How to Get the New Map in Among Us Submerged

If you are a player of Among Us and got bored of playing the current maps in the game, do not be sad, there is the good news for you, you are going to see a new map in the Among Us game called Submerged. After space and air, now you will be able to dive in water too because the Submerged map will be based on Submarine.

Also, you are able to call the submerged map as a custom map, and in this map, you are also going to see the first floor and the second floor. You have never seen this kind of map before in the Among Us game. Need to know that the best thing about Among Us Submerged Map is the map will allow the users to play the game underwater. There are a lot of maps in the Among Us game, but we have not seen a map like Submerged. If you want to get the Among Us Submerged map, then you are able to download it.

Among Us Submerged Map Information

How to Get the New Map in Among Us Submerged

Submerged is a new map available on the Among Us game for all players. If you are bored of playing the game on old maps, then you are able to try this new map out. For your information, this new map was created by a YouTuber whose channel name is 5up. If you visit the 5up YouTube channel, then you are going to see a trailer of Submerged Map. It is surprising that this trailer of Submerged map has been viewed by more than two million people. And what is even more surprising is that Innersloth LLC itself commented on that video.

Although the Submerged map is not created by Innersloth LLC, the developer of Among Us is much appreciated by them. You are able to find some amazing comments by the developers on 5Up’s YouTube video appreciating his work. Now, you are able to search for Submerged Map by 5Up on YouTube to watch the trailer of this Submerged map. As we said before, there are over two million views on it and of course they are still increasing.

It is a big deal that Innersloth LLC is showing interest in this Submerged map. Looking at the reaction of the Innersloth LLC company on the video, it seems that Innersloth LLC has been impressed by this Submerged map. It is possible that the company may also purchase the submerged map from 5up. Need to know that this new Submerged map has two floors for the players to explore. It has a lot of vents and it is not boring even for the crew members anymore. Also, this submerged map is not as small as the air or space map. Thus, the chance of you getting bored of it is very little.

How to Get the New Map Submerged Among Us?

Since this Submerged map is yet to be launched in the game officially, you will need to download the Submerged map by contacting the creator (5Up) via his social media. You need to send an email to 5UP. Or you are able to contact him via social media to receive the link for this new map; Submerged. Currently, this Submerged map in Among us game is not available for mobile. It is only available to download for PC. So, if you want to get the New Map Submerged in Among Us, get the link and enjoy a whole new map with your friends. Make sure you download the map completely.

Submerged Map Trailer

In this trailer of the Submerged map, you are going to see 2 floors clearly, and you are able to go to both these floors. With the help of lift, you are able to go to the first floor and second floor. Most people like to be an imposter rather than a crew member. It is because when people play as a crew member, occasionally they get bored. However, it will not happen with this Submerged map. We get information that there are many good tasks to be seen in this Submerged map, which you do not get to see in the current map in the Among Us game.

In the Submerged map, the task has been made very amazing, thus if you play as a crew member, your opportunities of getting bored are very less. There is no doubt that 5up has put many efforts into making and setting up the task. Usually, the normal map has a cover on the vent. However, in this Submerged map there are many vents that are not covered and if the imposter uses such vents, then easily they are able to be visible to the crew members.

About Maps in Among Us

Maps are a core mechanic of Among Us which make up the environment that the players move in and interact with. Each map is made up of many locations and hallways connecting them. Most locations contain different tasks and abilities, such as Doorlog. Also, each map is released separately from the others, each releasing the new tasks, abilities, locations, and cosmetics.

The map played on is chosen before the game starts. In online games, the map is selected on a screen which appears before the host enters the lobby, along with the number of Impostors and maximum players. In local games, the map is chosen through customisation in the lobby. In Freeplay, the map is chosen through a pop-up menu when the mode is selected.

Here are some maps in Among Us:

    • The Skeld
      It was the first map added to the Among Us game, which came with the game’s release on June 15, 2018.
    • Mira HQ
      It was the second map added to the Among Us game. This map was released on August 8, 2019.
    • Polus
      It was the third map added to the Among Us game. The map was released on November 12, 2019.
    • The Airship
      It is the fourth map added to the Among Us game that was released on March 31, 2021.

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