How to Buy Stuff in Among Us Nintendo Switch

Among Us is now available on Nintendo Switch and you finally can play this game on this console. After purchasing the game, you may need to buy the Among Us cosmetics to dress up your in-game characters. However, a lot of users claim that they cannot purchase the Among Us cosmetics on eShop.

Then, is it true that Switch users cannot purchase Among Us cosmetics in Nintendo Switch? If you’re a Nintendo Switch and also cannot buy Among Us cosmetics in a Nintendo shop, you can find out the real information about it through our post below!

How to Buy Stuff in Among Us Nintendo Switch

Can You Buy Among Us Cosmetics in Nintendo Switch Shop?

Among Us was recently available on Nintendo Switch and the users will be able to purchase this game on Nintendo eShop that costs $5 (£3.89 / AU$6.45). Despite having been available on Nintendo Switch, Among Us players on Switch remain to show their disappointment, particularly after the new update, making them unable to get free cosmetics, including hats.

Unfortunately, Among Us players on Nintendo Switch cannot purchase the in-game cosmetics in eShop, after the game has been patched with a new update, making it remove the free hats. So far, Among Us players cannot dress up their in-game characters with a variety of Among Us cosmetics, just like available on mobile devices and PC.

Even though it is likely that Nintendo Switch will not provide exclusive hats and skins in Among Us, we hope there will be a bigger chance it will happen in the future. Free exclusive options based on Nintendo characters will probably be added soon, as InnerSloth, the developer of Among Us works to get premium cosmetics on the eShop.

It will be more fun to see some of Animal Crossing’s villagers appear in Among Us where the impostors that disguised as Tom Nook would stalk crewmates dressed up like Drago and Isabelle. Likewise, the characters from Donkey Kong can make an appearance as exclusive Switch skins for Among Us. Of course, Kong’s iconic red cap might make a great cosmetic and so does Dixie’s hat and ponytail.

Don’t forget with the characters like Funky Kong and Cranky Kong, both have looks which would be more fun to see as costumes in Among Us. Last but not least, the skins from The Legend of Zelda might also be great, offering the players an opportunity to dress up like Princess Zelda, Link or Ganon. Well, the chibi version of Link from Link’s Awakening would feel particularly at home with Among Us’ art style.

How to Get Among Us on Nintendo Switch?

As we’ve mentioned, Among Us is currently available in Nintendo Switch that you can purchase from eShop, priced at $5. To start purchasing Among Us in Switch, you just simply click on the orange shopping bag icon under the game tiles called ‘Nintendo eShop’. You can then confirm which account you can be using when required to do so.

The easiest and fastest way to find Among Us is to go to search and then type in ‘Among Us’. After it appears in the search results, you can then click through to the game page. Here, you can see some screenshots and game information, you can then click a ‘Proceed to Purchase’ button that can be found on the right hand side.

If you want to purchase, you can click ‘Proceed to Purchase’. In the following page, you will be presented with a number of payment options including a Nintendo eShop Card, a Credit Card, PayPal or any Gold Points that you have accumulated for a discount or to obtain the game for free.

It is known that Among Us will not take up much space on your system, because it is only 448MB. If you accidentally have a low space on your device, you can check out the best Micro SD Cards for Nintendo Switch.

It’s important to note, it requires you to have a Nintendo Switch online subscription to play the game, before you get Among Us on Nintendo Switch. As we know, Among Us is an online multiplayer game, meaning you will have to subscribe to Nintendo’s online service.

For more information, the Nintendo Switch Online service is starting at $3.99 / £3.49 / $5.95 per month. However, you can save by subscribing it for 3 months for $7.99 / £6.99 / AU$11.95. To get the cheapest price, you may need to make a year’s subscription, priced at $19.99 / £17.99 / AU$29.95.

If you subscribe to Nintendo Switch online, you will also have access to cloud Saves, retro titles from the NES and SNES and also exclusive games, discounts and any offers.

What Kinds of Cosmetics Are Available in Among Us?

Cosmetics in Among Us, mean the items in the game that you can use to dress up in-game characters. There are five kinds of cosmetics available, including:

    • Hats: This item is commonly worn on the player’s head.
    • Skins: This item is commonly worn on the player’s body.
    • Nameplates: This item commonly appears on the player’s voting box in meetings.
    • Visor Cosmetics: This item is commonly worn on the player’s face.
    • Pets: This item usually follows the players around until they are killed by an impostor or ejected.

In Among Us, some cosmetics are free that will be automatically owned by the player, while various other cosmetics can be unlocked by paying in-game currency. You can purchase the Among Us cosmetics in the shop or inside Cosmicubes. Well, the cosmetics that have been owned by players can be equipped in the wardrobe.

Even though cosmetics in Among Us do not give any advantages or effects, dressing up your in-game characters is a must, as your character will make its appearance greatly. The cosmetics mostly serve the purpose of supporting the developers.

The cosmetics may work to ease the player to identify the impostor by seeing its hat or pet, as impostor usually uses a vent. On the other hand, if someone is a crewmate, the cosmetics may be used to verify that a player was in a location. That’s only!