Light Green Among Us Character Review

At least there are 15 characters with different colors that you can choose from in the Among Us game. Of course, each color will present its character and its own uniqueness. If you just start playing Among Us, deeply knowing each character in Among Us is really needed for you.

In Among Us, you will find Light Green character or well-known as Lime character. A lot of Among Us fans are surely attracted to focus on this character. If you’re really curious about it, keep staying on this page to find the facts!

Light Green Among Us Character

Light Green/ Lime Character Review

For you who are a newcomer of Among Us, you might need some guides that can lead you to play this game well. The guides here can be started from knowing all Among Us characters deeply. By knowing it a lot, you surely will understand how to use it in the game.

In this post, we’re going to give a review of Light Green/ Lime characters which is also important for you to know. Here are some review for the Light Green character:

  • Light Green is rarely seen in Among Us

Lime or Light Green characters are rarely seen in Among Us posters. Why? That’s because this character was not Among Us released but it was added later along with Cyan in the Among Us version 2019.4.24. This Among Us character is in the least number of promotional artwork out of all available colors, being in only one.

  • Light Green is impostor

Both dark green and light green are the colors most often Impostors. Although not always Impostor, in some cases, this color is always Impostor. Even though it brings a cool impression, you have to be careful with this one color, you might become a victim.

  • Confusing Among Us character

The Light Green character is one of confusing Among Us characters. Why? That’s because the Light Green is sometimes confused as Lime by most Among Us players. Even though this character has two name’s colors, whereas, the Light Green and Lime are the same character in Among Us.

  • Customizable Among Us Character

Just like other Among Us characters, the Light Green or Lime character can be customized with any cosmetic designs. Well, this character will be gorgeous when you try to customize this character. You definitely can customize the Light Green or Lime character with these cosmetics’ designs. Here they are:

  • Light Green is customized with the Crown.
  • Light Green is customized with the Eyebrows.
  • Light Green is customized with the Angel Halo.
  • Light Green is customized with the Elf Cap.
  • Light Green is customized with the Snorkel.
  • Light Green is customized with the Henry Figure.
  • Light Green is customized with the Eyeball Lamp.
  • Light Green is customized with the the Toppat Clan Leader Hat

Well, for additional customization, you surely can combine it with other cosmetics to make it more attractive and inviting to look.

  • Light Green is a hacker. Is it true?

That sounds extreme when you hear that the Light Green or Lime character is a hacker. This statement came from one of the Among Us players named EvilEevee666 in a thread which was found in a Among Us game forum. He absolutely stated that about half of the Light Green or Lime characters are hackers and/or toxic players.

This character tends to leave if the host is not immediately starting to play the game. It really knows all kinds of hacks , like ones which give them an instant win. Then, they also will leave if they are not Impostor, except they have an Impostor hack. Moreover, they can also leave if they die or are spotted.

  • Light Green’s Color Value

Here are the Light Green’s color value:

Color Value

  • HEX: #50EF39
  • RGB: 80, 239, 57
  • HSV: 112°, 76%, 94%

Shadow Value

  • HEX: #15A742
  • RGB: 21, 167, 66
  • HSV: 138°, 87%, 65%

Insides Value

  • HEX: #0A2D0D
  • RGB: 10, 45, 13
  • HSV: 125°, 78%, 18%

Well, those are some reviews that we can share for Light Green/ Lime characters in Among Us games.

More Among Us Characters

That’s not enough if we don’t talk about the other Among Us characters. However, knowing each Among Us character will ease you to choose the best character. Well, to choose the best character here, you firstly should recognize its color before. Here they are:

  • Red

The red color symbolizes aggressiveness and courage. Although this color is quite striking and often appears on the appearance of determining the role of Among Us, red is one of the colors that is rarely an impostor. Even though it’s rare, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of him becoming an impostor.

  • Orange

Players who choose orange are usually bright and energetic people. If they become Impostors, they will easily trick other players so that they don’t get caught as Impostors. This character is well-known as the most diligent Among Us character in completing the tasks.

  • Yellow

This cheerful color is often associated with a form of deception. In some cases, if the yellow color doesn’t become an Impostor he will usually be the player who will die early in the game. The color is striking, quite easy for Impostor to target.

  • Blue

Both dark blue and light blue both convey an impression of peace and trust. People who choose blue are smart people and are good at influencing others, even if they become Impostors. Be careful with these colors, they are very unpredictable.

  • Pink

This color that symbolizes affection is one of the most striking colors in the game Among Us. It’s not uncommon for those who use this color to be accused of being Impostors. So when you wear pink and become an Impostor, you have to work hard to accuse others.

  • White

The white color in the Among Us game shouldn’t be underestimated. People who choose white and become Impostors are smart people, they can convince other people with the help of their color.

  • Black

Black symbolizes strength, dignity, and also elegance at the same time. This color also indicates that the wearer is someone who has strong will and likes to think. This color is quite suspected of being an Impostor but very rarely an Impostor.