Top 10 Best Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows & Linux

As we know that Sandboxie is a free tool which allows the users to create a secure environment within Windows. It means that the Windows users can install software which may contain a virus or malware that does not compromise the rest of the system.

In this case, the way in isolating processes without compromising our privacy and security. So, you are able to generate the changes in certain programs without influencing the rest.

Top 10 Best Sandboxie Alternatives for Windows & Linux

Apart from Sandboxie, we also have some similar programs which are similar with Sandboxie  as the alternatives for Windows and Linux. We recommend you to use the Sandboxie alternatives when you get any problems with this software. So, let’s top 10 Sanboxie alternatives for Windows and Linux.

1—Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is an advanced level of system safety machine which is totally based on the system of sandboxing and virtualization. After the users are installed, they will no longer be required to install any antivirus or machine protection program. Due to Enigma virtual Box is able to defend the system against all varieties of unwanted changes either they are coming through the online or occuring offline activities.

Enigma virtual Box is free to use software whose guide is to be had for the x64 and x86 binaries. Enigma digital box makes it feasible for the builders to virtualize any sorts of documents, gadgets, virtual media files, dynamic libraries, or anything else. Even though Enigma digital box presents a new level of virtualization to the users, it cannot be said as an endorsed program for virtualization because of little reservation on the safety of the machine.

This free tool works different from most of the sandboxing and virtualization programs. Indeed, it creates the app files and also the registry files to be consolidated in a single executable file without any loss of efficiency and a virtualized file that should be extracted to the hard disk drives.

How to get Enigma Virtual Box? Of course, if you really want to install this software on your Windows, you definitely have to download it first. To download it, go to the official site of Enigma Virtual Box at

Once you are at the page, you’ll find a blue Download button. Then, click on it to start downloading this software.

2—Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is a new lightweight desktop environment which is running any apps in isolation safely. The way of Windows Sandbox is isolating any app is to use the same principle as some Internet browser or apps like Sandboxie in which it runs untrusted apps without worrying if they will affect the computer.

Here are the following Windows Sandbox properties that you should know:

  • Part of Windows: Everything needed for this feature ships with Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. No required to download a VHD.
  • Secure: To run a separate kernel in isolating Windows Sandbox from the host by using the hardware-based virtualization for kernel isolation depending on Microsoft’s hypervisor.
  • Pristine: Anytime Windows sandbox runs, it will work as clean as a brand-new installation of Windows.
  • Efficient: Uses smart memory management, integrated kernel scheduler and virtual GPU.
  • Disposable: Everything is discarded after the uses close the app, nothing persists on the device.

3—Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is such an progressive PC protection program which allows the users to protect the real environment and prevent it from creating unwanted changes without permission. Moreover, this program comes in a form of creating a fake or virtual environment in the system like the real operating environment in the system.

Now, the virtual environment will allow the users to keep their computer from being attacked by malicious threats or unwanted changes that you may not know. This program works in the form of Shadow mode which will be a fake environment like a real computer’s system.

All new changes will be created on it instead of happening on the real one. In addition, the Shadow Defender here is a commercial tool which is designed to keep the computer and laptop from any unwanted changes. The Shadow Mode of this program automatically will check the installation of new programs. Then, the changes will be introduced by the new program in the system.

Once the users installed this program. If they are aware of any malicious activities on their computer, of course they can restore the system to its original state by running a reboot. Then, if the users want to store any file or folder on the real local or mapped drive permanently, they definitely can take the same ways.

How to get Shadow Defender Software? You surely can visit the official site of Shadow Defender at Then, you’ll see a green Download button and click on it to download it.



Evalaze is a free software for personal use which comes with more advanced features within. By using this software, the users can confront many other limitations when installing a program. Evalaze presents a gorgeous alternative to the table which gives the possibility of virtualizing your apps. For the result, the entries of registry will be compacted in a single location. Then, the users will be able to run them from portable memory devices and run multiple instances of the same app.

How does Evalaze work? First of all, this program is going to execute a pre-scan of the Program Files and Windows Folder, the Registry and other components. Once the scan is complete, the users may want to install an app and start to run it with a second scan. Last, the users are able to choose how to run the newly installed app. However, it is so possible to run it in Write-Copy mode in preventing  it from making any permanent changes in their system. Instead, you can run an app in Merge Mode that will give it in reading and writing privileges on the host operating system.

How to get Evalaze? Visit the official site of Evalaze to get this software at



cameyo is a free virtualization tool that creates portable programs. This software can be used to convert a normal program which needs an installation on your system into portable software. By using Cameyo, you definitely can create portable versions of your favorite software and bring it with you on a USB memory stick.

To note, before you can use this software, you surely can use Formatting Pen Drive that you can download from the official site. Need to know that Cameyo is a portable software that you do not have to install on your operating system. To run it, you just double-click on the file that you have downloaded, the apps will start.

How to get Cameyo? Visit the official site of Cameyo at

6—Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox

Shade Sandbox is a free virtualization software that allows you to turn on closed spaces within this system where the apps can be run in a secure manner. This software prevents any changes which were made when they run from affecting the real operating system. The function of Shade Sandbox is likely many virtualization apps in which it isolates your software in a virtual environment and does not allow hardware virtualization support.

Then, to create sandboxes for apps that you want, the only way that you can do is to drag the executable or its shortcut icon from any path to the app Window. An restricted, isolated and secure space in memory and disk will be allocated for the app.

How to get a Shade Sandbox? If you really want to get this software, you can visit the official site at

7—VMware ThinApp

VMware ThinApp

ThinApp speeds any apps deployment and simplifies app migration by isolating any apps from their underlying operating system. It works in eliminating app conflict and streamline management and delivery. When you install a new program or software, it may harm your computer. But, it is totally different from this app, ThinApp based on the technology of virtualization sandbox really simplifies the process of migration data without making your computer harm.

Well, the five important functions performed by ThinApp include desktop security, apps isolation, Operation System migration, server consolidation and app mobility. Of course, the real programmer will really understand the importance of all those advantages in a single app.

In other words, ThinApp is the recommended program for app isolation due to it being capable of creating the virtual assistant in the system which makes the app to be a part of the virtual environment.

How to get VMware ThinApp? If you want to run this software on your computer, you definitely have to download it first. You can get the original software file at Once you are at the page, find Downloads menu to get the file.

8—Comodo Virtual Desktop

Comodo Virtual Desktop

Comodo Virtual Desktop is an advanced sandboxed operating System and virtualization system which is operated by Comodo that is well-known as Chromium web browser. The way of making the system makes the users keep and secure. Unlike other virtualization programs, Comodo Virtual Desktop is an independent state of the art protection technology. Moreover, the technology allows the users to keep the real environment of their system safe and secure both online and offline activities.

The major advantage of this software is to never leave the record of the cookies or history from any apps which are running in the Comodo Virtual Desktop environment or browsing. Probably, there will be a secure environment for all online and offline activities. From shopping store and bank environments to testing of new programs and apps, indeed, Comodo Virtual Desktop is such a perfect program for dealing with all.

9—Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is a gorgeous app which allows the users to disclose changes created by other users with a reboot. In this case, any changes created by an app or by users or also by suspicious activity can all be recovered by just restarting the computer. Then, rebooting will return the system to the original state with default configuration and settings.

In other words, Deep Freeze is an effective, handy and robust solution which provides the users with the ability in configuring an app with five workstations. However, this app ensures the user’s system 100% uptime through total uptime and security.

Of course, the users who have a problem with it do not have to hire IT professionals to fix it. It is because you just need to reboot, then your problem is solved. In case you run this app, you definitely can control and manage the workstation from administration and a remote location.

How to get Deep Freeze software? If you want to try fixing the problem of virtualizing your computer’ system and choose Deep Freeze as a tool, of course you have to get it first ay

10—Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo Sandbox

The last top Sandboxie alternative that you can use is Cuckoo Sandbox. Indeed, this is a software checking program which allows the Windows users to check the health of a new program in advance before installing it on your computer. The function of this software is totally different from other programs, it works to create the virtual environment in the system.

By using this software, you definitely can trash any suspicious files in a matter of minutes. Then, it will provide a detailed report outlining the behaviour of the file when it is executed inside a realistic but isolated environment.

How does Cuckoo Sandbox work? Cuckoo is an open-source and advanced automated malware analysis system with infinite app opportunities which is able to check any different malicious files as well as malicious sites under windows, Linux, Android and MacOS.

Besides, this software traces API calls and distills it into high level information and signatures comprehensible by anyone. It also can analyze the network traffic when encrypted with SSL/TLS and perform advanced memory analysis of the infected virtualized system via Volatility on a process memory scale using YARA.

How to get Cuckoo Sandbox? To get it, you can download the file at