Fortnite Icons Next to Names

Fortnite displays various icons next to player names to convey specific information or achievements. Usually, these icons are used in different contexts within the game. And, when the game receives updates and new features, the meaning of these icons can change. Well, in the text below, we will share some Fortnite icons you might see next to player names.

Some Fortnite Icons Next to Player Names

Fortnite Icons Next to Names

Here are some icons you might see next to player names in Fortnite:

1. Battle Pass Tier Icons

The battle Pass Tier icon is one of the most common Fortnite icons that accompanies player names. These icons represent the player’s Battle Pass tier and serve as a visual indicator of a player’s progress, allowing players to know their achievement in the game. Usually, the players earn these Battle Pass tiers by completing challenges, getting experience points, and participating in in-game activities. When the players level up, they will open a variety of rewards, including skins, emotes, V-Bucks, and more.

2. Friends List Icons

The friends list is an important thing in Fortnite’s social aspect. It connects Fortnite players and facilitates multiplayer interactions. Fortnite uses the icons next to friends’ names to increase communication and coordination. These friends list icons display a player’s online status so that it eases players to know which players are available to play together. For your information, friends who are online and ready to join the game will be marked with a green dot, while friends who are offline will be marked with a green dot. With these icons, the players can organize their gaming sessions and efficient communication will also be created.

3. Clan or Team Icons

In Fortnite, the players can form or join clans or teams. These clans or teams have their own identities that are represented by custom icons. When a player joins a clan or team, then his/her respective icon is displayed next to his/her name. This shows the player’s affiliation and builds a sense of camaraderie among group members. Clans or team icons in Fortnite serve as visual proof of a player’s commitment to the group.

4. Party Leader Icons

In Fortnite, players can form groups to adventure together. Within these parties, there is a leader that is responsible for starting a match or changing game settings. Fortnite uses a crown icon next to the leader’s name to mark the party leader. These party leader icons serve as visual indicators that allow the members of the party that a player with the crown icon is responsible to start actions within the group and increase overall coordination during gameplay.

5. Special Event Icons

There are many Fortnite events that collaborate with popular franchises and brands. During these Fortnite events, the players have the chances to get unique icons which show their participation or achievements. Surely, these special event icons are limited-time collectibles. These special event icons serve as mementos and are also a player’s dedication to the Fortnite event.

6. Customizable Icons

Fortnite players can customize their icons using various cosmetics. Through these customizable icons, the players can showcase their style and achievements. Also, the players can equip a wide range of badges, banners, emblems, and other visuals which are displayed next to their names. These customizable icons serve as an identity for players to display their creativity and commemorate in-game achievements.