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The Surface Pen is a really amazing tool and accessory that can be used for the Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Studio, and Surface Book. This one is known as a battery-powered peripheral. In other words, at some point, it will stop working unless you change the battery. Keep calm because changing the battery is really easy.

There are three kinds of Surface Pens. The first one is no clip, the second one is the single button on the flat edge, and the third one is two side buttons. The battery replacement procedure of each pen is different from one to another.

Surface Pen with no clip

Surface Pen with no clip

If you have a Surface Pen with no clip and want to change the battery, you will need to pull the top end straight out from the bottom. The next thing is to replace the AAAA battery with the positive (+) end of the battery pointing toward the tail end of the pen. After that, straighten the flat sides of the pen and push the two parts back together.

Surface Slim Pen

Surface Slim Pen1

The batteries in the Surface Slim Pen are able to be rechanged and cannot be replaced. You have two options to change your pen. The first one is to place your pen in the storage ray of the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard and the second one is to place the pen in your USB-C charging base.

Surface Pen with single button on the flat edge

Surface Pen with single button on the flat edge

The first thing that you will have to do in order to change the battery of the Surface Pen is to make sure that you have the AAAA battery. Keep in mind that it is AAAA and not AAA. Then, turn the cap or the eraser end of the Surface Pen counter clockwise until you head the click and feel it is right into the place. It is about 30 degrees. Please gently put the cap straight out from the body to change the Surface Pen. The next thing that should be done is to replace the AAAA battery with the positive (+) end of the battery pointing toward the tail end of the Surface Pen. After that, line up the metal guide bump on the cap with the half circle cutaway on the body of the Surface Pen, and slide the cap back into the place. The last thing is to turn the cap a little bit to straighten the flat edges.

Pens with two side buttons

Pens with two side buttons

If you want to change the battery of the Microsoft Classroom Pen or the Surface Pen with two side buttons and a clip, firstly, you will need to unscrew the top of the pen from the bottom. Then, replace the AAAA battery with the positive (+) end of the battery pointing toward the writing tip. The last step is to screw the top back on.

Replace the battery in the pen cap

For those who own the Surface Pen with two side buttons, you might also have to replace the button cell Bluetooth batteries in the pen cap. If you want to do this, you will need to get two new six 319 coin cell batteries and a Phillips screwdriver of the jeweler.

The first thing that you should do is to unscrew the top of the pen from the bottom, leaving the paper label in the top place. Then, do one of the following methods to remove the battery case:

  • First method (Recommended): Insert the Phillip screwdriver of the jeweler into the battery case. You can do it via the middle of the spring and then unscrew the battery case.
  • Second method: As the alternative, you can insert a flathead screwdriver into one of the notches on the side of the battery case and twist the battery case to make it unscrewed. You should press on the print to fit the blade of the screwdriver into the bigger notches on the battery case.

The next thing that you will need to do is to remove the battery case and remove the old batteries. Please insert the new ones into the battery case with the negative (-) side facing the pen tip. After that, slide the top of the pen down over the battery case. Do not forget to tighten the case until you feel resistance. However, you are not recommended to overtighten it. if you hold the pen top sideways and slide the battery case it, it is possible for the coin cell batteries to flip over before they are secure and in the right position. When everything is done, screw the bottom and top of the pen back together. You may have to pair the pen with the Surface again after changing the batteries.

If you want to pair the Surface Pen, first of all, you will need to choose the Start button. Next, choose Settings > Devices > Bluetooth. Then, hold down the shortcut button located at the top button on your Surface Pen for like seven seconds to turn on the pairing mode. Lastly, select the Surface Pen from the list of the devices from Windows 10, and then choose the Pair Surface Pen.

How do you customize the Surface Pen settings or button configurations? Feel free to choose whether you are using left or right hand from a Windows 10 settings. If there is a shortcut button on the Surface Pen, then select what should be done when you press the button that is able to be found on the top of the Surface Pen.

How often should you change the battery of the thing called Surface Pen? According to Microsoft, the Surface Pen lasts a year on a single battery. Actually, the estimate will vary depending on your use of this tool, however, so please always stock a spare battery at your home.

The Surface Pen is the main accessory for inking experiences on Windows 10. This tool works in applications such as Pain 3D and Photoshop. On top of that, it even works normally in apps, meaning you are able to control each element of the OS with it.

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