Create a Collection of Your Favorite ePub Readers for Windows 10 and Free to Download

Nowadays, printed books are more popular than common e-books for reading ePub books on portable devices. There are many people who love to read books on electronic devices. You don’t have to buy expensive ePub readers to read ePub books. You can read ePub books directly on Windows 10. All you need is an ePub reader in Windows 10. Hundreds of ePub readers now provide plenty of tools.

For effective reading and overall good reading you need an ePub reader that can provide a simple interface for useful tools like branded lists and built-in dictionaries. Provide As an active reader we understand the importance of these tools. With this in mind we tested several ePub players and filtered out the best ePub players for Windows 10. Let’s take a look at them at once.

Here are the best ePub readers for reading, managing and organizing books for Windows PC. Create a collection of your favorite books to read on your computer.


If you don’t want to read ePub books, I recommend Bookviser because physical reading is more efficient. Bookviser’s user interface is designed to give you the feeling of reading a real book with real page conversion animations. If you are frustrated that you can’t find a copy of a particular paper book you want to read, you can try the ePub module on Bookviser. With Bookviser, you can always go back to your traditional e-book reading style.

Also, the program is very easy to personalize. You can change the background color. You can select a font from our large collection, adjust the font size, and even change the text margins and line spacing. You can add page indicators to track your laptop’s time and battery life. Not only that, Zenith Bookviser will have this feature to easily adjust brightness when you have reading experience. So a few hours of screen time is not a problem for your eyes.

Neat Reader

Neat Reader is a great choice for reading Windows 10 ebooks. This is a minimalist design. A cross-platform ePub reader that supports versatile synchronization. Neat Reader has millions of users worldwide and is recognized as the best leader in ePub. Neat Reader has a powerful engine that lets you view different versions of this quality ePub.

It provides basic tools to enhance your reading experience such as note export or sharing and built-in search engine. Like Bookviser, Neat Reader can also be customized. But the term is limited. Don’t worry about data loss with a neat reader. You can store almost anything, books, notes, comments or reading progress in the cloud. You can transfer everything to the cloud.


Calibre is the oldest ePub reader with ancient features. Intuitive interface allows for efficient reading. The software provides features such as downloading books from the Internet, downloading covers and easily transferring books from one device to another. You can convert your book format to ePub and Calibre.

This is even more important on the Windows 10 desktop, because in Calibre you can read not only books, but also novels and magazines. Also, Calibre is an effective e-book manager that lets you add books to your catalogs and download metadata about your books from the Internet. This is a free program, and whether you are a computer expert or a general user, Calibre is very easy to use.


Freda is another great ePub reader. More than 50,000 free classics are available in public spaces at Gutenberg, Feedbooks and other online libraries. Freda provides a very useful personalization tool for personalizing almost everything in your program. Bookmarks contain word definitions or definitions such as your note function, comments, and all the features needed to search a dictionary.

You can read the book aloud using the text-to-speech feature. Freda has an impressive user interface. Unlike third party software, it has to be installed. It also presents a good theme collection. In addition to ePub it can support formats such as Freda, MOBI, FB2, HTML and TXT. Freda is a free program. They advertise to make money. However, to avoid disruption, ads are displayed below. If you still want to get rid of the ads, you can buy the Freda + app, it has the same software but no ads.

Alfa Reader

If you are a medical student or enjoy reading illustrated magazines, Alfa Reader can be the best ePub reader. You can choose from many fonts and e-reading templates. The program lets you automatically save bookmarks and notes. Alfa Reader supports CBZ, DJVU and FB2 formats in addition to ePub format. With this program you can determine the location of the competition and easily find books.

Alfa Reader also provides a very simple audio player for listening to audiobooks. The best quality of a sound player is that it automatically remembers the last one and starts from where it stopped. Alfa Reader lets you arrange your shelves the way you want. It’s fun to play with the library, resize it, change the color and completely change it to suit your needs.

Thorium Reader

Thorium Reader is a great ePub reader, especially for Windows 10, an advanced ePub reader that is updated from time to time with new features and languages. My favorite thing about Thorium Reader is that it’s completely free, doesn’t show ads and doesn’t sell personal information.

He is an open source ebook reader. Also, software developers are working hard to make Thorium Reader available worldwide. Thorium Reader, Electron.JS, Node.JS and TypeScript are based on a tool called Radium Desktop which is based on software development and readability technology.


FBreader is a powerful open source ePub file reader for Windows. This application supports all major e-book formats like CHM, including Mobi, FB2, PDF, Plucker, Epub and Epub3. You will be prompted to access the folder where your library is located for the first time. In the settings menu, borders, titles and fonts can be changed and adjusted.

The progress bar can also be customized for the player. Lots of books, bookstores and more like other apps here. There are also web-based online libraries. The application has a default keyboard shortcut. However you can personalize your conversions for different activities such as marking and lighting. There is also the option to set your delay for the pressed button. It is an open source application that supports Windows and higher and is completely free to use and download.

There are many more ePub reader options on the Internet, but not all options are suitable for your interests. For this reason, we’ve focused on options that provide an interesting overview of your content. With this ePub reader you can forget your advanced reading tablet and enjoy your free time.