Fix OR-CCSEH-05 Transaction Declined: Invalid Payment Method when Purchased an App or Services on Google Play Store

When you want to purchase apps, games, or music on Google Play Store, you are able to pay through different payment methods including Google Pay. Some time, the error code OR-CCSEH-05 occurs. By the way, how to fix that error? Let us find out that solution here.

How To Fix Error Code OR-CCSEH-05 By Using Google Pay

Fix 1: Check Your Payment Information

The error code OR-CCSEH-05 may be due to the lack of payment information or an error in your data. In this case, you have to ensure that your information is correct. Also, you need to update your name, address, CVC or card number. Then, you have to check if you have sufficient funds to purchase.

You will be able to find your Google Pay data online at or on the Google Pay app.

  • Transaction information.

To view transactions made with your Virtual Account Number in stores or online, simply go to the Google Pay app. To view all other transactions, you have to go to the Google Pay app or

  • Payment methods, loyalty cards, transit passes, offers and gift cards.

You are able to find some information regarding those items on the Cards tab of the Google Pay app and also some information on

Fix OR-CCSEH-05 Transaction Declined Invalid Payment Method when Purchased an App or Services on Google Play Store

Fix 2: Verify Your Account on Google Pay

You may be blocked by the error code OR-CCSEH-05 as you need to verify your account first before proceeding with the transaction. This method works for the users who are using Google Pay. Please verify your account on Google Pay’s Account Verification page. After that, start making a purchase. Usually, for some particular transactions with your Google Play, you need to verify your identity with information including your name, date of birth or address. Also, you may need to give them an image of your ID or proof of address. If they ask you to verify your account, any pending transactions are going to be canceled. For your information, pending charges on your bank statement will be able to disappear within 14 business days.

Apparently, Google utilizes this information to confirm that it is you and protect you from deception. Your personal information and any documents you enter will be added to your payments profile. After that, your personal data and also documents will be saved securely. They are treated according to the Google Privacy Policy and the Google Payments Privacy Notice where they are applicable. The verification process will not affect your credit score or credit rating.

Submit your documents

To verify your identity, you have to follow the instructions in the email you received. Make sure that your documents:

  • Utilize the same first and last name as in the form and in your profile
  • Are not expired.
  • Are clearly legible.

Also, make sure any image you upload is:

  • An image of a document.
  • Readable.
  • In color and not black and white.
  • Not blurred, glare, or dim lighting.
  • Displaying the full document with all four corners.

Fix 3: Use a Virtual Card

Use a Virtual Card

The Virtual cards are compatible with Google Play payments, therefore the reason you have to use it for purchasing apps. Not only does it work for lots of users, but Virtual cards are also safe to use. You do not require to input your physical card’s number online, that safeguards it from the hackers. make sure that you activate your Virtual Card option in your bank’s application or site. You are going to be given another card number and a CVC which changes every 5 minutes. Easily, you are able to use those details directly in Google Play or through Google Pay and start making some purchases.

Fix 4: Contact Google Pay or Google Play Support

Contact Google Pay or Google Play Support

If the above fixes cannot work, you are able to try contacting Google Support by going to their official site or support channels specific to Google Play billing or Google Pay. Please report your problem so that they are able to check the cause of the error code OR-CCSEH-05.

About the Error Code OR-CCSEH-05?

We get information that there are lots of users who have experienced the payment error OR-CCSEH-05 when they attempt to purchase an app on Google Play. Upon payment or checking out, they get the error message: “Transaction declined: Invalid payment method. [or-ccseh-05]”

Apparently, this is not an issue with Google Pay or the bank issuer. As part of the ongoing fight against credit card fraud, now banks offer two versions of your credit card. The first version of the credit card is for the physical card and another one for the digital version. Also, the latter is named a Virtual card that is designed to be used for online purchases like once you are paying for your apps and services. Fortunately, there are some ways on how you can solve the problem. You will be able to check out the solutions we have listed above.

As we know that Google Pay offers the users of Android to set up their credit cards and other payment options to pay for the services given by Google. However, there are some users who complain of the error code OR-CCSEH-05 when they are paying for their purchased app or services on the platform. Affected services include Google Play Store, Google Cloud Platform and third-party apps by using Google Pay as their payment solution. For most users, it is Google Play that throws out this error more frequently. Google’s app store offers an immense collection of apps for free or for purchase. You are able to download Android apps, games, music, or other media. Several of those apps are available for free while others are available for purchase. If you are set to purchase an app, easily you are able to pay through different payment methods including Google Pay. That is when the error code OR-CCSEH-05 occurs.

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