Top 10 Best HTTrack Alternatives

HTTrack is an easy and user-friendly offline browser utility that can make the process of downloading websites to a local PC easier for you. There are many functions that you can use with this, such as getting HTML, images, other files from the server, and building all directories recursively to the PC. By the way, what are the best HTTrack alternatives? In the text below, we will share top ten best HTTrack alternatives.


NCollector Studio is a universal website crawler and offline web browser for simply downloading any website and exploring it in the offline mode. After downloading any website, the users of NCollector Studio are able to search for its specific files, videos, images, etc. It is able to work in a total offline environment of your PC.

However, you are going to feel as you are really visiting a site on an internet. NCollector studio is a simple program giving all the fundamental functions you will need a site mirroring application to offer. With this utility, you are able to enjoy offline browsing, website crawling and more.


In addition, it includes search providers in the shape of Google Images and Bing Images. Some areas of the NCollector Studio functionalities are website crawler, offline browsing, search providers, and mirror site. Most of you utilize any website downloader or crawl software for the purpose of visiting in an offline environment.

But, the additional quality of NCollector Studio is that it offer its users to share the downloaded site with other users as well. All links to the site will be translated into local links so that you are able to enjoy the offline browsing of the downloaded website from your local PC freely.



WebCopier is a simple highly advanced level of program to download any site freely. This site downloader and web crawl allow you to save your internet connection fees and keep the permanent record of your desired site on your local PC. You are able to access the saved website in offline mode and then you are able to share it fully with others.

The free setup of WebCopier is available for Windows, Windows Phone and Mac OS X. WebCopier is an amazing source to explore for the web developers as with the help of this program you will be able to analyze websites structures, discover the dead links and transfer the work on the other operating systems. Being and individual you can save complete data of your desired sites, stock quotes, magazines and much more.

Also, the companies are able to use the WebCopier to transfer the company’s intranet contents to staff PCs and make a copy of companies’ online catalogs and brochures for sales and personal, print the downloaded sites and backup corporate sites. You will be able to imagine by yourself what you will get with this great WebCopier.

In addition to free version, there is a paid version of WebCopier which contains more advanced features and functions as compared to WebCopier Free. In the WebCopier Pro version, you are going to explore the powerful and innovative features to discover, manage, organize and track the every information over the internet.



UnMHT is an application which is used for viewing MHT or MHTML web archive format files and save the complete web pages including all of its text and graphics. It is a totally unique type of application which is able to store HTML and images and also CSS into a single file. The files downloaded by the UnMHT is able to be opened by the almost all leading web browsers.

Some of the key features of the UnMHT are availability of an information panel to get the information of ongoing process, open any MHT file, save a webpage as MHT with current state or original file, save a webpage as MHT file, save dynamic snapshot of webpage, save original files downloaded from server, save static snapshot of webpage, save webpage as MHT by a single click, save linked page as MHT, save selection as MHT, store additional files into MHT save multiple tabs as MHT at once, and much more.

Surely, you are going to get more features and advantages in the UnMHT as compared to the rest of its competitors. In order to enjoy the full features and way of working of UnMHT you are needed to first enable the JavaScript of your web browser.



Offline Explorer is also known as the MetaProducts Systems Offline Explorer which is a valuable utility. Its user interface is one of its prominent parts while it boasts its browser, so you do not need installing any other. It is able to download such pages which contain Java Scripts, Java Applets, referrers, Cascading Style Sheets, Cookies, Post requests, Macromedia Flash, Contents files, XML/XSL files, and MPEG3 files.

Offline Explorer is the name of an ultra-fast platform for downloading an entire site and then viewing it later in an offline mode from any local PC. Surely, it is a great help for developers, webmasters and content writer who is required to get the data from various sites.

The nice quality of this site is that it offers you to explore each section of the site in offline mode that you have downloaded by way of Offline Explorer. Some of the main areas of functioning of the Offline Explorer are taking new unlimited capabilities in archiving websites, task-based wizards to speed up your workflow, capturing the event social networking websites, and much more.

One of the best advantages of using Offline Explorer is that it offers you to download an entire social media site as well. That feature is still missing in most of the site downloaders. Some of the key features of the Offline Explorer are support of BitTorrent, support for downloading, built-in backup system, and much more.



Fresh WebSuction is a free offline browser system. With this application, you are able to download any site and explore it in an offline environment. It is the one of the best methods to download the content of any site like reference material, articles, news, online books, software files, and much more. Even, you are able to share the saved website with others as well.

Most of the users utilize the web downloading programs to create the permanent record. But, it is a method to save the internet connection fees as well as you will not be needed to visit the site due to the availability of an offline record. In fact, it is going to grant you and immediate access to your favorite websites.

Some of the key features of the Fresh WebSuction are the number of simple features that Fresh WebSuction is delivering to its users. Those are configuration system to for limiting the level of the project, option to choose which files types or extension to be handled by this program, add or remove any file type or file extension, easy to use, option to select whether to convert followed the link or not and much more.

Those features of Fresh WebSuction make it one of the best programs for the purpose of downloading any site. In term of supporting the files of the sites, Fresh WebSuction is much featured rich.



WebZip is an offline browser system for downloading the entire content of a site by downloading the entire website. After downloading a site, you are able to open that downloaded site in an offline environment and accessing all its content including images, sounds, and various other type of media files.

The site downloaded by way of WebZip is able to be saved to HTML format. Apparently, there is a new tool FAR integrated in the WebZip that will make you can compile downloaded content to HTML-help. Also, the FAR system of WebZip provides the option to the users to save the captured web site content into a single compressed ZIP file as well.

This option is very perfect for the purpose of archiving websites or distributing them to the others. Some of the key features of the WebZip are save time and money by not paying too much internet fees, capture the entire website, etc.



FilePanther is a web crawl software. It offers you to explore all of the links and part of any online site in offline mode. Firstly, this program will store the files of your provided site in the local system directory so that you will be able to access all of its features in an offline mode. In addition to visiting in offline mode, you are able to share it with others.

Of course, it is a great help for the web masters, developers and even for the content writers who are required to obtain the data from various sites. The good quality of this software is that it offers you to explore every section of the site in offline mode that you have downloaded by way of FilePanther.

The way of working of FilePanther is extremely interesting. First of all it scanned the desired site by an algorithm. This will bring some time to complete as of reading the all pages and subpages of the website. You are able to set the priorities of scanning as well. In case of setting the priorities, you are able to enjoy faster download but does not accelerate the scan process.

Some of the key features of the FilePanther are complete scan of any site, automatically cachefile uploading and downloading system, saving downloaded file into cachefiles, integrated download manager, highly configurable, and multi-language support.



This tool helps downloading through HTTPS, HTTP, and FTP protocols. It has a potential to run almost UNIX based operating systems and also the other operating systems including the Windows OS and others.

Aside from that, it has been framed especially for wobbly and sluggish network connections. So, it is an incredible too for those who keen to get back their recurrently crashing downloads. It is free and comprises of different striking attributes including its potential to use filename wild cards and recursively mirror directories.

Some of the key features of GNU Wget are can resume aborted downloads, ability to use filename word cards, can recursively mirror directories, NSL based message files for lotso f languages, support for persistent HTTP connections, support for both HTTP proxies and cookies,operation in the background, uses local file timestamps to decide whether documents need to be re downloaded when mirroring.



PageNest allow you to download up to two score files simultaneously. With this, you are able to get all files you want, without being bothered about losing your network connection.

When downloading is done, all sites can be moved easily onto other devices, since they are in standard HTML and JPEG formats. PageNest is one of the best options for those who want to get the entire site downloaded and want to access it in an offline mode with all its functionalities.

The exceptional about PageNest is that it provides the two options for you to download the whole site or download only specific page(s). The other best things about PageNest is its customization system which offer you to set the range for the pages.

Apparently, it has not issue to work with any site hosted on any web server. Even, it will allow you to download all type of multimedia from the site. You will be able to set the maximum and minimum value of any file size.



Mozilla Archive Format is a web archiving platform which is available in form of an extension for Firefox. This add-on for Mozilla Firefox is used for saving a single or more webpage and entire website. The exceptional about Mozilla Archive Format is that its way of working is entirely different from the traditional MHTML based platform.

The main features of the Mozilla Archive Format are highly compatible, save data in single file, link to the original, make best snapshot, open source platform, convert the saved pages, store audio and video files, open by clicking icon, compact and easy to use.

Mozilla Archive Format is the name of a single file format which contains one or more web pages at once. The saving system of Mozilla Archive Format allow you to get all saved pages in the original form regardless of the file format or save command you select.

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