Among Us Guide: To Be a Winner When You Played as Crewmates

Among Us is a multiplayer game played by a group of players. Most players are team members, but 1-3- (depending on game parameters and number of players) is deceptive. Crewmates must vote for those who find out the thief. The perpetrators try to destroy and kill the gang members as much as possible. Crewmates cannot vote unless the number is too small.

Someone doesn’t play Among Us anymore? The number of players among us has reached about 400,000 simultaneous players in the last 30 days. In April of this year, the monthly maximum does not reach 1000 degrees. We need a lot of new players and management. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you defeat your Crewmates with our first Earth Guide that you can be the best detective (and probably lose some of your friends at this point).

Theoretically, your job as a Crewmates is simple. Try not to kill, fill out the system tray and find out who killed your team. But it is not so easy. A good man should be enthusiastic, insecure, open and knowledgeable about the game. The following peer recommendations show you this. Oh, if you like games we can try games as much as we can to awaken this friendship.

Among Us tips overview

If you playing Among Us and wants to be a winner especially when you played as Crewmates, there are several things that you should pay attention, such as:

Move in groups

The best way to stop Crewmates is to stay with them. If you have other gang members with you, Crewmates cannot kill you. The size of the group depends on the number of cheaters. If you have two Crewmates, you need a group of 5 to play safely. Remember: Impostor can kill more people by working together. Also, be prepared for the destructive behavior of certain groups.

Keep a close eye on players completing tasks

Whenever you see a player at work, don’t think they are safe and sincere. If you actually do something, the taskbar should be full. It also takes time to finish the work. This is especially true for long-term missions.

Use the Emergency Meetings for Strategizing

Emergency meetings are often used to find out who the killer is. But how do you use it to strategize with your team? You can use this opportunity to invite people to join the team or ask them to follow you when doing visual work. Emergency meetings are often open complaints because his Crewmates and Impostor claim innocence.

Common tasks

It all happens when you get regular activities like pole “place key” or pole and scaled “move card”. This means that no one can do without ordinary work. However, it is important to know where the general activities are. Is there a common thing I don’t have that someone “sees” Another Impostor!

Don’t waste your visual tasks

This work can only be done by Crewmates, so the visual work is very important. If you see a scan or any visual activity like Medbe Lab, you can be 100% sure that the person is transparent. This means that if you do visual work without other players, you are less likely to win. Don’t throw, because some players call the presence of visual problems “big”. You can use it to prove your innocence if it is recorded after an emergency meeting.

Always try to fix sabotage

Don’t expect others to correct your offensive behavior. If all crew members have an opinion, you must lose. Of course, as the number of players decreases, the risk that no one will repair the accident increases. If you really want to jump, do it at the beginning of the game. And don’t forget. The bench can be used to set traps, so move on to the group.

When in doubt, skip the vote

Multi-colored Crewmates members vote for the first color. If you have strong evidence about this person, vote for him. However, if it is based on conjecture, do not take the risk. This is especially true at the beginning of the game, as the evidence is often scarce and there is ample time to catch scammers. Avoid those who start doubting too quickly. You may want to sow the seeds of condemnation.

Don’t spam

You should not be afraid to speak, but you should not repeat the same question. Sometimes the conversation “about us” looks like this:



“Where was the body?”

“Red sus”


“Who should I vote for?”

You can’t manage team members, but at least you can avoid participation Make useful observations and try to break your horizons as you work.

Is the kill fresh?

Did you know that if you find a permanent corpse, the murder is new? If you pass without finding someone’s body, you need a great excuse to survive the vote.

Don’t forget about the Crewmates!

Don’t forget that any Crewmates can use ventilation holes. “I’m not ashamed because I saw him in that room”.

Check the rooms

Examine the Impostor in the room you entered during the mission. If all the members of this gang pay full attention to their mission, it may take some time to get the Impostor.

Check the door log

This Mira HQ map tracks all players through sensors. The board has three sensors. These documents will help to find out who and where lied at the time of the murder. Only the last 20 events are displayed in the port log. It can activate two sensors on the other end of the map, helping to detect opening fraud.

Use the cameras

Scale and Paul’s camera, like door log, tells us where they are. You can catch the killer with your red hand. Expert Impostor will look inside and see the flashing light of the camera but you can use it. Move away from the camera and go back. Luckily, the Crewmates thinks he is gone and now declares that you are the killer.

Following these rules will make you the most detective in the game! Want bonus tips? Don’t say light green and blue. For interiors, these are “light green” and “blue”. Also, 2 of us have been dropped, so there’s no need to re-learn the game to continue. Many of these technologies will be used in games like ours, so we have provided a truly exceptional service.

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