Why the Skeld is the Best Map in Among Us

Until now, there are four maps on Among Us including The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus and The Airship. Every map is made up of a lot of different locations and hallways which connect them. However, among these maps, it seems that the Skeld is the best map and you are able to read the reasons below.

The Reasons of the Skeld Being the Best Map in Among Us

According to the Sportskeeda, the Skeld lacks any big issues. This map has a very safe design and it permits for creative games without having to limit or shoehorn players to play a certain way. This map is large and players are able to spread out to complete their tasks that they need, but it has tight corridors which connect everything that causes players to face one another periodically. So, impostors are able to discover and track targets easily while they are having to make plans about the possibility that someone may be right around the corner.

Why the Skeld Is the Best Map in Among Us

Besides, on the Sportskeeda, it is also explained that this map has a number of well-balanced sabotages and it gives impostors the tools that they need to help direct the game.

According to the Screenrant, here are the reasons for The Skeld to be the best map in Among Us.

    • This map is the best map for Impostors.
      This map gives Impostors the best opportunity to be able to control the flow of the game to opposite sides of the map. Even though MIRA HQ and Polus have sabotage options for Impostors to take advantage of, they are not as strong as the Reactor and O2 sabotage on The Skeld map. On the Skeld map, Impostors can force players to the left or right-hand side of the map easily.
    • This map has the best location for launching.
      On this map, the players begin around the emergency button in a central location. Polus and MIRA HQ have starting areas which are rarely used in normal gameplay and they are out of the way for the rest of the game. The starting location of The Skeld, the Cafetaria, prevents early kills from the Impostors and lowers the punishment for players starting the game momentarily AFK. The starting location of this map is right in the middle of the map which means that players are separated and the true fun of this game begins earlier if compared with other maps.

The Drawbacks of Other Maps in Among Us

According to the Screenrant, here are the drawbacks of other maps so that they are not the best ones.

    • For new players, MIRA HQ map is too punishing.
      There are two key reasons why the Impostors are more difficult to find when they are on the MIRA HQ map. The first reason is that the vents on the map are all interconnected. It means that the Impostor is able to move from any part of the map to another place without being noticed. This vent power is aimed to be countered by the doorlogs, MIRA’s replacement for security cameras. However, the doorlogs are actually the second strike against MIRA HQ because they are more difficult to use than the visual feedback of the security cameras and for newer players, they are often useless.
    • Polus Map Has Almost Useless Decontamination Chambers
      On the Polus map, there are the Decontamination chambers, but they only provide access to small tasks so it becomes a frustrating area to encounter. This issue is solved by MIRA HQ and it is done by having the Decontamination area block off a large part of the map that all players will have to go into. However, on Polus, if you get a task in the Specimen room, it is simply annoying.
    • For Impostors, MIRA HQ Map Has a Cheesy Win
      Because of the design of the map, MIRA HQ is the only level in this game where crewmates do not always have access to the emergency meeting button. So, the impostors have the ability to block off a third of the map in case they have their skills available and there is no way for the crewmates to call a meeting to break the stalemate which leads to some games which are decided long before the victory screen.

About The Skeld Map

The Skeld is the first map in the Among Us game and it is set on a spaceship in outer space. According to the Among Us Wiki, here are the locations on The Skeld map.

    • Cafetaria
      This is the spawn area on the Skeld and it has five lunch tables, and also the emergency button on the center table. The tasks are Download Data, Empty Garbage, and Fix Wiring.
    • Weapons
      It is connected to two hallways and it has a vent. The location is east of Cafetaria. The tasks are Accept Diverted Power, Clear Asteroids, and Download Data.
    • Navigation
      It has two vents at the top and bottom of the room.
    • O2
      It houses a number pad for resolving Oxygen Depleted. It is linked to a single hallway.
    • Shields
      It is connected to two hallways and it has a vent.
    • Communications
      It has the computer which is used to fix Comms Sabotaged. It is linked to a single hallway.
    • Storage
      It has containers in the middle of the room which obstruct vision to the other side. It is linked to three hallways.
    • Admin
      It has the Admin map and there is a number pad to resolve Oxygen Depleted.
    • Electrical
      It has an electrical panel which is used to resolve Fix Lights.
    • Lower Engine
      It is linked to two hallways and has a vent.
    • Security
      It has Security for monitoring players and it is linked to one hallway, and has a vent.
    • Reactor
      It has two hand readers to resolve Reactor Meltdown. It is linked to one hallway and has two vents. The tasks are Start Reactor and Unlock Manifolds.
    • Upper Engine
      This is linked to two hallways and it has a vent. The tasks are Accept Diverted Power, Align Engine Output and Fuel Engines.
    • MedBay
      It is connected to one hallway and it has a vent. The tasks are Inspect Sample and Submit Scan.