Tips for Choosing The Operating System as Your Passion Needed

There are not many options when it comes to operating systems, but choosing one can have different effects on your computer experience. The four operating systems available here are the best options. But it is certainly an option with strengths and weaknesses.

Three of them come from the big commercial giants tech, and one is the free, open source version, Linux-based Ubuntu. Windows and macOS are generally the most powerful in terms of hardware and software features, interfaces, and utilities, while Chrome OS runs on lighter and less expensive hardware.

Of course, if you need to run software that only runs on a specific operating system (usually Windows or macOS), there are ways to avoid the hassles of multiboot setup and virtualization software, but they are somewhat limited.

For example, you can run Windows on a Mac’s Virtual Machine (VM), or use Boot Camp for dual boot. You can create a Linux partition on your Windows PC and download it if necessary.

In this brief review we talk about consumer operating systems. IBM I, Sus Linux, server operating system and everything else another day. This article contains strange and understandable operating systems that many have not heard of. For a quick comparison of the two main options: Windows and MacOS, MacOS and many more. Windows: Which operating system that is really good?


An operating system is a program that keeps a computer running. Connects to all external systems and equipment, loads programs into memory, connects to the Internet, and manages disk memory.

Modern operating systems have a fun user interface and a variety of software, tools and applications that allow you to do many things without having to install third-party software. These applications include a photo editor, viewer and video editor, web browser, email client, calendar, text editor and music player.

Also, the operating system has tools to keep your computer safe, secure and malware free. Most of them include internal security features and VPN support. Most of the security and stability of the operating system is provided by an automated update process that ensures that the system’s hardware and software compatibility and vulnerabilities have been corrected over time.

How to choose an Operating System

With a brief overview of the four operating systems described below, we can help you choose an operating system based on the following criteria:

  • Different tool options
  • Various programs are available, including games and performances.
  • Interface design and window function
  • Includes applications and utilities
  • Mobile and cloud integration
  • Stability, security and updates

As mentioned above, if you only need to run a program supported by one of these operating systems, you have already selected it. For example, if you use Final Cut Pro as your video editor and don’t want to use Adobe Premiere Pro, MacOS is the only option. We recommend that you use Windows 10 to play AAA video games. Same with external devices. You may have a VR headset or a 3D printer that provides drivers for only one type of system.

Without further conference, read our top 4 desktop operating system options today based on usage quotas. Click on each link to read the full review for more information.

Microsoft Windows

Windows supports more than 1 billion computers making it the world’s most popular desktop operating system. This means that any operating system will work with most hardware and software. Windows has grown over the years (Windows XP, Windows)) and a decline (Windows Vista, Windows 7), but everyone agrees that Windows 10 has done a lot of violations in the past. Yet not perfect. Bugs are sometimes bad but the current version is better than the previous one.

It’s hard to compare the clarity of the interface, the rich tools, and the features of using Windows 10. Full touch support, voice support via Cortana, flexible tools for screenshots and notes, photo and video editors, sophisticated and even basic 3D modeling. In addition to standard tools such as mail, calendars, notebooks and calculators. The Action Center is a feature that combines notifications and often provides quick access to the necessary settings.

Apple macOS

It will be a tough time looking for more aspiring OS defenders, creative artists, video and photo makers than your MacOS users. In fact, Apple’s desktop operating system is stylish, functional and reliable. It connects well with the iPhone and all other devices of the technology giant Capertino. Your computer’s hardware vendor options are limited to just one option but it’s a good choice and you can choose the right form factor from a Mac mini to a MacBook, an iMac AIO and a new ultra-powerful Mac Pro.

The interface on MacOS is more convenient and simplified than the other options presented here. Dark Mode looks great on all operating system devices, and Finder (such as Windows Explorer) provides useful tabs and previews that are not available on Windows. I like the Windows option, which makes it easy to assemble apps to fill half the screen.

Apple’s desktop operating system is not a program like Windows, it is document based. However, not all applications have their own windows but the same menu provided by the operating system at the top. This can be the biggest hurdle for people to switch between the two operating systems. Another difference may be the dock on the Windows taskbar and on the Max dock. The taskbar has become more familiar and flexible. Due to a document-centric approach, sometimes hitting the dock icon will not open an application window on the screen.

Ubuntu Linux

Linux is not the product of a large technology company that benefits from all the operating systems offered here, but it is completely free and open source. You can install Ubuntu Linux on any device. Works on any Windows device. You can also control the operating system from a live USB stick without having to download it to your computer’s memory. You can buy multiple computers pre-installed with Linux, such as the privacy-focused Purism Librom Mini, and a powerful XPS 13 laptop version with Dell Ubuntu, which is primarily aimed at developers.

In general, Linux can be configured with a completely different shell and you can also get different versions such as Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu Boogie, Ubuntu Mate and Jubuntu, also known as a broadcast. Pre-designed options, applications and designs vary according to purpose and taste.

As you can find, Ubuntu is known for its safe and reliable operating system. This is why Linux supports many servers with high uptime. Ubuntu also includes built-in antivirus, and publisher Canonical provides regular security patches and updates.

Google Chrome OS

Google’s desktop operating system began as an easy and straightforward way to provide web browsers and web applications to computers. The idea is that it is a completely cloud-based application that uses Google Drive to store all your data. Chrome OS has gone even further and you can run Android applications on Google Play. It also provides real desktop features like File Folders for Local Files, Google Assistant Sound Wisdom, Night Mode, Screenshots and Tight Integration with your Android phone.

You can find more expensive devices at Google itself, including a variety of low-cost Chromebooks and Chromeboxes (desktop versions), as well as the Pixelbook ($ 999) and Pixelbook Go ($ 649). The OS also supports touch and stylus input (in the form of a pixel pen) and many printer models (not as many as macOS and Windows.

The OS interface is clean and simple, so there’s no real desktop where you can’t close apps and documents on MacOS and Windows. You have to see right. The dock is good, not as busy as the Windows taskbar, but the launcher and settings are well implemented.

The apart from the app store, you won’t be able to find advanced professional apps like the complete Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, or really powerful video editing software on Chrome OS. On the other hand, Google has created a full suite of apps and services for the education market, and there are also third-party products for that market. One cynical opinion is that this is a game that attracts new users to the platform. However, the program actually made education technologies inexpensive and efficient.

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