Write a Short Story About a Horse Themed Superhero

When you see the title above in your homework or assignment from your teacher, you may be down because you know that you cannot create a short story. It may be challenging for you because creating a short story needs creativity and imagination. If you are someone who does not like imagining something, it may be hard for you. However, the tutorial about writing a short story about a horse themed superhero below may help you.

Short Story About a Horse Themed Superhero

Make a Concept

The first thing that you have to do is to make a concept. You can try to find ideas about what kind of superhero that you want to create in the story, their powers, weaknesses, personalities and settings. Here, you can also start to think about the name of the characters and appearance of the characters. you have to decide whether the horse in the story is an ordinary horse which has special abilities or they have a human alter ego. You also have to decide the mood of the story whether it is sad, funny, happy or any other mood. When you create a setting of the story, you can decide whether the setting is a city, small village, or fantasy world.

Learn About Horses

If you have no ideas to make a description about the horse in your story, you are able to learn about this animal first by observing real horses near your house and interacting with them. Alternatively, you are able to watch some videos about horses online and read some articles about this animal to add your knowledge about horses. After observing horses, you will be able to have some knowledge about how they move, behave, run, etc.

Create Conflict

In a short story, usually there is a villain or an antagonist. The role of a villain is to create a conflict with the protagonist where the villain will make a significant threat. When you make a villain or an antagonist, you have to decide what powers that they have. Also, don’t forget to think about their motives and personality. Decide why they become an enemy for the protagonist.

Think About Messages

You have to consider the message that you want to deliver in the story. So, after reading your story, your readers are not only entertained by the story, but they can also get an important message or lesson from it.

Create Supporting Characters

You can think about your supporting characters since you make a concept of the story. When you make supporting characters, you have to make sure that these characters play important roles in the hero’s journey. Supporting characters for your story can be the hero’s friends, mentors, or any others.

Make a Plot and Storyline

You are able to make the main plot of the story. You can write the challenges that your main character will face in the story. When you make a plot, you can also tell about how the characters get their superpowers. You also need to develop a series of events that can build tension, lead to a climax, and resolve the conflict.

Include Dialogue

In a short story, you will not tell the story in the form of an explanation only. However, you have to include dialogues to make it alive. You have to think about what the characters will say in the dialogue. Dialogue can reveal the personalities, motivations, and relationships among the characters.

Make Resolution and Conclusion

Since a short story has a conflict, you need to resolve it to conclude the story. You can decide whether or not the hero or the protagonist can beat the villain or the antagonist. Not only resolving the conflict, you also need to consider the emotional impact of the resolution on your characters and the world they inhabit.

Edit and Revise

After creating the story, now you have to review it. Check the punctuation, grammar and consistency. You can let others read your story so that you can get some feedback. From the feedback, you can make your story more engaging by removing or adding several things.

Decide the Title

It’s time to decide the title of the story. Some people create a title of a story at the beginning when they make a concept, but some others make the title at the end of the steps after they create the story. You can conclude the story in a title that can consist of some words. Make sure that you make a title which is engaging and fitting for your story.

When you make a short story, make sure that you enjoy the process so that the ideas will be able to stream well. Don’t be afraid of exploring your imagination and creativity during the process. You are able to read some examples of short stories about horses themed superheroes online or through books to make you understand more about creating a short story about horses by learning how other writers create their own stories about horses themed superheroes.