How to Draw Among Us Crewmate Easy Step by Step

Everything about the game known as Among Us is iconic, including one of the two possible characters called crewmate. There are no characters from the other games that share the similarity to this character before. Crewmate is like the face of this game.

For those who like playing Among Us, it is not surprising if you also like crewmate. If you like this character, you might want to draw it. However, you might think that you are not that good at drawing and need some help.

Drawing Among Us crewmate is relatively easy. If you want to draw one, you can consider using the guide given by Art Projects for Kids. According to Art Projects for Kids, there are a total of nine steps to draw Among US crewmate, as follows:

How to Draw Among Us Crewmate Easy Step by Step1

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to draw a large upside down U.
    2. Then, add the two legs below.
    3. The next thing that you have to do is to extend the line for a turned body.
    4. After that, draw an oval visor that extends over the head a bit.
    5. Do not forget to erase the line inside the visor.
    6. When you are done erasing the line inside the visor, it is time for you to add the pack on the back.
    7. The seventh step is to lightly draw some shadow lines.
    8. Afterward trace the body with a very thick marker.
    9. To be able to create a shadow, you can color with similar shades.
    10. Lastly, create your favorite crewmate and if you want, you can also add accessories such as yellow with a crayon, or brown with a cowboy hat, or pink with a mini crew mate, or purple with a paper hat, or green with a chef hat.

It should be easy for you to draw Among Us crewmate by following every single step above well. This guide is really perfect for kids and beginners. If you are a beginner or have kids to teach, you can use the above guide.

If you are not good at following the written guide, you might want to follow the tutorial video instead. By going to, you will be able to find the tutorial video to draw Among Us crewmate. Every step explained on the video can be followed easily. Feel free to watch the video until the end and then start drawing or to watch the video and pause in between to draw. If you want to get an instant PDF download or to get the tutorial, you have to join the email list.

If the guide to draw Among US crewmate above is not enough or if you think it is not easy, you might want to look for one on Youtube. In order to find one on Youtube, you can follow the following guide:

    1. First of all, you should open your favorite browser and go to the official website of Youtube at Apart from that, you can also open the app called Youtube if you already have it installed on your device.
    2. On the Youtube front page, find the search bar that is located at the top center of the page and enter the keyword. As you are looking for the tutorial video to draw Among Us crewmate easy step by step, the keyword that you can enter can be like “how to draw among us crewmate easy step by step”.
    3. Do not forget to hit Enter to get the results shown on the screen.
    4. When you are shown with the results, feel free to watch any of them by clicking on the image or the title of the video.
    5. Just like that you will be able to watch the tutorial video to draw Among Us crewmate easily step by step.

When you enter a keyword such as “how to draw among us crewmate easy step by step”, there are some results that are shown on the screen. However, the closest one to the keyword is the one shared by a Youtube channel called Cute Tea Drawings. The exact title of the video is How To Draw Among Us Crewmate | Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial. Since this video was shared on September 28, 2020, it has earned a total of 31,018 views and 442 likes. Below is every step to draw Among Us crewmate as explained on the video:

    1. You can start by drawing the side of his body. Draw a slightly curved line and then continue it down straight.
    2. From the top line, draw a line outwards and then curve it down for the top of the head.
    3. Now, it is time for you to draw his face shield. Draw a rounded rectangle and have it come out slightly further than his body.
    4. Draw a slightly curved line downwards to finish off the other side of his body.
    5. After that, draw his legs with a u-shape and then connect it back to his body.
    6. Next, draw a curved line here for the bottom of his body.
    7. Do not forget to finish his other leg.
    8. Draw a line out and curve it back up.
    9. Then, draw a long rectangular shape on the left side for his space pack or whatever it is.
    10. When everything is done, you can just color him.

What do you think about this second guide? Just like the first guide, it should be easy for you to follow the second guide to draw Among Us crewmate. Do you agree that it is easy?

In case you find it hard or if you have something to ask, do not hesitate to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. By leaving the comment, there is a chance of you to get a response from the owner of the channel and or the people who also watch the same video.

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