How to Play Among Us PS4 – PS5

On December 14th, 2021, Among Us launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. By the way, how to play Among Us on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5? Well, find out that great information by reading this entire article.

Playing Among Us on PS4 and PS5

Among Us on PlayStation Version has Ratchet and Clank customization choices. As of now, PlayStation players are the only ones who have console-exclusive cosmetics in Among Us. Those cosmetics are Ratchet’s ears that act as a hat, Ratchet’s clothes, and Clank as a pet. When communicating to other players by using the text chat, those who are on PlayStation have the upper hand on other platforms because the system uses predictive text and makes it easier to choose words which have been used frequently. Having the ability to quickly type out important phrases is very important, particularly in group discussions. Related to communication, PlayStation party chats are able to hold up to 16 players so using the text chat will be able to be treated as a second option.

However, there is the biggest downside to playing Among Us on PlayStation. There is no account linking between platforms. It means that if a player has played on a previous platform, then the player’s data does not transfer over. Data such as cosmetics purchased with in-game or real currency and cosmic cube tree progress are going to be gone and the players will need to start over. While Xbox has a feature called Looking for Group to discover other players to play with, PlayStation users need to go an extra mile and join Among Us communities to find and play with other players. Using a controller can prove to be a challenge because some players may be used to playing on PC or Mobile.

How to Play Among Us PS4 - PS5

Among Us: Some Things You Need to Know About the PlayStation Version

Here are some things you need to know about Among Us PlayStation version:

Ejected Edition

The Crewmate and Impostor Editions are nice. But the Ejected Edition is the ultimate Among Us purchase. The players are going to get everything in the Crewmate and Impostor Editions, as well more added bonuses. Also, this Among Us PlayStation version includes an Among Us-themed box, a limited-edition steel book, a fleece blanket and a beanie. Since this Among Us PlayStation edition comes with the most content, it is also the most expensive. However, if there are any die-hard Among Us fans out there, they are going to be eager to get their hands on this edition and all items it contains. For your information, the Ejected Edition costs $89.99 and releases on March 31st, 2022, alongside the Impostor Edition.

Impostor Edition

The Impostor Edition includes everything that the Crewmate Edition contains, and much more. The buyers of the Impostor Edition are going to receive a Crewmate vs. Impostor Lanyard, a spinning into space spinner pin, a purple crewmate plushie and a limited-edition impostor box. The Impostor Edition costs $49.99. Same with the Ejected Edition, this Impostor Edition was released on March 31st, 2022 too.

Crewmate Edition

Three different versions of Among Us are available physically, the first of which is the Crewmate Edition. Along with the Among Us game, the Crewmate Edition includes a ton of extras, including all DLC that is currently released for the game. Also, there would be retail-exclusive downloadable content available at launch. The physical goodies are included with this edition too. The players are going to receive a 3D lenticular case, a sticker sheet, a poster for the Skeld map, a redeemable code for six phone and PC wallpapers, and 1 of 12 MIRA HQ holographic access cards. For your information, the Crewmate Edition costs $29.99. It was released on January 11th, 2022.

PlayStation Extras

The players of PlayStation may not be able to download Among Us through PlayStation Plus. But, the Among Us PlayStation version includes several extra cosmetics. Ratchet and Clank fans are going to be excited to hear that PlayStation players of Among Us get some Ratchet & Clank-themed aesthetics they are able to use to personalize their crewmate. Also, the players are going to receive a skin and hat which will make their crewmate look like Ratchet, as well as a pet Clank.


Depending on the country, Among Us is available to download on its release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Of course, this is in addition to the physical copies. But the players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can download the game at no extra cost. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the players with PlayStation Plus. Fortunately, there is good news. The game just costs $5.99 on all consoles and includes crossplay across all versions, including PC. This low cost makes it accessible to most fans on all platforms.

Does Among Us Have Cross Platform Multiplayer?

You have to know that Among Us does have cross platform multiplayer and crossplay for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It was confirmed on the PlayStation Blog in October that the Console Edition on PS4 and PS5 does include the ability to play with friends on other systems. No specific platforms are listed. However, it should be compatible with PC and Xbox as well as Nintendo Switch and mobile. The feature has been available for a while on PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch. Of course, there was never any doubt about its inclusion on the Xbox console. This is because Microsoft is not as strict as Sony.

How to Add Friends for Among Us Crossplay?

You are able to add friends for Among Us crossplay between PS4, Xbox and PC from December 14th. Here are some steps to do:

    • At the first step, you are able to Launch the game.
    • After that, choose Create Game.
    • Then, choose the map, number of players, and amount of the imposters.
    • Next, you are able to start the match and find the code.
    • Please send the codes to your friend, and ask them to enter it on the main menu.

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