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The Best AC Valhalla Easter Eggs

If you are looking for some information about the best Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Easter Eggs, you come to the right site. Here, we will give you information about that. So, what are the best AC Valhalla Easter Eggs? You can directly read the explanation below.

Horcruxes of Harry Potter

You are able to find this easter egg in Lunden, south-east of St Paul’s Cathedral in a small thatched building. A snake guards the building and a key is required if you want to unlock the door. You are able to use your Odin Sight and then you will be able to see a white indicator that marks the location of the key on the balcony of a nearby building.

Horcruxes of Harry Potter

When you are in the building, there will be a scary dark lit room with strange objects. If you look at the table which is opposite the door, you will see a readable note for players that lists each of the Horcruxes of Voldemort from the Harry Potter films. In the Deathly Hallows, these were the powerful objects which contained a hidden fragment of a wizard or soul of witch.

In the room, there is only the Strange List and it is a great easter egg to find. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you surely do not want to skip it.

Lord of the Rings

One of the Rings of Power is added into the game. This easter egg can be found in the west of Glowecestre on the edge of the river in a small house. If you want to get it, you have to find the nearby hidden key with your Odin Sight and enter the building. There, you will see a readable note which reads ‘One of the little folk asked me to make the door smaller, as he wants to keep unruly houseguests from his house.’ It is a reference which is clear to the character of Tolkien Bilbo Baggins.

Lord of the Rings

Then, beside the note, you will see a small ring in reference to the Rings of Power that has been added by the developers.

Dark Souls Bonfire

Dark Souls Bonfire

You may agree that it is always exciting to find a Dark Souls easter egg, particularly if it is the iconic bonfire. You are able to find the bonfire in east Ledecestrescire in the ruins of a building. Even though we have seen the same bonfire reference in countless titles, it is never boring. The good news is that if you remember to save regularly, you will not be spawning back at the bonfire when you die.



If you are fans of the band Prodigy, you may be surprised because Keith Flint appears in this game. It is hidden a way just Northwest of the center of Essex. There, you will be able to find a band playing to a small crowd of people. The song which is played refers to the lyrics ‘Smack my bishop’. It is a reference to one the bands most famous songs.

After you speak with Keith, he will give you a World Event which is funny and the name of it is The Prodigy.

The Legend of Zelda’s Cuccos

There is a cry for help that you will hear and it comes from a prison cell. You hear it when you are exploring near the large fortress which can be found in the Dunwic area of the East Anglia region. When you come closer, there are some chickens which are surrounding a skeleton in one of the cells.

If Eivor tries to hit one of the chickens, the entire group will turn and attack. It is a reference to the Cuccos which appear in the Legend of Zelda.


You will hear a voice of a woman which comes from a nearby tower. You will hear this when you are travelling along the river bank which is not too far from the ruins of Venois in Ledecestrescire region. When you get closer to the tower, there is a guard which is blocking the door to the tower. He claims to be the sworn protector of the woman. After you speak to the man, then he will engage in combat with you. However, you will not have much of a fight because at the end he will give up to your attacks and leave the area.


And then, if you have spoken with the woman inside of the tower, she will suggest that you are her new hero. In this stage, it is better for you to leave because her conversations will be weirder.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them of Harry Potter

If you are exploring Ravensthorpe, you will find a quest which requires you to discover some pages to a book. After you find all of the pages, then you will learn that the book is actually titled Fantastic Fish and Where to Find Them.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them of Harry Potter

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, then you will recognize that it is a reference to the Harry Potter spin off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

When you are exploring the fortress in the Dunwic area of the East Anglia region, there will be a room that you will find. Its appearance is the same as the prison that Tyrion Lannister was held in during his stay at House Arryn. Then, you try to investigate the room. When you are doing it, you will find a note which reads some of Tyrion’s very own words.

Death Stranding

There will be the option to build a Trading Post after you have earned enough materials. It will happen when you take over the old settlement early on in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If the shop has been built, you will discover a list behind the shop. In the list, there are four items that were never gathered by customers. Nevertheless, there is a catch. These items are all excessively heavy because they range from a Stone Slab, an Anvil and a Crate of Bowls.

There are delivery instructions which are listed on each of the items on the list. So, after you speak with Yanli, who is the owner of the Trading Post, you will be required to deliver the items to customers for a small reward. It is important to know that these locations are not near and because of the weights of the items, you need to walk each of them to their delivery destination.

Assassins Creed Valhalla Oxenefordscire Hoard Map

Oxenefordscire is another treasure map in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This Treasure Hoard map guide will tell you the exact location where you will be able to find the treasure map in the Oxenefordscire, clues to get it, and the location of the buried treasure.

There are a lot of hidden treasures in most of the regions that you will explore in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In some cases, its gear and Opals, while some other ones are more literal, hiding the actual buried treasure somewhere in the vast fields or dense forests.

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map location

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map location

First of all, you must go to the location in the small area of Eatun Barn. When you are there, you will be able to see an entrance to the mines. In the nearby buildings, there are plenty of explosive jars.

Please grab one and throw it at the wall so that you can destroy the blockade and gain entrance to the mine. After that, follow it through to the end in order to find the treasure map in this region.

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map clue

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map clue

There is a vast pasture in the southern heaths of Oxenefordscire. The livestock is like the protector. They make some noise and drive away the devil demons. You should locate the strange ruin. It is able to be found where the waters used to run. The sparkler is still able to be seen in its wavelets.

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map solution

Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard map solution

You will have to go to this location in Oxenefordscire. You will be able to find a huge farm here, a house owned by the farmer, as well as a bug tree. There is also a tent next to the huge tree, covering a few old ruins. Beside those ruins, there is a small well. Upon seeing it, all that should be done is to break the top of the well and jump down. The buried treasure will be able to be discovered there.

About Treasure Hoards

Treasure Hoards refer to a series of clues that are hidden across England and Norway that will take Eivor to the unique collectable in this game. When it comes to the form, they vary, including sketches and riddles. There are two stages of completing these puzzles. The first one is finding the clues left behind and the second one is solving them.

Some other Treasure Hoards locations

  • Essexe Treasure Hoard location

You can find this book in the church in the northwest of Colcester, the main city near the centre of Essexe. During the Essexe arc of the main questline, you will come to Colcester often. You will be able to see a slidable set of shelves blocking a stained glass window when you approach the building from the east.

All that you have to do is to move them and shoot through the window so that you can find the key. Then, enter the main part of the church and unlock the door.

In this place, the first thing that should be done is to slide the shelves backwards and climb them to access the first ladder. After that, shoot down the second one and climb it as well to reach the top of the building. The clue can be found on the edge near a window.

  • Jorvik Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the Minster, near the synchronization point in the city of Jorvik. If you want to enter it, you will need to find the open window on the southern side, near the location of the tower. From that place, go to the passage on the opposite side of the altar and discover a slidable set of shelves. Please move them aside to find the clue.

  • Eurvicscire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue at Petuaria ruins, which is located near to where the Durwent river and the Humbre river meet, a little way southeast of Jorvik. In order to find the clue, please climb to the top of the big square tower on the southern side of the ruins.

  • Suthsexe Monk’s Liar Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the northeast corner of Suthsexe, a little way north of the synchronization point. This one is located in a hut in the woods marked as the Monk’s Liar. The clue is placed on the table to the right of the house.

  • Glowecestrescire Treasure Hoard location

This one is located in a place named Sabrina’s Spring. It is in the northeast of the central synchronization point in Glowecestrescire.

  • Wincestre Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the Wincestre Seminary, towards the south of the city. When you are at the church building towards the south of the area, you will have to find the stained glass window that faces east. Then, shoot through it and drop down inside to get the clue.

  • Lunden Treasure Hoard location

Even though it is named Lunden Treasure Hoard, the exact location of the clue in the village of Hammeham, in southeast Oxenfordscire. There is a well on the northern side of the town. Please break the wood and drop down to find the clue.

  • Snotinghamscire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue at the Abandoned Library towards the north of the county, just northeast of Hemthorpe. To get it, you will need to smash the big wooden area that can be broken and go down the steps. Before facing the barred door, damage the jars to reveal a small gap that can be slided through by Eivor to find the clue.

  • Hamtunscire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in Feranhamme, the name of the village on the eastern border of the county of Hamtunscire. The clue is placed in the main building that is full of fabrics. It is below a brick square in the ground. To break this, please use the Incendiary Powder arrows, or climb to the roof to shoot down a hanging weight.

Does AC Valhalla Have New Game Plus?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has lots of interesting missions in its story. But some fans of the latest entry are left wondering what happens after they complete the story. Is there a new game plus? Well, you are at the right page as we are going to talk about that here.

Does Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have new game plus?

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla does not own a mode of New Game+. It means that you will need to stick in your current save. Keep exploring you have established. But, if you need another play through of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you are able to start fresh from another save slot.

Of course, this will be the exact same experience as before. But, there might be several good news for fans who want to experience a new game plus in Assassins Creed Valhalla. In previous games in the series, Ubisoft has already added this mode post-launch, giving the players a new experience of the story.

Does AC Valhalla Have New Game Plus

The game of Assassins Creed, after Origins, have had tiered gear, levels, and pretty abilities which have made the experience more of an RPG than the initial start of the series had been. By creating it more of an RPG game, the team of development has added the new features to fit with that such as a new game plus mode.

With Assassin’s Creed Valhalla following the same patterns, the players expect a new game plus mode to be accessible in this game with some unique twists of its own.

Although Assassins Creed Valhalla does not have a new game plus mode at launch, this likely will not be the case. Before that, the previous games, Odyssey and Origins had a new game plus mode added to the game a few months after they released.

Apparently, Ubisoft added the mode to the game in a later patch and created it available to everyone who owned it. Despite Assassin’s Creed Valhalla not having a new game plus mode at the time of this writing, please do not worry.

Probably, the feature will be included in early 2021, and it is going to be released as a free update. If you are wanting to jump back into Valhalla from the start, you are able to start a brand new game and work your way through it.

However, it is not wrong to defeat the game, put it down, and then return to it in a few months once Ubisoft announces its release.

New Game plus in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

As we explained above, the previous games, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Origins had the new game plus mode added to the game a few months after they released. Ubisoft added the new game plus mode to the game in a later patch and created it available to everyone who owned it.

You may have enjoyed this new game plus mode in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Or some of you do know about this new game plus mode in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. If so, we are going to share some information related to the new game plus mode in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Keep continuing reading the following text.

New Game plus in Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Starting New Game Plus mode in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Starting New Game plus in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is easy enough. Simply, you are able to load the save which you want to carry over, pause the game, then go to the main system menu where you save and load your game. Next, choose New Game+.

But, there is one requirement which you need to fulfill before New Game + becomes available. You have to complete all of the main story quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Those are the quests which are at the top of your quest journal once you are not using any filters. After they are all completed, you will be able to choose the New Game plus option.

It is very important to note that starting New Game plus will overwrite your autosaves gradually. If you want to keep your old save, you have to make a manual save on a new save slot before starting New Game plus.

What carries over to New Game Plus in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Aside from the story and quest completion, almost all of the progress which you have already made in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey carries to New Game Plus.

Here is a list of what carries over to New Game Plus:

  • Your level and mastery levels.
  • Your unlocked abilities.
  • All of your weapons and armor (both stored in your stash)
  • Your ship upgrades.
  • Your ship cosmetics.
  • Any ship lieutenants which you acquired from the in-game store or Ubisoft Club.
  • All of your resources including orichalcum
  • All of your drachma (Money)

Here is a list of what does not carry over to New Game Plus:

  • Story progression.
  • Quest progression.
  • Map markers.
  • Location completion (all opened chests will be reset).
  • Cultist progression.

For note: Legendary weapons and armors are not obtainable again in New Game Plus. Instead of getting a duplicate item, your existing legendary equipment will upgrade to your current level.

Can you change to Alexios or Kassandra in New Game Plus?

Yes, you are able to change your character in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s New Game Plus mode. If you played through the game as Alexios for the first time, you are going to be given the choice to switch to Kassandra, and vice versa, once you first choose New Game Plus from the menu.

You have to know that changing character does not change the things which carry over to New Game Plus. Your armour is going to look different depending on which main character is wearing it, however aside from that, all of your New Game Plus progression remains.

By the way, Is there a reward for beating New Game plus? No, Ubisoft says that there is no reward for completing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on New Game plus.

Lincolnshire Treasure Hoard AC Valhalla

There are 20 Treasure Hoard map locations of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (ACV). Getting a minimum of 5 Treasure Hoard rewards will unlock the Old School Treasure Hunt trophy or achievement. One of the locations is called Lincolnscire.

Lincolnscire has more buried treasure in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This guide of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map will lead you to go through the process of tracking down the map, figuring out the cryptic clue, and locating the buried treasure at the last destination.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map location

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map location

The Treasure hoard in Lincolnscire is able to be found in a small house. Apparently, there are two buildings in this location. The first one is burnt down while the other one is locked. A key is needed if you want to get inside to get the treasure map.

Apparently, there is a small body of water nearby. All that you have to do is to follow the path down to the docks, from the main house. In the end, you will be able to see a small boat in the water. You can find the key on the boat.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map clue

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map clue

A riddle is the clue for this Treasure Horde.  There is a stretch of coast separated by the angry sea to the East of Lincolnscire, in Skegi’s Beard. From the guard tower where valuable properties are there, you can watch over this land, keeping everything from the invasion of the barbarians who never stop. This hoard has the final relics of the Kingdom of Lindsey and you should defend it forever, as stated by Aellen of Mercia.

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map solution

Lincolnscire Treasure Hoard map solution

In this location, you will be able to find the treasure, to the far East of Lincolnscire, near Skegi’s Beard. Remember that you cannot miss a tower overlooking the water. You will be able to find the buried treasure at the very top of the tower, beside a wooden beam.

Some other Treasure Hoards locations

  • Rygjafylke Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the fortress of Kjotve. The place is far to the east of Rygjafykle. You might not be able to access it before completing the early main mission A Cruel Destiny. This one is located on the table in a hut west of the main settlement, towards the shore.

  • Grantebridgescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue for the Treasure Hoard of Grantebridgescire in Besuncen Tor. This one is located in the northwestern part of Grantebridgescire. You will be able to see a statue holding the scroll with the clue on it at the top of the waterlogged tower sticking out of the pond.

  • Ledecestrescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue for the Treasure Hoard of Ledecestrescire in Venonis, west of Eivor’s home base of Ravensthorpe. The raven vision of Synin can be used to find the entrances to underground locations.

Keep in mind that the one that you want is the southerly one, the one near the riverbank where a fisherman is. Please go inside, turn right, and destroy a few crates by using your axe so that you can reveal a crawl space.

  • East Anglia Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue to the south of East Anglia, near the synchronization point at Edmund’s Hope just east of Beodoricsworth. For those who have no idea, the synchronization point is a tall church tower.

The inside of the building is burnt and there are bodies. Aside from that, you might also find a certain unfriendly nun that you can ignore as she is not necessary for finding the Treasure Hoard clue.

Instead, the thing that needs to be done is to look up to find a ladder that you need to shoot down with an arrow. The key is located beside it. Please take it to a smaller chapel to the east of the synchronization point tower and get the clue on the table inside.

  • Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard location

You will have to start from the village of Eaton Barn if you want to reach this riddle. It is little ways south of the actual map marker of the clue. You will be able to see a wall that can explode in the cliff on the northern border.

Firstly, enter the cliff entrance through this and get into a large central chamber. There are some movable shelves to the back left corner. Please slide them aside to enter the one where the scroll is waiting on a platform.

  • Sciropescire Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue underneath the synchronization point in the center of Sciropescire known as Hill Gate Remnants.

When you are at the west of the tower, there is a door. Upon finding it, enter and look up to see a hanging net of wood. A hole in the floor can be opened by shooting this down.

Then, drop down and slide through the small gap in the bottom of the wall on the right. It is a very dark room, but you will be able to find the clue easily as it is placed on the table against the far wall.

  • Cent Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue of the Treasure Hoard at Dover Pharos, on the southern coast of the map, to the west of Dover Cliffs and Dover Fortress. It can be started by simply climbing to the top of the tower to find the clue.

If you use the interior path, please avoid the snakes. In addition, there are also a couple of brothers here. All of them will talk about the treasure hidden at the large snake if you help the stuck one.

  • Suthsexe Crawlie Treasure Hoard location

You can find the clue in the town of Crawleah, towards the south of Suthsexe. The clue is located in a warehouse in the south of the town. The place is strict and the back door is barred. In this case, your option is to sneak or fight through the front. Once you are inside, it can be found easily on the table.

Carolingian Longsword AC Valhalla Location

What is your opinion about Carolingian Longsword in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? You may agree that this weapon is one of the best weapons in the game. If you want to get this awesome weapon, you need to know how to get it. And here, we will inform you where the location of Carolingian Longsword is.

The Location of Carolingian Longsword in AC Valhalla

If you are looking for Carolingian Longsword in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you are able to do that by exploring the Forest Hideout in the East Anglia area. You are able to find Carolingian Longsword in an enemy campsite on the border of East Anglia and Grantebridgescire in a chest at the back tent.

The Location of Carolingian Longsword in AC Valhalla

You are able to unlock The Carolingian Longsword very quickly in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. However, you need to cross the whole enemy camp so that you can reach the chest. If you do it carefully, the guard beside you will end up landing you with a sledgehammer.

At the end, there will be few options, but you have to empty the camp or keep the bandits far enough away so that you will have enough time to open the chest. However, if you do this, it is not fair. In addition, there is another member of the Order who is quite high-ranking,  and he lives in this small forest hideout.

Same as all the weapons in the game, it is possible for you to improve it for more damage and rune locations. Among all of the weapons, this longsword is one of the best. So, it is worth it to have this weapon. To get this weapon, the recommended level is 55 and a level around 40 can be enough.

If you access Youtube, there are some videos that you are able to find about the locations of this Carolingian Longsword weapon. Here are some videos that you can watch.

  • A video of x LunarGaming entitled Carolingian Longsword Weapon Location – Assassins Creed Valhalla which was uploaded on November 11th, 2020. The duration of the video is 42 seconds and it has been watched more than 13k times.
  • A video of Markus Maximus entitled Assassins Creed Valhalla | Carolingian Longsword Location which was uploaded on December 4th, 2020. The duration of the video is 1 minute and 21 seconds and it has been watched more than 190 times.
  • A video of WoW Quests entitled Carolingian Longsword Bear Gear Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Great Sword which was uploaded on November 12th, 2020. The duration of the video is 2 minutes and 33 seconds and it has been watched more than 11k times.
  • A video of GosuNoob entitled AC Valhalla East Anglia Gear Wealth – Carolingian Longsword Weapon Location which was uploaded on November 14th, 2020. The duration of the video is 1 minute and 47 seconds and it has been watched more than 2.7k times.
  • A video of KicKnaZZ Games entitled Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Carolingian Longsword (Superior GreatSword) / Location which was uploaded on November 29th, 2020. The duration of the video is 43 seconds and it has been watched more than 80 times.
  • A video of Xakon Gaming entitled AC Valhalla How to Get Carolingian Longsword which was uploaded on November 17th, 2020. The duration of the video is 1 minute and 12 seconds and it has been watched more than 300 times.

As described in Assassin Creed Valhalla wiki, you can find this weapon at the encampment of the enemy where there you will find a red tent which is on a wooden platform. You have to climb up and then you will find the wealth chest in the red tent. However, you need to be careful since there is the Goliath which guards it.

Carolingian Longsword AC Valhalla Location

The Details About Carolingian Longsword

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Carolingian Longsword is a Greatsword Weapon which can be wielded in either hand. With it, you are able to attack enemies effectively. However, if you want to wield a two-handed weapon in each hand, you need Heavy Dual Wield skill.

For your information, each weapon in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is associated with either the Raven Skill Tree, Wolf Skill Tree or Bear Skill Tree. You are able to enhance weapons at any Blacksmith to be able to increase their quality so that it permits them to be able to Upgraded further.

Also, it can add Rune Slots to the weapon. You are able to upgrade weapons a number of times to further increase their damage and effectiveness using Materials which are found in the world. Do you want to know the stats of Carolingian Longsword? You are able to check it in the table below.

The Name of The WeaponStats (Superior Quality)
AttackSpeedStunCritical ChanceWeightBase Run
Carolingian Longsword71414551181

This weapon originated from the Carolingian Empire in central Europe during the early Middle Ages. Originally, it belonged to the Anglo-Saxon ealdorman Lerion and was kept in his own personal villa. The sword disappeared following his death and it was subsequently acquired by the Viking Eivor.

Weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In Assassin’ Creed Valhalla, weapons are used to inflict damage against Enemies and Bosses. Eivor can access a variety of weapons such as axes, swords, spears and many more. As Eivor, you are able to use those weapons to decapitate your enemies brutally, assassinate the targets quietly or vanquish them from afar.

You are able to obtain weapons as rewards from completing quests, buying or crafting from a blacksmith, looted off from enemies, locations of chests. And even, you can get it from enemies and bosses where they drop them.

Do you want to know what the best weapon for you is in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Basically, you are able to use any weapon type. However, you need to pay attention to invest points into Skills that can boost damage of your preferred weapons.

Then, how to improve weapons in the game? You are able to Enhance and Upgrade your weapons to improve the performance, change their appearance and add Runes slots. Also, you are able to find special Legendary Weapons that have powerful advantages.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Performance Mode

This guide will explain about the Performance Mode added in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. If you want to find out that information, make sure you do not go anywhere and keep staying on this page.

Overview – Performance and Quality modes

In today’s update, the biggest new addition is the ability to select between Performance and Quality in two separate modes. Those available on PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Since launch, Valhalla just offered a single option for the players on those platforms that was fine on PS5 and Xbox Series X, as they ran at fairly stable 60fps, however not so good on Series S, that was locked to 30fps.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Performance Mode

With the new modes, the users of Series S will be able to pick which area to prioritize. In Performance mode, the game is going to try to hit 60fps frequently by starting at a lower base graphic settings, and also upping or lowering the resolution to maintain the target.

On the other hand, Quality mode should offer an upgrade over what is available right now, especially in terms of visuals. Instead, the mode will target 30fps.

Talking of technical upgrades, you must no longer see screen tearing on Xbox Series X/S. The framerate should be more stable today. On PC, the patch solved a memory leak problem which happens when alt-tabbing.

Getting into gameplay, apparently Ubisoft has made it so the players do not struggle with fabrics anymore. The fabric limit has been increased to 82.

Anyone whose settlement has reached level 6 will be able to buy fabric from traders now. Also, 1.0.4 includes several good quality of life additions such as the option to assign all nodes on the path automatically when unlocking a central skill.

Now, the rune menu splits the available rules by categories. Aside from that, you are going to note that the offering altar requirements are obviously laid out on the world map.


Graphics/Performance modes

  • Added an option to the game which lets the players to select between Performance mode or quality mode. Available for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5.
  • Selecting Performance mode lets the game adapt the resolution and graphic settings to maintain 60 FPS.
  • Selecting Quality mode allows the game to run maximum resolution and graphic settings while maintaining 30 FPS.


  • Updated the gear quality and the gear to their correct values.
  • Added Assassination damage stats on character stats page.
  • Deleted duplicate gear from Inventory.
  • Now, heavy and light strike stats will adjust correctly based on acquired skill nodes.
  • Heavy strike modifiers will no longer be applied to range attacks.


  • Added a new pretty background image to the title screen.
  • Added some VFX to enhance visuals.
  • Added an option which will assign all nodes automatically on the path once acquiring a central skill.
  • Added the rune categories to the rune menu. Now, all runes are categorized in Weapon and Armor runes.
  • Added a warning once switching from a language which supports TTS to one that does not.
  • Now, Sliders are able to be moved with right or left arrows on M&K and controllers.
  • Increased the fabric limit to 82.
  • Added fabric to the traders after the settlement has reached Level 6.
  • Added offering altar requirements to a world map.


Performance and stability

  • It improved stability and performance.
  • It improved experience on Xbox Series S/X consoles including screen tearing.
  • It addressed a VRAM/RAM leakage problem once when alt-tabbing to desktop.

Save games

  • Corrected several instances where Load Game will not display save games properly..
  • Renamed Cloud saves to create them more distinguishable from regular saves.
  • Deleted Cloud saves from Save menu. This is going to make sure that it cannot be overwritten accidentally.
  • It added a notification when a cloud save retrieval has failed.

Graphics, audio, animation

  • Addressed some graphical problems across the board.
  • Addressed some FX problems.
  • Addressed some examples of clipping problems.
  • Addressed some visual problems with Eivor’s cloak.
  • Addressed some instances of player or NPC animation problems.
  • Addressed some audio problems.
  • Addressed some lighting problems.
  • Now, Shadow resolution on High will use correct values.


  • Addressed many texture or object placement problems.
  • Addressed several examples where the player can become stuck in specific locations.
  • Now, Fish in Norway will spawn in bad weather.
  • The Crows will no longer randomly fall from the sky in Asgard.

Abilities and Skills

  • Addressed an issue where the players could not utilize any abilities anymore once the Dive of the Valkyries ability was interrupted.
  • Ally NPCs or horses will no longer trigger body traps.
  • Addressed a display problem where the poisonous powder trap could become invisible after using Synin.
  • The players will not be able to assassinate a target who was tackled to the ground.
  • The Secondary hand slot will no longer be available once a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Now, flaming powder traps are going to explode once walking over the arrow.


  • Now, Force Open will be displayed properly. Even if nearby allies are in combat.
  • Addressed a problem where allies would not help Eivor to open a door during Raids.
  • Now, Allies will return to the longship once a raid is complete.
  • Added a timer until the players are able to restart a raid that was completed.

Photo mode

  • Now, the Effect values are able to be adjusted with arrow keys or WASD.
  • Now, the no-filter option will work properly.
  • The Territory panel is no longer shown in Photo Mode.
  • Changing filters will now work as intended.
  • Addressed a problem where an Online Service Error could occur temporarily once looking at photos on the world map.
  • Now, Snow FX will center the camera instead of the player in Photo Mode.

Bloody Path to Peace AC Valhalla Glitch

Bloody Path to Peace refers to one of the quests in the game named Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This one is definitely not perfect as a few players have reported some issues. One of them happens when trying to start the quest but cannot find Ivarr at the NE road leading into the town of Wesberie, as reported by Gustlock in Reddit. Basically, there is no location marker or anything.

A user named anorym got the same issue when started the earliest part of that questline. Before actually making it to Wesberie, the quest disappeared from his tracker and it only came back after completing the Vinland quest. He came back to the quest but still no Ivarr found anywhere.

Then, what should you do if you are in the same situation? Fortunately, the original poster said that he found Ivarr in the forest north and a bit to the east of town. He used his raven to find him after walking into the actual town. anorym has also fixed the issue by restarting his Xbox and now he is able to find Ivarr using his raven.

For those who are facing the same situation, you can try to use the method above. If the case is different, you are encouraged to make a post on the communities or forums such as Reddit and wish for someone to reply. If needed, you can also try to reach out the developers of the game and hope for them to help you and to fix the issue.

Guide to complete the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

Guide to complete the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

Are you stuck when trying to get Ceolbert out of the cave in the Bloody Path to Peace quest? Everyone will be able to hit with this challenge towards the end of the quest, which is part of the Sciropescire story arc. After fighting the boss, you will need to discover Ceolbert. The thing is, he is nowhere to be found.

In the camp owned by Ceolbert, you will be able to speak to the guards who will hand you clues to his location. After getting the clues, do not waste your time and just go to the area immediately and find the cave to find that Ceolbert has been hurt and now your task is to carry him to Wesberie. It might look easy when in fact, it is not. The most difficult thing is to jump or climb when you are carrying him on your back. Then, how to get him out of the cave to complete the quest?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to climb up any high walls when you are having Ceolbert on your back so the only thing that you can do is to rely on the natural slopes inside the cave to get back outside. With him on your back, you will need to jump over the obstacles in the doorway where you came in, and then turn left and follow the wall so that you can find another one that will lead you to a ramp.

How to get Ceolbert out of the cave in the AC Valhalla Bloody Path to Peace quest

A narrow should be seen, sloping ledge on the right side of the passageway here. It is time for you to use this to jump across to the doorway ahead. In order to make a jump, you will need a bit of momentum so you might try for more than once to get across.

Once you manage to cross through, another doorway will be visible. However, it is a must for you to ignore it as you cannot squeeze through while having Ceolbert on your back. Instead, you need to look to your right. There is another narrow ledge against the wall that will take you to the next room.

From here, drop down and duck under the crawl space at the far and then use the small stone ramp to the right of it to walk up, instead of trying to jump onto the huge rock ahead. After that, you should see the entrance to the cave ahead. Once you are outside, you are able to go up and take Ceolbert to Wesberie easily.

A few things that need to be fixed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in general is still lacking, hence needs some improvements. Some of the things that should be fixed include:

  • Cutscenes
  • Companion activity
  • Quest registration
  • Spawns inside the planet
  • Clipping
  • Destructible environment
  • Hitboxes
  • Climbing mechanics
  • The speed of Eivor
  • Surround sound

This paragraph will talk about the issue with the cutscene. The purpose of a cutscene is to add some dynamic sequences outside of just the usual playing this and that. This one in the game does not serve this function, usually using character models within the existing world and trying to make them converse.

Sometimes, the other characters will run into a cutscene character and then the one is left taking to no one at all. Most cutscenes in the wilderness tend to provoke the wild animal attacks and the characters will have a cozy conversation while their crew and themselves are eaten by a wolf pack in a meantime.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the name of the rising game with bugs and glitches and it is amazing to think gamers are able to get through it. Everyone agrees that the game is fun and the world is stunning, but it means nothing when the game does not work properly. A lot of people have noted these issues. The developers of the game are doing everything they can.

Apparently, a main bug that stopped players from being able to progress has been fixed, but it is not enough and there is a lot of work to be done. There is a possibility that it would be similar to the Assassin’s Creed Unity and Anthem by BioWare. However, unlike those titles, it seems like a lot of people enjoy everything about the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including the concept, the artwork, the music, and the story elements.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Colorblind Mode

In this page, we are going to talk about a new mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It is Colorblind mode. If you want to know that information, you are able to read this article until the end and make sure you do not miss any information.


Colorblind Mode is going to allow the players who are affected by deuteranopia (red-green colorblindness) to better distinguish between friendly and opponent health bars as well spell effects during gameplay.

To give you a better idea of what an refinement this will be for the gameplay experience of the players, you are able to check out the screenshots for a peek at what the game looks like for red-green colorblind players before and after the set to Colorblind Mode.

How to use Assassin’s Creed Colorblind Mode?

As a player of game, you do not worry about using Assassin’s Creed Colorblind Mode. It is very easy to use this Colorblind Mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While in game, you are able to hit your Esc key and then you have to pull up the options menu.

The next step that you have to do is to click the Video tab. As we know that there are other options including sound, interface and game. Make sure that you click at Video option to continue using Assassin’s Creed Colorblind Mode.

After you click at Video tab, there you are going to see Colorblind Mode. In this step, simply you are able to click Colorblind Mode under the Resolution. Just it.

To make you more understand about using Assassin’s Creed Colorblind Mode, in the following text, we are going to explain about how to enable and disable the Colorblind Mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. So, you do not go anywhere and keep continue reading this page.

Enabling the Colorblind mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Apparently, there are some easy steps that you have to do to enable the Color-Blind mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Here are steps:

  • At the firsts step, you have to open the Options menu in game.
  • After that, you are able to switch to the Screen tab.
  • The next step is to locate the Colorblind section.
  • Now, you are able to set Colorblind Mode to On.
Enabling the Colorblind mode in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Disabling the Colorblind mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

For those who want to disable the color-blind mode, simply you are able to follow these easy steps below:

  • Firstly, you are able to open the Options menu in game.
  • Then, you have to switch to the Screen tab.
  • The next step that you have to do is to locate the Colorblind section.
  • In this step, you are able to set Colorblind Mode to Off.

Eventually, you have disable the Colorblind mode in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Crucial Accessibility feature

For this game, the accessibility options make the title much easier to play. Also, it helps the users play the game they want to. Of course, Ubisoft has got the basics down. For example, the players on consoles are able to remap their controls for keyboard and mouse settings.

There are some selection of settings such as vibration intensity, toggle/hold inputs, and much more. In terms of difficulty, Ubisoft has included some difficulty levels for each aspect of the game. For your information, the battles have four settings, stealth and exploration have three.

This is going to allow the players to enjoy the game at their own pace. Those who have problem with assassinations are able to activate a Guaranteed Assassinate, that bypasses the level of a target.

Eventually, Ubisoft add accessibility features which allow those with disabilities enjoy Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The HUD mostly has the features for those with visual problems.

In the game, there are colorblind modes, as well as menu narration, that helps the users get through the menu, even if they cannot see it. What is better is that the narration’s pace and volume are able to be adjusted as well. Also, there is obstacle collision for the blind players.

Usually, this will be able to remember the players if they are stuck on something in the game’s world. Of course, this feature is going to help Ubisoft reach its goal of creating the game playable by anyone.

As we know that there are many other accessibility features for the game. Currently, many people are impressed with the inclusivity in the game. It will be exciting to see how everyone reacts to this feature.

Assassin’s Creed Colorblind mode

In colorblind mode, the object or item is shown emanating energy as opposed to color, however the waves are frequently still difficult to recognize. Valhalla has lots of other accessibility options for low-vision players such as resizable subtitles, resizable the map icons, speaker tags with the option of color coding, and more.

Once enlarged, the map and compass icons still have the tendency to run simultaneously due to the fact that one can only set icon size across the board and not individually. Signifying item rarity is color coded, however its rarity is also written in resizable text, so it will not make obstacles.

Auditory accessibility does not present any issues, so deaf and hard-of-hearing players must have a barrier-free experience. This game’s lock-on system is effective, so that those who cannot hear can easily know assailants, and when attacked.

The indicators easily help to know direction of the attacker. Aside from that, resizable subtitles make sure that those people with auditory impairments do not miss a beat of what we perceive to be the most powerful narrative ever told in the franchise, an honor we Ipreviously bestowed upon Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the most ambitious title that Ubisoft has ever produced. But, in stripping back several of its features to push exploration, it lost one of the features which made the last two entries accessible.

Despite several mistaken, most notably related to visual accessibility, a much-needed of the traversal system and a powerful story which succeeds in allowing you live out your fantasy, make this title an amazing way to break in one of the next-gen consoles.

How to Beat Zealots AC Valhalla (Best Way)

To be able to beat Zealotz in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you need a very different strategy from the one that you use for fighting other enemy types. Why? It is because most of the Zealots use a huge shield and it makes them impervious to normal attacks. So here, we provide you some tips that you can apply to beat Zealots in AC Valhalla according to TheGamer.

You Can Use Cheese Strategies

You are able to use Guerilla Warfare. It is a good acceptable method that you can use to take on these warriors early. Nevertheless, you need to be careful not to completely hide from them for too long. It is because their health regenerates after being disengaged for a certain amount of time.

If you go for a full Assassin Build, Smoke Bombs, pop shots, hiding until they come back or lighting them on fire or poisoning them from afar can be fine strategies that will get the job done at the end.

You Can Carry One of Each Type of Bows

You Can Carry One of Each Type of Bows

When you hit Zealots in the shield with a fully-charged bow shot, they will get their guard broken. Even sometimes, you are able to stunlock them. For your information, each bow has its own use to attack Zealots.

  • Hunter Bows: These bows can break the guard of Zealots easily.
  • Predator Bows: These bows can be used to hit Weak Points and they will do great damage.
  • Light Bows: These bows are a consistent interrupt for them.

You are able to take one of each type to the Zealots and buy arrows for all three bows. However, Predator Bows have their own due to their controllable shots.

You Have to Wait, Parry and Be Patient

You Have to Wait, Parry and Be Patient

For the newer Assassin’ Creed games, this strategy is fundamental. However, you need to note that parrying is very good to attack the enemies which are tough. As you know that the parrying in Valhalla is a bit odd in its timing and it is not nearly as forgiving.

So, there are a lot of new players who maybe denied it and focused only on the offense. However, against Zealots, mastering the parry is a tantamount thing. It is because they are only really vulnerable to normal attacks after a parry which is successful.

So, it is better for you not to try and brute force attack them. It is because it will not work and if Eivor is feeling a little bit slow, you have to make sure that you have to check on how much weight their armor is packing.

You Have to Use Abilities With Unblockable Damage

You Have to Use Abilities With Unblockable Damage

If we talk about Rage of Helheim, this kind of skill  is very useful on Zealots. Why? It is because its damage is dependent on the stamina of Eivor. Even though this particular ability has some weird timing required for the left and right punches, but if you have learnt it, you will be able to keep it going until your stamina runs out so that they can take a good bite out of the overall health of Zealots. Mainly, if it is upgraded.

Actually, any skill that can handle the enemy or pass blocking can be useful against these guys since the abilities like Throwing Axe Fury basically just bounce right off of them.

You Have to Get A Skill Which Interrupts Their Animations

You Have to Get A Skill Which Interrupts Their Animations

If you have fought and lost against Zealots, you may know this. However, one hit from them can kill, mainly if it is one of those crimson-tinted unblockable moves. So, you need to note that winning means that you do not take any hits or very few and steadily chip away at the health bar.

You may feel frustrated when Zealot uses some ranged ability like a bomb or mine to make Eivor dodge and then heals or uses a buffing ability. So, the thing that you can do is to use an ability like Rage of Helheim, Harpoon Impalement or Rush & Bash that you are able to do to interrupt them as soon as they begin chucking stuff.

You Are Able to Push Them Off A Cliff

You Are Able to Push Them Off A Cliff

The Spartan Kick was one of the best things that you could do to beat enemies. It was because Kassandra/ Alexis could just force Mercenaries to follow them up to a cliff and then kick them off from very early on in the game.

Now, how about beating Zealots with it? It is not as easy to do in Valhalla. Nevertheless, it is still possible especially if you use Tyr’s Kick. However, if there are no high drops around, you are still able to use terrain-based Abilities for large bursts of damage.

You Have to Aim For Their Weak Points

You Have to Aim For Their Weak Points

When you aim at an enemy, there will be glowing orange spots which show up in random locations on their body. And if you successfully hit those spots, they will stagger, lose some health and take a huge chunk of stamina damage.

Most enemies which are easy only have one, but the harder ones have multiple and Zealots include in it. Stun Attacks still can do massive damage to Zealots that are high level. So, if you aim for these Weak Points early on, it will be a good strategy.

You Have to Get Mark of Death and Upgrade It

You Have to Get Mark of Death and Upgrade It

You may think that it is lame to get a specific Ability in Valhalla, moreover if we consider that there are a lot of collectible abilities in the game which range in utility based on playstyle. However, Mark of Death is the exception. You are able to collect this ability before you go for England and it is easy to find.

For your information, Mark of Death enables you to be able to charge up a deadly volley of arrows on multiple enemies or multiple times on the similar enemies until their stamina runs out which causes some insane damage. Also, because stealth attacks are impossible against Zealots, this ability can work as a great bit of foremost pain.

All Legendary Animals AC Valhalla

There are several legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Where are they? Apparently, every of them is found in a certain region in Norway and England.

You will get the special trophy from each one if you manage to defeat them, which in the end can be brought to the Hunter’s Hut in your Settlement for rewards.

What are the legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Just like in the previous titles of the Assassin’s Creed series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requires you to hunt down for something for special trophies, exclusive rewards and Skill Points.

There are ten plus one legendary animals that are available to be discovered on the maps of Norway and England. You will see them marked as small light blue dots on your map before you find the real location.

Once you get close to them and use the Odin’s Sight to scan the area, all of them will switch their icons to a paw and let you know that it is the closed arena that you will have a legendary animal to hunt and defeat.

Where should you find the legendary animals in AC Valhalla?  

  • Elk of Bloody Peaks: Rygjafylke
Elk of Bloody Peaks-

Elk of Bloody Peaks is the first and the easiest one. This one is found in the starting region of Rygjafylke. You can just go to the southern mountains and find one next to a huge waterfall.

  • Black Shuck: East Anglia
Black Shuck-

The Black Shulk is the kind of fanatic wolf that you can find in the south east corner of East Anglia, pas Beodoricsworth. This one is considered as one of the easier Legendary Animals in the game called Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

  • The Corpse Feeders: Oxenefordscire
The Corpse Feeders

The Corpse Feeders are located in Oxenefordscire, north east of Buckingham and west of the synchronization point. They are a trio of dogs. Due to the fact that it is a three-on-one battle, using the Raven School Miasma skill is good. Dropping a poison cloud that gives significant effect to everyone with poison attacks when an opponent is killed is great.

  • Beast of the Hills: Sciropescire
Beast of the Hills-

To get the Beast of the Hill, slap bang in the middle of Sciropescire is the place that you want to go. For your information, he is hidden underground east of The Wrocken and west of Wenlocan Abbey. Please focus on the entrance on the side of the hill. As this specific place is indoors, you are encouraged to have enough arrows and rations.

  • Gemad-Wulf: Lincolnscire

The location of the Gemand Wolf is close to the south of Grimsby. It is near another blue dot on the map. This specific battle takes place in a nice big arena but the Gemand-Wulf brings a few friends to help him.

You are recommended to use the disposing of those as the thing to stock up several abilities and then allow them to lose on the Gemand Wulf in order to get him out of the way fast and get this head on the longhouse wall.

  • Aelfred’s Battle-Sow: Suthsexe
Aelfred’s Battle-Sow-

The Aelfred’s Battle-Sow is able to be found in the south west of Croindene in Suthesexe, next to the Tuicca’s Farm. You will have to remember that it is not the exact pig that you would expect from sow. This one is a really angry bull and it brings in all of its pen mates into the fight.

Actually, it does not need you to kill everything in the pen to win, even though the other horned creatures are useful for making a combo and filling your ability bar. It is better for you to focus on the big thing and then get him out of there once he is down and you will get the trophy that you can bring to Wallace at the hunter’s hut.

  • The Blood Swine: Eurvicscire
The Blood Swine-

You will be able to find the thing that everyone calls as a stinky pig in Bleasby Swamp, northeast of Repton. It is worth noting that the most dangerous attacks are damaging charge and an annoying move where it leaves dirt in your face. The good news is that the charge is well telegraphed, meaning you are able to pre-empt it and swoop in to deal the huge damage.

  • Bear of the Blue Waters: Hordafylke
Bear of the Blue Waters-

Bear of the Blue Waters, which is also more known as polar bear, is able to be found on a small island in Norway named Bolrikbjorn, west of Helskip.

  • Wildcats of the Weald: Hamtunscire
Wildcats of the Weald-

The nasty cats known as Wildcats of the Weald are able to be found in the Dark Weald, south west of Wincestre. To find a father and son Lynx duo who are out for blood, the thing that you need to do is to follow the trail of bodies. You are recommended to keep your eye on the father first to make everything a lot easier. Do not forget to watch out for every move.

  • Bonus: O Yan Do’Ne: Vinland
 O Yan Do’Ne

You will have to go to Viland in order to find this scary Newfoundland moose. It is north of Tionontate: Ken. If you want to get there, you will have to finish the Lunden arc and talk to Hytham at the AC Valhalla Hidden Ones’ Bureau.

As you will also be stripped of all of your items in this location, it means you will have to get items from the local traders by buying them using leather, iron ore, and carbon ingots. Beware of its charge attack.

  • Bonus: Steinnbjorn: Jotunheim

The last mythical beast is located in the ice armoured bear in Jotunheim. Once you have completed the Asgard storyline, when you arrive in Jotunheim, the most difficult legendary animal is able to be found here.

This one is called Steinbjorn. It is directly north of the synchronization point. As stated before, this one is the hardest legendary animal in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at power level 400, so it might need for you to do a bit of level grinding first before making an appearance at his gate.