Peroxide Roblox Trello

Peroxide is an experience Roblox game inspired by the Peroxide manga series written by Tite Kudo. This game was launched on August 18, 2023, in the United States, Brazil, and Canada. It lets you explore the world of Bleach and select different characters to become either a Soul Reaper, a Hollow, or a Quincy.

Even though the gameplay of Peroxide is very simple, beginners may find it hard to play and make progress in the game, especially if they’re unfamiliar with the Bleach lore. Thankfully, the developer has created Peroxide Trello, which contains the guides and everything about the game, so everyone can access it to get some help playing this game.

Peroxide Roblox Trello

Well, this post will show you how to access Peroxide Roblox Trello, what information is available on the board, and how to easily play Peroxide!

How Do You Access Peroxide Roblox Trello?

Roblox Trello is a helpful platform that you can access to look for more details and information about Roblox games. In Peroxide Roblox Trello, you can find the board that contains all the information about the game, such as the guide to play, the latest updates, the list of items, the progression system, the locations, the list of moves and skills, non-NPC and NPC characters, etc.

Peroxide Roblox Trello is completely interactive and divided into several columns, where each has different cards that you can expand. The cards here play as individual entries in each list. Each card shows specific information, so you can easily find the information you’re looking for. For example, if you want to know about Shikai moves, you can head to the List of Shikai Moves column and then click on the cards that show the moves.

To find Peroxide Roblox Trello, you can access it here. ( You do not need to create a Trello account to see it, but if you want more functions, such as leaving comments or even creating your own board in Trello, you surely have to create one.

What’s in Peroxide Roblox Trello?

Once accessing Peroxide Roblox Trello, you’ll find at least 29 columns that contain different information about the game, and each shows specific information, including:

Game Information

It includes information about the Peroxide game and the latest update that has been made. You can also find Discord servers, valid codes, stats and ranking information, and basic controls and mechanics.

There is also an FAQ section that answers some of the common questions that many players ask about the game, such as how to access and upgrade abilities or how to become a Hollow.

Soul Reaper Progression

It shows you the progression of becoming a soul reaper, the souls in Peroxide, which can see hollows, and most other spirits.

In this section, you can find:

  • Soul Reaper Clans
  • Mediation
  • Element Rarities
  • Orb Minigame
  • Shikai
  • Shikai Boss
  • Bankai
  • Bankai Boss
  • Vizard

List of Shikai Moves

This section shows a list of Shikai moves, including explosion, wind, gravity, fire, clone, lightning, and glacier.

List of Bankai Moves

It shows you a list of Bankai moves, including explosion Bankai, wind Bankai, gravity Bankai, fire Bankai, clone Bankai, lightning Bankai, and glacier Bankai.

Hollow Progression

This section demonstrates the progression of becoming a Hollow, which includes:

  • Hollow Clans
  • Mediation
  • Resurrection Rarities
  • Resurrection
  • Hollow
  • Red Eye Hollow
  • Gillian/ Menos
  • Adjuchas
  • Vasto Lorde
  • The Menoscar
  • The Adjucar
  • The Vastocar
  • Segunda Etapa
  • Hollow Prince

List of Resurrection Moves

It shows a list of resurrection moves that can give you new weapons, armor, and three new moves and make them much stronger when you activate them.

List of Segunda Moves

It shows a list of Segunda moves, a set of powers that you can get in the Hollow or Arrancar upgrade path in Peroxide.

Quincy Progression

This section shows the progression of becoming a Quincy, a human with special ability to use Reishi. It includes:

  • Quincy Clans
  • Quincy Device
  • Schrift Rarities
  • Schrift
  • Vollstandig
  • Vollstandig Boss
  • Etc.

List of Schrift Moves

It shows you a list of Schrift moves and you can get different moves when it is activated.

List of Vollstandig Moves

It shows a set of Quincy powers and it will give you a number of different moves when it is activated. The moves include:

  • Duality Vollstandig
  • Odyssey Vollstandig
  • Vermin Vollstandig
  • Apocalypse Vollstandig
  • Eidolon Vollstandig
  • Etc.

Kido Abilities

This section shows a list of kido abilities which are used by Soul Reaper which includes Senkaimon, Sho, Byakurai, Horin, Okasen, Shinten Raiho, Geki, Black Box, Getsuga Tenshou, etc.

Kenjutsu Abilities

This section shows you Kenjutsu abilities regarding the various sword techniques and abilities that practitioners, whether they are Soul Reapers and Arrancars, can utilize them in combat.

Hollow Abilities

It shows you the information about Hollow abilities and some abilities you can have when becoming a Hollow. It includes:

  • Garganta
  • Bala
  • Lanza del Relampago
  • Cero Metralleta
  • Gran Rey Cero
  • Etc.

Quincy Abilities

This section shows you the information about Quincy abilities and a list of abilities when becoming a Quincy, that include:

  • Schatten
  • Arrow Barrage
  • Heilig Schlag
  • Trickshot
  • The almighty
  • Etc.


It shows you a list of cybernetics, including Minigum Cybernetics, Heart Cybernetics, and Visor Cybernetics.

Legendary Abilities

This section shows you a list of all legendary skills you may have in Peroxide, that include Reiatsu Eclipse, Hado 91, Ryodan, and Flag of Resolve.


It shows you a list of items you can have in Peroxide. The items include:

  • Soul Drink
  • Hyper Soul Drink
  • Broken Shinigami Badge
  • Cake
  • Milk
  • Nachos
  • Ramen
  • Shawarma
  • Time Relic
  • Stainpaper
  • Reactor Battery
  • Many more


This section informs you of a list of NPCs you can interact with in Peroxide. Some of them are:

  • Kisuke
  • Yhwach
  • Ken
  • Laqura
  • Buarbiette
  • Shady Arrancar
  • Hobo Monk
  • The Trimigami
  • Etc.


This section gives you information about locations you may visit in Peroxide. It includes:

  • Bus Terminal
  • ASRs Café
  • Karakura Gym
  • Kisuke’s House
  • Hospital
  • Shini Cuts
  • City Board
  • Ben’s Shack
  • Etc.


It shows you raids, bosses that came back from the past to challenge you in Peroxide, and they are:

  • Raids (Time Bubbles)
  • Aizen Raid
  • Ulquiorra Raid
  • The Storm
  • Incursion


This section informs you about crystals and a list of crystals you can find in Peroxide. These can be used to enchant skills and you can utilize them at a time but they cannot be stacked.


It shows you a list of accessories you can wear in Peroxide and some of them are:

  • White Mouth Mask
  • White Blindfold
  • Sinners Head Bandages
  • White Arm Cloak
  • Anniversary Tophat
  • Namekian Cape
  • Etc.

Battle Tower Emotes

It gives you a list of emotes you can get during battle towers and some of them are:

  • Flossing
  • Orange Justice
  • The Griddy
  • Take the L
  • Hakari
  • ·Etc.

Training Equipment

The section informs you some equipment you can use at gym and it includes:

  • Bench Press
  • Treadmill
  • Reiatsu Mat
  • Spirit Mat
  • Training Dummies


The game modes available in Peroxide include Ranked, AFK World, Time Gate, and Invasion.

Official In-Game Factions

It shows you some in-game factions you can choose in Peroxide, including Gotei 13, Las Noches, and Wandenreich.


The section lists the outfits and gears models you can use in Peroxide. Some of them are Arrancar Mask Models, Segunda Weapon Models, Resurrection Outfit Models, and many more.

Trello Staff

It informs the staff that manage the game of Peroxide.


This is the last column in Peroxide Roblox Trello and it informs you the people who get involved in the development of Peroxide game, including:

  • Real Owner
  • Co-Owner
  • Step Owner
  • Development Staff
  • Etc.

How Do You Play Roblox Peroxide?

Although Peroxide is simple to play, you’ll still follow the standard procedures to make your gameplay go well. At the beginning, you have to select one character, and it has the unique power to see ghosts and dead people. The goal of this game is to help the ghosts find their way to the afterlife by fighting some evil spirits.

In order to see the ghosts and transform into a Hollow, your character must die once, but he should find an invisible Hollow first, which can grip him, making him a soul. Afterward, he will spawn as a ghost that can see and interact with other spirits.

The soul must pick up Soul Reaper or Quincy Soul Reaper by finding a white Soul Reaper icon or a blue Quincy icon with the help of a wayfinder. You can definitely speak to Gunther, the NPC, to grip Quincy. To go to Hollows, you can talk to Kisuke, the NPC.

If you’re progressing in the Hollows, you must find a Soul Wayfinder that will guide you to places where you have to go. You also need to increase your basic potential and agility for flashing steps by reaching the quest board and obtaining at least $50.

Keep in mind that flashing steps is a very beneficial stand thought the game. It would be better for you to increase your level to 10, since there will be different ways to increase your potential after the 10th level. To level up, you may have to get a gym membership for $50 and repeat it until you achieve it by exercising on different gym machines and equipment.

In order to go to Wanden, Hueco Mundo, or Soul Society, you’ll have to progress up to the 60th level to fight evil spirits. To do so, you must find a purple subway icon that can guide you to different fights depending on your ranking, which you can check in the dashboard. For more information, the ranks appear in the alphabet, and rank F is one of the highest rankings.

To make progress in the game, you’ll need various items that you can store in your inventory. To get them, you need to press the “G” button as shown in Peroxide Roblox Trello. Some items you need to have in Peroxide include Bounty Medallion, Time Remnant, Impure Hogyoku, Unstable Time Remnant, Strange One, Visor Lens, Gatling Barrel, Reactor Battery, Spiritvial, Stainpaper, Soul Gourd, Time Relic, and many more.