TOP 10 Best and Most Popular Free PC Remote Software

The pandemic of Covid-19 has led a plenty of companies and also education institutions to in long-range work. As this pandemic pushes down the companies’ productivity to lower ranges, of course a lot of companies look for some solutions to avoid this. They hopefully can still maintain their productivity even if Covid-19 still spreads around the world.

To support the companies and also educational productivity, fortunately there are a dozen tools or softwares which can handle PC’s or computers remotely. The high-technology of the remote softwares now eases them to still work at home without going to the office. Moreover, the PC remote softwares are really reliable to use for video conferencing.

However, choosing the best PC remote softwares to support your working without directly meeting with your partner  is totally a must for you. The remote tools and softwares here need to access and manage one or more computers from other devices. That means you can remote your PC either using your smartphones or tablet.

Remote access here allows through both local networks and also the internet so anyone around the world can really access any devices to remotely handle their PC. What are the best remote tools and softwares for your PC?

In this post, we’re surely going to share the best and most popular free PC remote softwares which are so worth for you to use. So, let’s check them out!

TOP 10 Best and Most Popular Free PC Remote Software

Here’s a list of the top 10 best and most popular free PC remote softwares!

  1. Solarwinds Take Control

Solarwinds Take Control

The first recommended free PC remote software is Solarwinds Take Control. This compact remote system including VoIP, chat and queuing provides the multiple connections and also the users. This remote software is designed in helping the IT business succeed and also support more customers through vast, intuitive remote support to any platform.

This software also offers a deep diagnostic accessibility from one dashboard while connecting to the devices typically in just a few seconds. However, this tool is accurately designed to fit your technician’s workflows and also your company’s planning budget.

For technicians, this software is surely designed to help the users keeping data safe through advanced encryption protocols, multilevel permissions, two-factor authentication support, clipboard deletion after sessions and also the optional automatic PIN. The point is, the Solarwinds Take Control is definitely built in helping you to gain the trust of your customers.

Moreover, if your software cannot support high-res monitors or if this remote viewer has limited functionality, the Solarwinds Take Control offers the high-resolution to maximize the productivity. This is developed in helping the managers control quality through full session recordings and chat transcript searches.

The Solarwinds Take Control is available in free-trial and paid services. So you can decide what kind of services of this software that you want to take.  To get more information for the Take Control software, you surely can access the official site here.

  1. SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere

The second PC remote software delivers on-demand remote support from anywhere with the cloud-based solution. This is very fast, simple and lightweight with an internet connection. Moreover, a cloud-based remote software which would be a useful support tool for MSPs or in-house IT service department.

The software’s system is also available as on-premise tool for installation on Windows and Windows Server. With the fast issue resolution, the users who have an issue will be helped by DRE to solve it as quickly as possible. It also avoids the long connection or software response times. The users can also resolve multiple issues from behind the scenes. With HD-quality with crystal-clear visibility, this software is scaled by the capability of your network.

Taking a consideration to choose this free PC remote software is a must for you. Furthermore, there are multiple features that you can get from this software, here they are:

  • Fast remote control

It sets up the active sessions in no time. so don’t waste your time to connect to workstations in less than eight seconds to save your valuable time.

  • Safe remote support

The software reaches end user’ systems with safe remote support with DRE. Then, DRE here is built in keeping the users’ data safe through encryption protocols.

  • Remote access to power off computers

Unresponsive machine will keep you from solving IT issues. With Intel vPro with AMT, KVM support and Wake-on-LAN actually remote connect to out-of-band computers.

  • Thorough system information

The users absolutely can get all the information they need to solve an issue at the beginning of a support session. Here, DRE gives you the system information, BIOS, device detail and also Windows event logs and updates.

  • Session information details

You can save the details for each session to share crucial troubleshooting information with your teammates. DRE also lets you take screenshots and record during the active session. Furthermore, you can also save the recorded sessions in the cloud.

  • Reporting engine

By reporting engine features, you can improve your help desk department’s performance. DRE grants you the session details, the end users’ survey brief and the tehnician performance information.

  • Live chat and video conference calls

This software also features the live-chat and video conference calls to ease your teammates or partner to meeting in long-range.

  • Lightweight ticketing system

By lightweight ticketing system, you’re able to keep an eye on end user requests without performing a complex help desk system.

  • Multi-monitor support

Working with two or more monitors is such an enjoyable thing when you should work long distance and this software is completed with multi-monitor support.

Get the SolarWinds Dameware Remote here.

  1. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

This is a good choice for you to have the PC remote software with free-trial services. Before you go on purchasing this software, you actually can try and check for any features within the software. It features a cloud-based service or on-premises software for Windows.

The Remote Access Plus software helps system administrations and IT help desk technicians to resolve their troubleshooting remote computers from a central location. Strongly built software like advanced remote access control, Wake on LAN, system manager, remote file transfer, remote shutdown and more enables upper class remote support experience and reduces the troubleshooting time from days to minutes.

Remote Access Plus allows you for:

  • Connection

This software can reach out to all the computers in your corporate network inconsiderate of their location.

  • Detection

It supports examining all your network peers and diagnoses the proper cause of every fracas.

  • Collaboration

It also brings the technicians together and resolves each issue as a team with superior people.

  • Rescue

It can solve any issues in seconds with useful tools and never bump heads with the people workflow.

Here are the features of ManageEngine Remote Access Plus:

  • Advanced Remote Control
  • System Manager
  • Voice and Video Chat
  • Wake on LAN
  • Remote Shutdown feature
  • Powerful Reports

Get the ManageEngine Remote Access Plus here.

  1. TeamViewer


This desktop remote software is pretty a superb online collaboration tool which is used for virtual meetings and also sharing presentations. It will bring the full-time access feature to remote your computers and also servers, in addition to online meetings with support for up to 25 participants and other useful features.

The setup of this software is quite easy and user-friendly. Monitoring, connecting, analyzing and improving your PCs or other devices are such the primary task of the TeamViewer software. With following features including video conferencing, instant chat messaging, VoIP calls, and screen sharing, it allows the users to secure online meetings from anywhere.

The features of the TeamViewer software

  • With the TeamViewer Pilot Smartphone app, the users can resolve any issues anywhere and anytime.
  • Smart connections, operations and support for loT.
  • Protect and control IT infrastructure from anywhere
  • Remote support
  • Remote access
  • Mobile device support
  • Global video collaboration
  • Remote monitoring and patch management
  • Remote assistance for loT

The TeamViewer software is available in free and paid-service. That means you can download this software for free  or get it in premium version. You can see the pricing plan here.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Without a doubt, Microsoft actually has the PC remote software. It definitely helps the users to use the new Terminal Services features which are introduced in Windows Vista and in Windows Server 2008. This software is also available from a computer running one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1), Windows XP with Service Pack 3, and Windows Server 2008.

In Windows 7, the Remote Desktop feature allows you to take control of your computer over a secure network connection even though you’re far from home. Although those features are attached with all Windows 7 editions, the connection is able to be created only with computers running Enterprise, Ultimate or Professional editions.

How to use Remote Desktop software?

You actually can use Remote Desktop on your Windows, Android or iOS device to connect to a Windows 10 PC. Well, here are the multiple steps how to use this software:

Setting up your PC

  • Firstly, you need to set your PC up if you want to connect to the Remote Desktop software.
  • To connect it, ensure that you have Windows 10 Pro. To check it, you can go to Start, choose Settings and System and then About. Here, you need to look for Edition option.
  • Once you are ready, you can choose Start, Settings, Systems and Remote Desktop. In this step, you need to switch on Enable Remote Desktop option.
  • Give note of the name of your PC under How to connect to this PC. You definitely will need it later.

Using the Remote Desktop software

  • For Windows 10 PC

In the search box on the taskbar, you need to type Remote Desktop Connection and choose Remote Desktop Connection. Then, you can type the name of the PC you want to connect to (see step 1) and choose Connect.

  • For Windows, Android or iOS device

You actually can open the Remote Desktop app that you can get from Microsoft Store, Google Play and the Mac App Store. After that, you can add the name of the PC you want to connect to (see step 1). Then, choose the remote PC name you added and wait for the connection to finish.

Get the Microsoft Remote Desktop here.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

It cannot be denied that Google Chrome has a mesmerizing extension that you can use to add a remote desktop to. Just like other remote PC software, Chrome Remote Desktop app actually allows you to set your PC up to secure remote access.

Well, it is such a gorgeous tool for your remote desktop as there is almost zero corrupting during the connection. Furthermore, setting it can be a bit tedious but once you are done, it more than creates up for it via its galore of the features.

The users definitely can use a computer or mobile device to access files and any apps on another computer over the Internet with Chrome Remote Desktop. This software is available on the web on your computer. To access it, of course you need to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app.

You’re also able to set up remote access to your Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer. Here’s how!

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Then, type on the address bar.
  • Click Download button under Set up Remote Access.
  • Last, you can follow the onscreen directions to download and install Chrome Remote Desktop.

Here, you may need to enter your computer password to get access to Chrome Remote Desktop app. Get Chrome Remote Desktop software here.

  1. RemotePC


The first recommended PC remote software is RemotePC. To note, this is the best remote desktop software right now. RemotePC software is another stellar product which comes from the team at iDrive. This software definitely uses top-notch cloud tech to send class-leading remote access.

The desktop, web and also mobile apps serve the access which includes the collaboration features such as voice chat. The RemotePC software supports PCs and also Macs. It can be used to secure work from home, remote access for school and IT support.

To get the RemotePC software, you actually can access the official site of Remote PC. Once you are at the site, you certainly have to fill your personal information including first name, last name, email address, password, country code and phone number. Aside from that, you also have to enter your billing information to continually make a purchase if you want to buy this RemotePC tool. Once you fill all of your personal information, hit the Create Account button.

Get the RemotePC software here.

  1. Splashtop


This is a superb remote computer access program with the gorgeous features within including impressive security and a user-friendly interface. The Splashtop software supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOs. It comes in plenty of specialized forms.

Through global server infrastructure and award-winning high performance engine, the splashtop comes with fast and reliable remote desktop services. The users definitely enjoy highly remote connections.

Moreover, all remote desktop sessions are encrypted with 256-bit AES and TLS. By two step verifications, the device authentication with multiple second level password options, the Splashtop allows you to further protected access.

Through sending a link to your client or by using command-line, the users actually can take the mass deploy. However, the migration from LogMeln to other remote PC services was never as easy as most users think. With Splashtop, you definitely can set all computers and also devices in just a few minutes.

Splashtop software is designed for business professionals and the teams. To work the Splashtop, the users can access your computer from anywhere around the world. The users actually can remote their PC from an unlimited plenty of tablets, computers or also smartphones by using this software. All you need to get started using this software is to ensure the internet connection is stable.

Built for helpdesk and service providers, the Splashtop absolutely provides attended and unattended support to clients. The good news, no remote PC software installation is needed to set this software. The users directly can connect to clients’ computers and also mobile devices with a simple 9-digit code with more powerful alternative, cost-effective and simple-to-use.

The Splashtop software is available in two services: Free trial service and paid-services. If you want to try it first and check how the Splashtop software works, you’re allowed to choose the free trial service.

Here are more information for the Splashtop software:

  • Communications: Session recording
  • File transfer: Yes, drag and drop
  • Multi-platform support: Yes
  • Security: TLS and 256bit AES encryption
  • Other: Active directory integration
  • Specialized plans
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Different features available on different devices
  • Can be expensive

Get the Splashtop remote PC software here.

  1. Parallel Access

Parallel Access

To allow you to remote your PC in long range, you actually can use the Parallel Access software. Aside from providing the remote PC services, this software is really popular with the fastest, easiest and powerful app to run Windows on Mac without rebooting steps.

With the remote working features, the Parallel Access allows all employees to switch between devices and also the locations to increase the productivity and satisfaction. Moreover, this software serves seamless access to virtual apps and also PC anywhere and anytime the users want.

With enhanced data security features, this software protects the crucial data to organize any loss which can result in huge cost. It reinforces the security by managing and centralizing data access.

With IT Agility features, the Parallel Access serves central management for multi-cloud deployments which enables the scaling on demand. It also increases your IT infrastructure to indicate business demands in the real-time.

Aside from providing remote computer access from mobile devices, the Parallels Access also supports computer to computer connections but the primary of the features are mobile-centered. One of favorite Parallels Access’s side is its tidy user interface. Unlike most of competitors which simply show your desktop screen on a mobile device, the Parallels Access software precisely presents a modified and mobile-friendly version.

Here are the features of Parallels Access software:

  • File transfer: Yes
  • Supports: iPad multitasking, full-screen apps
  • Other: Samsung DeX and S Pen support
  • Very user-friendly remote access
  • Unique mobile user interface
  • Some advanced features are absent
  • Not suitable for remote network control

The point is, this software is a very great option for you who really want to remotely access their computer from a mobile.

Get the Parallels Access software here.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist

The last recommended remote PC software is Zoho Assist which is cloud-based remote support. This software helps you to support customers from a long distance through web-based. To use it, the users need to set unattended remote access and also effortlessly manage remote PC, laptop, mobile and also servers. You may just need a few seconds to build secure connections to offer your customers remote support solutions.

The Zoho Assist also enables you in accessing almost any device which provides specialized remote support and unattended access plans designed to streamline workflow processes. Which makes this remote PC software so great is protected by multiple of the best security integrations. It means the Zoho Assist is a good choice for you who are working on sensitive and crucial data.

The Zoho Assist starts from $8 per month which include the features such as custom branding and remote printing. That’s such a reliable price to get the gorgeous remote PC software, isn’t it?

Here are the features of Zoho Assist you should know:

  • Communication: Voice and video chat, screen annotation
  • Diagnostic tools: Yes
  • Wake on LAN: Yes
  • Security: 2FA, SSL and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Other: Mobile SDK for iOS/Android
  • Very competitive prices
  • Includes a selection of powerful tools
  • No general plan with all features
  • Free tier is very limited

Get the Zoho Assist remote PC software here.

Well, those are the top 10 best and most popular free PC remote software that you can try to manage, control and monitor your PC in long range.