How to See When Your Fortnite Account Was Created

There are several reasons why many want to know when their Fortnite account was created. For some, this is a memory of when they started playing Fortnite, remembering their first victory and becoming a benchmark for their game progress. For those who decide to sell their Fortnite account, knowing how old their account is in regards to commercial matters.

How to See When Your Fortnite Account Was Created

Unfortunately, Fortnite doesn’t provide a direct way to see when your account was created. No matter how hard you look for it on your Fortnite profile, you won’t find it. So, is there a way to see when a Fortnite account was created? Okay, let’s find out the real information in our post below!

Can You See When Your Fortnite Account Was Created?

Luckily, yes! You can see when your Fortnite account was created. Keep in mind that your Fortnite account is actually your Epic Games account. So, anything about your Epic Games account will always relate to your Fortnite account.

Even though both are the same and related to each other, you can’t also find the information in your Epic profile. When you go to your Epic Games’ profile and explore your “Account Settings” to find when your Epic Games account was created, there’s no “creation date” option there.

How Do You See When You’ve Created Your Fortnite Account?

Checking your Gmail is the only way to see when your Fortnite account was created. When you started creating an Epic Games account, you would receive an email confirmation from Epic Games that allowed you to use the code to verify the email address that you’d used for registration.

To do so, you simply do the following steps:

  • First, open your Gmail account.
  • Then, log into your Gmail account.
  • Once logged in, you can type “Epic Games” in the search bar.
  • After some Epic Games emails appear, you can find an email about email verification.
  • The email usually contains a code to verify your email address.
  • There, you can check the date when you receive email verification for registration from Epic Games.

That’s how to see when your Fortnite account was created. In addition to receiving email verification, you can also get emails from Epic Games regarding any newsletters, surveys, and special offers, so you can check the date of every email.

It’s important to note that this method is not working if you do not sign up for an Epic Games account with Gmail. Although some recommend sending an email to Epic’s support team to know when your Epic Games account was created, it hardly works.

Alternative Ways to Check How Old Your Fortnite Account Is

If you didn’t create a Fortnite account with Gmail and find it hard to see when your account was created, some have alternatives that are close enough to allow you to know approximately when your account was created.

Even though you may not find the exact date when you were creating your Fortnite account, at least these can predict when it was made. The following are some alternatives you can take to know when your Fortnite account was created:

Alternative 1: Check your transaction history

As long as you can access your Epic Games profile, you can really check your transaction history. This section will show you a list of what you’ve purchased, such as V-Bucks or Battle Passes, skins, any in-game items, etc. Of course, you can also check when you first spent money on Fortnite.

To check it, you can go to your Epic Games profile and head to the “Transactions” menu on the left corner of the screen. After the history of your purchases is shown, you can click on it to find the earliest transaction regarding Fortnite.

Alternative 2: Check your achievements

In addition to going to the transaction menu from your Epic Games profile, you can also check your achievements to see when you obtained your first achievement. Here, you can also find the statistics showing your progress, including wins, kills, and playtime.

To do so, you can select “My Achievements” from the drop-down menu on your Epic Games profile. After clicking it, the next page will show how many achievements and total XP you have obtained. Of course, you can click on the achievement list you first received. So, it could be an indication of when your account was created.

Alternative 3: Check your gaming platform’s record

Whether you play Fortnite on a PC, console, or mobile, each platform will usually keep records of your gaming activity.

  • Platforms like Steam that you open on PC often show the time when you first installed the game.
  • On the console, you can check your achievements or trophies that may indicate when you first played Fortnite.
  • Mobile platforms like Android and iOS will commonly have a record of when you downloaded Fortnite.

Okay, those are some alternatives you can take to check when you first created your Fortnite account and played it. Good Luck!!!