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How to Download Among Us on Mac in Easy Steps

Even though the game of Among Us is not available to Mac users, but there are methods for them to play. Mac users are able to use the BlueStacks emulator to run the Android version of the game on their computers. If you want to play the game of Among Us on a Mac, you will need to download the Bluestacks emulator and then launch the game through it. The… Read More »

How to Get No Name (Invisible) in Among Us

Do you know that you can have an invisible name in the game of  Among Us? You are able to input any name you want for your little Crewmate (or Imposter), however you are able to use a loophole to create the game think you do not have a name at all. With this strategy, you are able to have a blank name and have no text floating above your… Read More »

Among Us Guide: To Be a Winner When You Played as Crewmates

Among Us is a multiplayer game played by a group of players. Most players are team members, but 1-3- (depending on game parameters and number of players) is deceptive. Crewmates must vote for those who find out the thief. The perpetrators try to destroy and kill the gang members as much as possible. Crewmates cannot vote unless the number is too small. Someone doesn’t play Among Us anymore? The number… Read More »

Which One is Better Between PC or Mobile Device for Playing Among Us?

Among Us have available on PC and mobile phones and both communities can play together, but what is the best gaming experience?, so the optimal version often depends on the individual situation but there are important differences before making an important decision. It has gained widespread acceptance among us for a variety of reasons (AOC, we are all in it, our cell phones, etc.), but it has also reached many… Read More »

Exclusively Tutorial How To Play Among Us on PC Using BlueStacks Controllers

Among us, a mobile and PC game in which players play the role of suitable Crewmates and Impostor to win. To win, Crewmates must finish multiple tasks and criminals must not kill each other without revealing their true identities. If you are looking for a really fun group of players, especially good players and you can play countless games against them. We use a very general management scheme. Both versions… Read More »

Did You Know That Among Us Strategies How To Play as an Impostor

We have games that have problems with cheating, survival, and finishing. In this game, most players focus on correcting parts of the map and completing missions. However, 3-4 other players cheat and it is the role of the player to stop and destroy the team. These techniques are like everyone else, so to win the game you have to save your strategies. However, these Impostor are rare, and if other… Read More »

How To Fix Among Us Error Codes You Should Actually Just Know

In the last few years, the number of people playing the game with almost all YouTube users and editors has been increasing. Among us, a mass multiplayer online game released in 2018 by American game studio Inersloth. In my first game, I died while cleaning up trash. You have to get used to it when you play with us. Encrypted error codes often appear when you try to play with… Read More »

Fixes The latest Among Us patch Which Contains of Pesky Minigame Bugs

Community Manager Victoria provided updates on the latest developments related to the game. InnerSloth developers had to solve several unresolved issues before adding additional content to the game. Here’s what they did in the patch notes. In the final dev log, Victoria discussed the upcoming balance changes in the game. A communication violation hides the task arrow, and the red light on communication almost immediately stops responding to the correct… Read More »

How to Use Among Us Voice Chat in PC & Mobile

When you are playing Among Us games, it is important for you to interact with other players to find the Impostor. To do that, you need to communicate with others by using a feature for chatting such as voice chat. However, as we know that so far, Among Us does not have a voice chat feature. So, how to enable us to interact with others? Since Among Us does not… Read More »

Easy Tips How To Deceive Your Friends with Sneaky Way on Among Us

Do you need Among Us sneaky way to help you be a winner? How about learning how to sniff bad apples as a Crewmate? Getting into a game with friends can be tricky when you’re not in the know, but don’t slow down. I’m here to help you realize your potential as a top-notch fraudster while enhancing your skills as a confident prosecutor. It’s one thing to be safe and… Read More »