Among Us Meme Sound Effects Download

The game developed by Innersloth called Among Us is full of sound effects. If you are one of the people who love to play this game, you might notice it. Every time there is a movement or every time there is an event, there is always a sound effect heard. Each sound effect sounds differently so that the players can know what happens in the game even when their eyes are not on the screen.

Just like the game itself, the sound effects from this game are used by many as memes. Besides, a lot of people also use them to make memes. If you love the sound effects from this game and meme, you might want to find the Among Us meme sound effects to download so that you can use them such as for the ringtone of your phone.

Among Us Meme Sound Effects Download

In case you have no idea where to download Among Us meme sound effects, you can go to link here. It is the link that is recommended by MR. LOL MEMER YT on Youtube. According to the channel, it is the link to download the sound titled AMOGUS Original meme Sound Effect MEME| Among Us Meme. When you are on the page, here is every single step that you have to follow:

    1. The first thing that you have to do to download this sound effect is to find the Download icon that is located at the top right of the page. This icon is located between the Add a shortcut to Drive and More actions button.
    2. By hitting this icon, the file will be downloaded in no time.

It should be easy for you to download that and it is unlikely for you to fail if you follow everything well. After downloading it, you can open the folder and then play the sound. In the end, you can do anything with this sound effect, including setting it as the ringtone on your phone.

Apart from that, you can also download the same sound from To be able to get the sound from this site, you can follow these following instructions:

    1. First of all, you should open the link given above.
    2. When it opens, enter the keyword on the search bar and then press Enter.
    3. There are several results that you will be able to see on the screen. As for the file that you are looking for, it is listed first.
    4. To download the file, click the Download MP3 button.
    5. By doing so, you will be taken to a new page.
    6. On the new page, click the green Download button.
    7. When you are directed to a new page, click the Download MP3 button.
    8. When you are directed to a new page again, click the blue Download MP3 button.
    9. In the end, the file will be downloaded just like that.

As mentioned above, there are a lot of sound effects on Among Us. If you love to hear these sound effects and want to have all of them in your folder, you can download some of them from There are a ton of Among Us sound effects that you can download from this site, including:

    • Alarm emergency meeting
    • Alarm sabotage
    • Ambience main ambience
    • Ambience main ambience #37928
    • Ambient admin
    • Ambient bathroom
    • Ambient cafeteria
    • Ambient cockpit
    • Ambient comms
    • Ambient comms #44192
    • Ambient comms room
    • Ambient decontamination hall
    • Ambient drill
    • Ambient electric room
    • Ambient electric shock1
    • Ambient electric shock2
    • Ambient electric shock3
    • Ambient electric shock4
    • Ambient electrical
    • Ambient electrical #50816
    • Ambient engine
    • Ambient engine room
    • Ambient engine shock
    • Ambient engine steam
    • Ambient exterior
    • Ambient gaproom
    • Ambient greenhouse
    • Ambient hallways
    • Ambient kitchen
    • Ambient lab hallway
    • Ambient laboratory
    • Ambient Launchpad
    • Ambient lava pit
    • Ambient locker room
    • Ambient main
    • Ambient medbay room
    • Ambient 02 room
    • Ambient outside
    • Ambient outside #48816
    • Ambient oxygen
    • Ambient pods
    • Ambient reactor
    • Ambient reactor room
    • Ambient security
    • Ambient security room
    • Ambient seismic
    • Ambient shield room
    • Ambient shower
    • Ambient shower #37844
    • Ambient specimen
    • Ambient tree room
    • Ambient ventilation
    • Ambient water
    • Ambient weapons
    • Ambient weather
    • Decontamination button
    • Decontamination door close
    • Decontamination door open
    • Decontamination spray
    • Door balcony close
    • Door balcony open
    • Door bathroom close
    • Door bathroom open
    • Door close
    • Door open
    • Eject skeld
    • Eject text
    • Ejectsplash
    • Footstep carpet 01
    • Footstep carpet 02
    • Footstep carpet 03
    • Footstep carpet 04
    • Footstep carpet 05
    • Footstep carpet 06
    • Footstep carpet 07
    • Footstep dirt 01
    • Footstep dirt 02
    • Footstep dirt 03
    • Footstep dirt 04
    • Footstep dirt 05
    • Footstep dirt 06
    • Footstep dirt 07
    • Footstep glass 01
    • Footstep glass 02
    • Footstep glass 03
    • Footstep glass 04
    • Footstep glass 05
    • Footstep glass 06
    • Footstep glass 08
    • Footstep metal 01
    • Footstep metal 02
    • Footstep metal 03
    • Footstep metal 04
    • Footstep metal 05
    • Footstep metal 06
    • Footstep metal 07
    • Footstep plastic 01
    • Footstep plastic 02
    • Footstep plastic 03
    • Footstep plastic 04
    • Footstep plastic 05
    • Footstep plastic 06
    • Footstep plastic 07
    • Footstep snow 01
    • Footstep snow 02
    • Footstep snow 03
    • Footstep snow 04
    • Footstep snow 05
    • Footstep snow 06
    • Footstep snow 07
    • Footstep tile 01
    • Footstep tile 02
    • Footstep tile 03
    • Footstep tile 04
    • Footstep tile 05
    • Footstep tile 06
    • Footstep tile 07
    • Footstep wood 01
    • Footstep wood 02
    • Footstep wood 03
    • Footstep wood 04
    • Footstep wood 05
    • Footstep wood 06
    • Footstep wood 07
    • Impostor discovered
    • Impostor kill
    • Kill alien
    • Kill gun
    • Kill knife
    • Kill neck
    • Kill rhm
    • Ladder climb down
    • Ladder climb up
    • Notification

If you want to download the Among Us sound effects from, when you are on its front page, enter “among us sound effect” on the search bar. Then, you will be presented with an album titled Among Us Sound Effect. Please open this to be taken to the new page where you will see the list of the sound effects that you can download. To download one of them, click the Download button next to the title of the file. When you are taken to a new page, press Click here to download as MP3 if you want to download it as MP3 or press Click here to download as FLAC if you download it as FLAC.