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Some people think that when they use DriverSupport, they just have to pay once. But, actually DriverSupport can be used by subscribing to it and you have to pay for it monthly. You may be one of those people and now you want to cancel If you want to cancel it, but you do not know the ways to do it, we will inform you here.

How To Cancel DriverSupport

If you wonder whether you are able to cancel DriverSupport or not, well the answer is Yes. You are able to cancel it easily at any time. You are able to do that by calling DriverSupport via toll free number at 1-877-615-2407. Alternatively, if you do not want to do it through calling the DriveSupport, you are also able to cancel your DriverSupport through logging into your online account portal.

If you wonder why you are charged when you use DriverSupport, it is because it is an ongoing service which includes unlimited tech support for any of your home PC devices. So, you will be charged a regular monthly fee. It is a major savings to you. Other similar service providers can cost $250 to $500 per year or more.

You may not remember when you sign up for DriverSupport. But, now you see that you have to pay for it monthly so that you want to cancel it. Well, if you do not remember when you sign up for it, it is possible that someone else in your home signed up for the service. Or, you may have bought the service a while ago and you forgot about it. To see more details on when this service started or details around the benefits and usage of the service, you are able to call the DriverSupport by using the toll-free number above. If you want to call them, make sure that you do that during the business hours so that they will help you immediately.

What Is Driver Support?

How to Cancel

Driver Support is an ongoing service which offers you unlimited tech support. It runs continuously on your Windows home computer or even multiple computers to be able to help keep your systems device drivers as up to date as possible. Driver Support will do automated computer driver updates to save the average PC user hours of frustration which is caused by computer issues.

Here are the things that Driver Support can do for you.

  • Driver Support can optimize CPU usage.
  • It can prioritize Network Throughput.
  • It can improve System Memory Management.
  • It can reduce I/O Device Latency.

According to the Driver Support site, here are the features which are offered by Driver Support Software.

  • It offers personalized PC model and manufacturer updates.
  • It can update notifications specific to your device.
  • It can do driver monitoring.
  • It can do driver update search.
  • It has an integration API.
  • It has real-time support.
  • It provides account access.

Driver Support has a mission to be able to provide their consumers with the ability to get the most out of their devices through industry leading tools and services. Quoted from the official site of Driver Support, their service can protect devices from intrusive events thereby saving consumers time and frustration while improving their privacy, security, and productivity.

How Driver Support Works?

You may wonder how this service can work. Well, Driver Support uses automated support to be able to fix the most common issues which a computer user experiences. They claim that they are the only service on the market that matches the driver based on the specific make and model machine of the consumer. Meanwhile, all other competitors only match on date/ version of drivers which do not provide the optimal driver recommended by the manufacturer of the computer. Driver Support also provides human technical assistance for those cases in which the automation is not successful. So, you are able to use Driver Support as your solution everyday to be able to keep your devices running smoothly.

Driver Support One sources driver can update directly from the manufacturers. It guarantees that you get the right drivers for your specific make and model Windows PC. It also has additional functionality and services include enhanced app experiences, deceptive software protection, system cleanup and assisted support. To get started, you are able to choose your Windows version to download.

How to get started updating drivers? You are able to do that in 3 easy steps.

  • First, you have to download the Driver Support.
  • After that, you have to buy and scan it.
  • Then, you are able to fix and optimize your computer with it.

How to Uninstall Driver Support with Active Optimization

Driver Support with Active Optimization is provided for you with the best possible software products. If you find that this software does not operate well and then you want to uninstall it, you are able to uninstall the program by following the steps below.

  • First, you have to go to the Start menu and then choose Programs or All Programs.

Start menu and then choose Programs or All Programs

  • After that, you have to find the folder for the Driver Support program and then you have to choose it to be able to open the menu options. Then, you need to click on the Uninstall Driver Support to start the removal process.

click on the Uninstall Driver Support to start the removal process.

  • Then, you will see there is the first dialog which appears on your screen and the thing that you have to do is to click on Next.

click on Next

  • In this step, you have to confirm by choosing Remove on the next dialog.

choosing Remove on the next dialog

  • If you are prompted with a User Account Control dialog, you have to choose Yes to be able to continue the uninstall.

choose Yes to be able to continue the uninstall

  • If you see there is a final dialog which says that the driver support installation completed, it means that the Driver Support uninstall process is complete. Here, you have to click on the Finish button so that it will close the dialog.

Well, that’s the steps that you are able to follow to uninstall Driver Support with Active Optimization. Hopefully, it helps you in uninstalling it on your computer.


  1. Please help me. I need to cancel this billing that I didn’t know I got myself into.
    Please forward onto department to stop billing cancel monthly credit card payment.

  2. Please help me, I need to cancel this billing that I didn’t realise what I got myself into. Can you please forward onto the department to stop billing and cancel my monthly credit card payment please

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