Top 5 Best Free DisplayFusion Alternatives

DisplayFusion is one of the best task managers to control two screens. It is an expert in organizing two monitors by adding a taskbar to each of the user’s monitors.

The taskbar on each monitor is able to be configured to display all programs or windows. Here we are going to share top 5 best free DisplayFusion Alternatives.


Basically Dual Monitor Tools is the set of all features which allows you as a Windows user to control all of your dual or multiple monitor setups. Dual Monitor Tools is integrated with all those tools which are first open source.

Then, each tool is independent so that easily you are able to install and run those which you want most. For your information, the main available tools in the Dual Monitor Tools are a module with cursor movement, Dual Monitor Tools Swap Screen, Dual Monitor Tools Wallpaper Changer, Dual Monitor Tools Launcher, Dual Monitor Tools Snap, and Dual Monitor Tools Dual Wallpaper.

Basically all those modules are the functions of the Dual Monitor Tools as well. The great about Dual Monitor Tools is it open source which offer you configure the Dual Monitor Tools according to your requirements.

The other best thing, it is the pack of those features which are already mentioned above and you are able to either go for those functions which you want or you are able to install all as well.

Each tool and function available in Dual Monitor Tools is independent which allows you install and run only that for which you are looking for.


Here are key features of Dual Monitor Tools:

  • It has various dual monitor tools.
  • It is very good to support lots of modules which run in the notification area.
  • Any monitors requires a good cursor movement and this can improves the cursor movement. Also, it is possible to freeze the cursor movement on the screen of Windows.
  • It has the provision to own tool snipping. This work so good with dual monitors.
  • Also, it can improves the performance of the display screen.
  • With this, your favorite apps are able to be launched with few strokes. This occurs through the DMT launcher.
  • It has the hotkeys for most Windows operations (in DMT swap screen mode).
  • It also minimize Windows on a single monitor for better display screen.
  • There are lots of images for each monitor. The different images on each screen provides uniqueness to monitors.



Input Director is a platform for controlling the multiple monitors and computers. Also, for sharing the one keyboard and mouse across all connected monitors and computers.

Input Director allows you to easily maintain the multiple monitors and positioned you easily by the drag and drop features to obtain the correct position on the monitor grid. In fact, it is not a multi-monitor manager only.

It also work as a desktop management tool for all the connected monitors with the primary monitors. Even, you are able to control the all connected monitors and computers by using the one keyboard or mouse which is attached to the one system.

Basically, Input Director is for those developers who are needed to have a large screen to take on their task in a wide space. By using the Input Director, they are going to come into a position of simply switching between two screens and moving the cursor or keyboard functionalities from one screen to the other one.

By using the Input Director, you are able to get the advantage of simultaneously lock all computers, synchronize the screen savers and wallpapers across all the connected monitors, and enjoy many other transitions features.

Here is a list of Input Director features:

  • It is extremely good to control your computer’s overall system. This make sure the monitor always runs properly.
  • It comes with its own user guide that can help to run the software on any system.
  • There is a clipboard and it is able to be shared and copied on one computer.
  • Also, it comes with own switch control and paste option.
  • It is probably for you to direct input directory on how to control the right monitor positioning.
  • Simply, you will be able to drag it onto the right place on the monitor grid.
  • If you are looking for different keyboard layouts, this input director is right for you.
  • It allow you to copy and paste between the computers and the programs/files.
  • It has a feature to personalize the writing experience.
  • It is the only software which is compatible with Windows user control pop up.



Synergy is an application which offers you share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple monitors. Also, it combines other various monitors desktop managing devices in the cohesive experience.

Although Synergy is a mouse and keyboard sharing application, it is able to be used to perform other multi-monitor controlling functions as well. Easily, you are able to move your mouse between your computers.

Even, you are able to copy and paste between computers. You only require a regular Ethernet or WiFi network connection. You do not need a special hardware. It works like magic.

While there are some obvious downsides to the Synergy software, lots of people will find it to be an essential tool in their daily workflow. The concept behind this software is excellent. It is going to give you the ability to control all your computer systems with a single mouse and keyboard.

You are able to move between the screens easily by moving the cursor off the edge of one screen in the direction of another. The cursor will be able to appear on the second screen as if it arrived from the first screen.

Another pretty tool built into Synergy is the ability to cut and paste across all your systems. This is due to the method Synergy merges your clipboards. Also, it will treat your screen savers across all systems as one single system, so they all activate and dismiss at the same time.

If you have enabled a lock screen for your system, you only need to submit your password on one of the screens to open all of them. Synergy is entirely open-source. It means that it is free to utilize and modify in any way you want.

It can be called an alternative to the standard KVM switch. But, it does not simply loop some systems through a single hardware structure. Instead, it actually offers each system to remain independent while the software synchronizes the peripherals across all the systems.

Some people have suggested that the KVM switch is the better option due to the difficulty of the Synergy software in terms of configuration. It has trouble discovering exact server locations and system names. If you are able to configure the software properly, it becomes seamless and quite useful.

Using Synergy is not difficult, but it is also not very creative. It takes is a quick movement between screens with the mouse. You are able to set up the software so that any side of the monitor is able to work as a switching location.

It means that the software will be able to work if you have multiple systems with monitors set up in a grid. All you need to do is to set a main monitor. Then, the software is going to allow switching from that default location.

Even, with the difficulty of the software, it is simply one of the most intuitive and natural screen sharing systems available on the market. When the software is set up, you will forget all about it beyond easily using it to control you various computers. Since the software is free, there is no reason to not try Synergy.

Here are the features of Synergy:

  • Mouse and keyboard sharing.
  • Clipboard sharing.
  • Screensaver sync.
  • Run in the background.
  • The Hot keys.
  • Key swapping.
  • SSL encryption (Pro version only).
  • You are able to always update Synergy to add more features.



Aqua Snap is a free utility which increase the way you are able to manage Windows on your Desktop. It gives you the ability to move and resize windows in the same way as you like to, without losing a pixel, with simple gestures which make you more proficient.

The key features of Aqua Snap include dock window to sides or corners of the screen; snap a window to monitor edges or other tools; shake a window to make it top-most, enlarge windows by double-clicking on edge; and much more.

You do not hesitate to use AquaSnap and enjoy the features of multitasking and monitors like a professional designer or programmer.

Here are the key features of Aqua Snap:

  • It only requires very little space on your computer.
  • If you want to divide desktop to see multiple things, Aqua Snap is a nice choice for you.
  • Also, it is possible for you to drag and drop Windows to screen’s side and corner. This creates it easy to see the desktop.
  • It is made of composed native code.
  • There are the customized keyboards shortcuts.
  • It is going to help you in using the hotkeys.
  • It is very efficient in Windows tiling.
  • With this, you are able to align Windows seamlessly.



Multimon is one of the best free DisplayFussion alternatives. This is able to work very well with any Windows system. It is developed especially for the system’s internal usage. MultiMon is a multi-monitor controller which is integrated with the better visual integration features.

The primary function of MultiMon Taskbar is to show applications from all monitors. It enables you for normal windows extension to multiple monitors with the multi taskbar.

All windows/ programs are displayed on the primary monitor’s taskbar regardless on which monitor you are opened. MultiMon ranges from the free version to paid version and how much monitor you are able to control using MultiMon Taskbar depends on the plan for which you go for.

The best thing about all plans is that despite the fact that the features of each are different from each other, MultiMon Taskbar still make it is easy for you to get the support of taskbar in the primary monitor and reach the display of all applications installed from all monitors.

In addition to easily connecting the other monitor, there is also a system to add another extended taskbar to the extended monitor. Either you wish to extend the normal windows to the multiple monitors or wish a taskbar on all the connected monitors it is up to you.

For your information, in the pro version, the option for moving easily to monitors, resizing the windows, and connected via remote desktop are available.

Here are the key features of Multimon:

  • Any computer has a taskbar. But, with Multimon you are able to add a second taskbar to their second monitor.
  • Once toggling between two monitor one might not always see applications everywhere.
  • It shows your applications from the alternatives monitor.
  • Also, there is a possibility to add a text clipboard on the alternative desktop. Of course, this creates it highly personalized.
  • This is able to hides application from monitor 2 and monitor 3.


As we explained above, DisplayFusion is one of the best task managers to control two screens. It is an expert in organizing two monitors by adding a taskbar to each of the user’s monitors. The taskbar on each monitor is able to be configured to display all programs or windows.

The other features of DisplayFusion are start button, shows a desktop button, button grouping, third party start menu support, and many more. The other best things about this are that it also gives features of a title bar, taskbar, and various other customizable functions which are in addition to the default and primary function of the single monitor.

For your information, the current version of DisplayFusion is also supported by the latest version of Windows 10. The list of other features includes a multi-monitor taskbars, remote control for even controlling with phone or tablet, customizable Windows management, precise monitor controls, and much more which are only for the desktop utility of the DisplayFusion.

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