How to Open an AAE File in Windows 10

AAE file is a Sidecar Image Format File that originally made by Microsoft Corporation for Microsoft Notepad. Based on the research, Sidecar Image Format files are most popular with users in United States, with a majority of them running Windows 10. By the way, how to open an AAE file in Windows 10? Let us discuss it here.


If you get a trouble related to open an AAE file in Windows, you have to read the following text to find out that solution. When dealing with Windows, the OS need to know which type of program you prefer to use. At times, the operating system does online to search automatically for a program to open it, even though you perform a manual search from the programs displayed on your desktop. Apparently, there are some steps that you can do to view the file extensions. This is able to be done in a few simple steps instructions below:

How to Open an AAE File in Windows 10

  • At the first step, you have to upload your files to the Dropbox.
  • The next step that you have to do is to log in to your Dropbox account in order to collect all the photos in their initial sizes.
  • The last step, you are able to email all those pictures to yourself, even though this process will be able to result in the removal of the original sizes.

To get the maximum potential of Windows, you are able to use a suitable photo editor application on your Apple device. In this case, you only need to open the application and then import all the necessary pictures followed by saving it again without any editing made to it. Remember that you have to check the program that you choose does not have the feature of adding watermarks to all your pictures. Also, you need to ensure that the program that you have chosen does not crop or compress the images so that you will be able to get the best possible results.

Actually, opening iPhone AAE files is a simple process. You will be able to see the images easily by doing the steps below.

  1. The first way is to display it. This is able to be performed by opening each of the edited pictures individually with the aid of third party IOS photo editor application followed by saving them again without any editing. This is an effective method to make some copies in your camera roll with the AAE extension alterations. All you have to do is solve the original picture and import the resaved picture with the modifications and editing.
  2. Another alternative for this, you are able to use an IOS application which is fully dedicated to transferring only AAE extension file types in order to transfer the pictures to the computer along with the retention of the changes which were created to the original image. Before doing the transfer, you have to ensure that the application that you have selected is compatible with this type of function.


As a user, you are going to come across an extension like this while you transfer your images, and you may discover these files really suspicious. Others may notice this file extension while looking out for several particular images or in the sorting by type option in the finder. Also, those files are able to exist on Windows or versions of the Mac operating system. You may discover those really frustrating in case of Windows since AAE extension is always hidden, even you will not realize since they look very similar to the image files and also displays a preview icon. While you try to open the file, a message is going to pop on your screen stating that the file type cannot be opened.

You have to know that AAE files are XTML based files. They are made by Apple’s photo application and functions to save information pertaining to all the editing and changes created to a particular file. Aside from that, you have to note that those files also retain the original file in case the user want to return. Always remember that if you remove the AAE file, only the alterations created to the image will be deleted and not the image itself.


Apparently, lots of people get the confusion of whether they have to remove or keep those AAE files since they are not aware of the actual purpose of those files. Once we inform you  that if you remove those files on Windows, there will not be any adverse effect since they do not have a default software to open it. Besides, as a user, you have to keep in mind that if the original file is renamed, there are going to be a loss of connection between the modified file and the original file. So, if you rename a series of images with modification and fail to remember the exact name of the images, then, they are going to be useless and irrelevant. Please note that removing them will not affect your images though may occupy a few KB of storage.

If you have been getting problem in how to open AAE files or issues related to retention of the changes that you have made to your images on your iOS device, then this article is going to definitely help you deal with all those problems. Also, provide some highly efficient methods that will help you achieve the best output undoubtedly.

Well, the text above is an explanation about how to open an AAE file in Windows. We hope you are able to understand it now. If you need more information related to open AAE files, simply you are able to read other articles on our sites. You are also able to comment in the section below if you want to ask something.