The Best Rooms to Kill in Among Us Games

As you know that in Among Us games, there are three maps. Those are The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. In each of these maps, where are the best rooms to kill? If you become an impostor in this game, this information will be useful.

The Best Rooms To Kill in The Skeld Map

There are three best rooms for killing in this map. Those are listed below.

Best Rooms To Kill in The Skeld Map

  • Electrical Room


As an impostor, you will be lucky to be here because here any players who wander will become an easy target. In this room, there is a door outside and it can be sabotaged. By doing it, you can prevent any other players from getting into the room and see the crime. There is also the vent in the back which can be used  by you to escape to security or medbay.

  • Navigation Room

In this room, there are a few tasks and it includes one of the wire fixes. So, there will be an unsuspecting victim who will come to this room. When you are here, you have to make sure not to run outside normally. It is because there is a camera which records the area. You are able to use one of the two vents in this room to escape from the room.

  • Security Room

During discussions, people who sit in security and monitor on the camera can be a liability. So, you are able to eliminate them. In addition, there is a door which is closable and also a vent exit so that this place is a safe place for killing.

The Best Rooms to Kill in Mira HQ Map

In this map, you can also find these three rooms to be able to kill others easily.

The Best Rooms to Kill in Mira HQ Map

  • Launch Pad Room

There is no reason for players to go back to this area. But, they may do it if they want to complete their timed task. Here, as an impostor, you are able to pretend to complete one of the tasks and then you are able to take down anyone who is here alone.

  • Balcony Room

This is another room that is best to use for killing in the Mira HQ map. The tail of the map is rarely visited. Usually, players will do their task here after they are called for a meeting. After that, they will leave. So, as an impostor, you are able to wait behind while pretending to do your tasks and then when you see that the situation is safe, you can attack the player there. In this area, there is a satellite which is located on the left side and it can cover up bodies. So, if you kill anyone here, they can be hidden easily.

  • Reactor Room

This room may be a double-edged sword. It can be a secluded area where you can stay here alone with your prey. But, if there are people who see you get into the room together with your prey, they will instantly know who did it. So, if you wonder whether this area is actually the best place to kill or not, it depends on the situation. If you want to make this place as your safe place to kill, you have to be aware who is around. Another advantage that you will get from this area is the vents. The vents make a ring so that it permits you to be able to travel easily around the HQ.

The Best Rooms to Kill in Polus Map

If you want to do a murder in Polus map, here are the three best rooms for murder.

The Best Rooms to Kill in Polus Map

  • Specimens Room

There is a room which is linked by two hallways. Each of them has a decontamination section at the exit. With these isolated conditions, this area is a good place to kill. But, if there are other players who enter the area after a murder happens, there is a big chance that they can meet the culprit. So, you have to consider using a sabotage to be able to draw attention away from the area. And then, you are able to rejoin the others.

  • Storage Room

Among Storage, Weapons, and Communications rooms, this room is one of the three rooms with no exit. This room is also the only one of them which has a hole. These areas are closed-off and they are not really seen. So, if there is a murder happens here, no one outside will know except of they get into the room.

  • Admin Room

In this room, there are a few jagged corners and it is hard to see by others behind. So, this area can be a perfect place to escape from and also hide bodies. Also, it is one of the only entrances and exits of the specimen room. It means that if you are alone and you are on your way out, you can jump. There is also a hole here that you can use to evade the line of sight of the camera so that it will reduce the chances of witnesses.

Kill Ability in Among Us

In Among Us game, killing is an ability which is used by Impostors so that they are able to defeat the Crewmates. An Impostor is the only one who can use the Kill ability. The cooldown kill ranges from 10 to 60 seconds and it depends on the setting of the room. The distance of kill may be short, medium or long. It depends on the options of the game. However, it is important for you to know that when the Impostor is in a vent, using Security, Doorlog or Vitals or resolving a Sabotage, the kill cooldown pauses and will resume when these actions are stopped.

When an Impostor kills a player in the game, the Impostor will teleport to the target. He will slice their body in half and leave only a bone which is sticking out. Then, the dead Crewmate will be a dead body which can be reported by Impostors or the other Crewmates.

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