  a crewmate or an impostor.

With the use of this mod apk, you definitely will become an impostor every time you want. To get the chance, you just activate ‘Always Imposter Mode’ from the mod menu and you’ll be ready to go. The reason why every player really wants to be an impostor is that this role has more abilities than crewmates, as you’re allowed to use the vent and unlock the doors.

2) Get unlocked skins

Even though skins deliver nothing, but dressing up your in-game character is highly recommended for you to present as gorgeous a look as possible. To dress up your character, you can only choose the skin, color and hats that other players do not choose yet.

3) Get unlocked pets

Pets in Among Us play an additional role, where they will follow you around the spaceship. It is known that all pets in Among Us have unique animation and unique reactions when their owner dies. With the use of Among Us mod, all pets in the game will be unlocked, meaning you will be able to select one of them for your character.

4) Get unlimited emergency meetings

In normal mode, there are limited varieties of emergency meetings in Among Us. But Among Us mod will give you unlimited emergency meetings. With the use of Among Us mod apk, you will be able to step out from voting if you are in the list of the suspect, so you cannot take part in voting.

5) Get unlocked hats

In Among Us, there are some hats that you can use and customize for your character. You can only use one hat in Normal mode, but Among Us mod apk allows you to get other hats such as Santa Claus hats, antlers hats and many others.

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