Fix Wyze Error Code 90 After Firmware Update

Do you use the Wyze cam app? Sometimes, you may find some errors when you are using it. One of the errors is error code 90. This error can appear when you are seeing the Wyze camera, after Firmware update and maybe in other situations. If you find this error, you have to fix it by using the methods that we have provided below.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Checking the Internet Connection

Usually, this error comes up due to internet connection issues. So, the thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have a good internet connection. If you use Wifi, you have to make sure that the area where the camera is put can be covered by a strong signal. If the position of the camera is more than 60 feet away from the router or the access point, you have to move the camera closer and then check whether it can fix the problem.

If you have changed the position of your camera to the router or you have made your internet have good signal, and then you see that the error vanishes, it means that the error  is caused by the internet connection. After you solve the problem, the next thing that you have to do is to reboot your router or you are able to turn it off. After that, wait for about 2 minutes and then turn it back on. Then, you are able to reconnect your phone with the Wyze camera.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Power Cycling The Camera

Another effort that you are able to do to fix this issue is to power cycle the camera. To do this, you have to reboot the camera and then wait for about 1 minute. After that, you have to power it back on and close the app on the phone and then start it again. Also, you have to reboot your phone. There are some reports that sometimes this method can fix the problem.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Removing The SD Card From The Camera

Sometimes, Wyze error code 90 happens because of a poor microSD card. It can mean that the card has not been inserted correctly or the connection is not done. So, you are able to try to remove the microSD card and then you have to put it back. You have to make sure that it is fully inserted. Then, you have to power cycle the camera and then try again to check whether the issue is gone or not. It is also better for you not to use the cheap SD cards. Instead, you are able to use the worthy SD cards.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Changing the Wireless Channel on The Router

You are able to fix Wyze error code 90 by changing the wireless channel on the router settings from auto to manual. It is stated 1, 6 and 11 are the most optimal that you can use. It is better for you to try one by one to see which one can work well for your area. If it is in auto mode, the router will continually jump channels to discover the most optimal. It is the thing which is the cause of the connection error on the Wyze camera.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Reinstalling the Wyze Camera App

Reinstalling the Wyze cam app can be one of the options to do to fix error code 90 that you find in Wyze cam app. By doing it, you are able to test the communication with the servers and camera. Also, you are able to try using another mobile phone.

  • Fixing Wyze Error Code 90 by Finding Out Whether Your Device is Supported

You have to make sure that your device is supported. You are able to do that by checking on the Wyze website and app pages. If you find that your device is not compatible with the camera, then you have to switch to a different device. However, if you find that your device is compatible, it means that the cause is not because of your device.

Fix Wyze Error Code 90 After Firmware Update

The Causes of Wyze Error Code 90

There are some causes why error code 90 can appear in Wyze cam app. So, here are some of the causes.

  • It is because of the internet connectivity. Internet connectivity may be interrupted or unstable so that this error is triggered. If your internet connection is poor or it is too restrictive about their firewalls, then this error can happen.
  • Error Code 90 in Wyze can happen because of your SD card. You have to make sure that you insert your SD card properly. Also, if you have installed an SD card on the camera and it is corrupted, this error can also be triggered. For your information, SD card corruption sometimes can interfere with the process of streaming live footage from the camera. And even it can stop it from working completely.
  • This error can happen because of wifi channels. It is important for you to know that Wifi routers use different channels to be able to communicate with devices. And these channels provide the bandwidth to all the devices which are connected to a certain Wifi router. In case the channels are too saturated, then they will end up hogging the bandwidth available to the Wyze cam so that it can trigger the Wyze error code 90.
  • Wyze error code 90 can happen because of interference. Usually, routers of wifi are installed in the center of your homes. Or, it can be near the location where you often spend your time there. We are not able to say the same thing for security cameras, but the possibilities are that you have set up the Wyze came at your front door or in your garage or maybe in another point which is far from your wifi router. So, you have to check whether there are any possibilities for interference between the router and the Wyze cam.