List Good Names for Among Us Characters

There are a lot of best name ideas for those who play the currently trending game known as Among Us. If you are looking for something to name of Among Us character, here is the list of the names that you might want to consider:

  1. NotCyan
  2. YourBuddy
  3. John Cena
  4. ImCyan
  5. DoingTask
  6. DedInElec
  7. AFK
  8. ItsYou
  9. I Wish I
  10. GoodVibes
  11. NoCap
  12. NoName
  13. PlzKill
  14. KillMe1st
  15. YesItMe
  16. RedVented
  17. I Lied I
  18. Dot Name
  19. Bruh I
  20. PlsNo
  21. Shawty
  22. Simp
  23. Innocent
  24. OkBoomer
  25. Dead
  26. SawYou
  27. Babayaga
  28. WohnJick
  29. CyanSus
  30. IDoTasks
  31. You fools I
  32. Alien
  33. Blank Name or Invisible Name
  34. Me
  35. Yoru Ex
  36. Blue
  37. Skip
  38. Trust Me
  39. HowToVent
  40. Idk
  41. Who???
  42. Where
  43. Covid
  44. Crewmate
  45. Bob
  46. Impasta
  47. Not Me
  48. DontKillMe
  49. No One or Nobody
  50. Lil Sus or Pretty Sus or Kinda Sus
  51. Someone
  52. Told you I
  53. Dude I
  54. Some Nerd
  55. Wasn’t Me
  56. Your Boi
  57. Vote Me
  58. Not Impostor
  59. Your Mom (Yo Mama) or Your Dad
  60. Impostor
  61. I’minnocent
  62. Skip
  63. Harddik
  64. Yourself
  65. Badvibes
  66. Headhunter
  67. UndertheC
  68. Bearbrothers
  69. Everyone
  70. Notatreat
  71. Melowdrama
  72. Yesimfunny
  73. Loackandload
  74. Imthekiller
  75. Whyme
  76. Online24/7
  77. Disconnected
  78. Demigod
  79. Badkarma
  80. Buddhaabites
  81. Hacker
  82. Imthegod
  83. Retreat
  84. Exotic
  85. Executioner
  86. Anonymous
  87. Killmeifyoucan
  88. Rocketman
  89. Imbatman
  90. Enemiesahed!
  91. Imtehenemy
  92. Isawyouvented
  93. Reddidit
  94. Jobwrecker
  95. Sabotaged
  96. Imtheworker
  97. Killseeker
  98. Urdear
  99. Globalrisk
  100. Begone
  101. No one
  102. Idiots he
  103. Capt., Dr. or Engr. + Name
  104. Jason (from Friday the 13th)
  105. Santa
  106. Elvis Presley
  107. Song Lyrics
  108. Vegetable and Fruit names
  109. Triplets
  110. Pilot and Co-Pilot
  111. Crewmate
  112. Heisenberg & Jesse

List Good Names for Among Us Characters

All these names mentioned above will definitely make you stand out while you are playing in the game and might cause confusion, which is not that bad since it can make the game more memorable. Among the available names in the world for Among Us, a lot of people prefer to use the funny names. In fact, everyone loves a good laugh as well as a good joke. Whether it is a video game or a birthday party, good jokes are always be favorite things. In general, a funny name for the character in the game can be a good way for you to lower the tensions between you and your mates. Besides, it can also make you seem casual, friendly, and easy going. And there are people outside there who love to play with such characters. Most importantly, a funny name can make you pretty unique and help you to stand out among the crowds. So, you should clearly give a try at least one in your life.

For those are interested in the funny names, here is the list of some recommended witty names in the game:

  1. Banana
  2. Ostrich
  3. Spacemonk
  4. Walterwhite
  5. Littlepony69
  6. Oopsfallguys
  7. Poopathon
  8. Doratheexplorer
  9. Giantfart
  10. Doncorleone

Which one do you think sounds funny and entertaining to you? Feel free to use one or make the funnier one by yourself. If you want to create the name by yourself, here are some tips to name your character in Among Us:

  • A color different from your own

A color different from your own

First of all, you will have to look at your enemies and choose a different name based on their color. For example, if you are blue, then you can try to name yourself “Reds”. Changing the name against your real color will cause confusion among the players during the discussion section, which makes it possible for the players to mess up the timing of the events.

  • Invisible blank

Invisible blank

If you want to get the invisible blank or not have a name present, all that should be done is to copy and paste ”    ” into the game. It is basically an Invisible Blank. It is a simple and funny way to mess with the other players of the game.

  • Name yourself Crewmate or Imposter

If you are the real Imposter, the high chance is that the players will not suspect you because of your name. It is totally a great way to mess with the players and use time.

  • Name yourself “Who”

One of the best ways to mess with the other players as many of them will say “Who” to make more confusion.

  • Name yourself the actual name of the other players

Naming yourself with the actual name of the other players when playing the game is good to cause more confusion.

  • Use names that evoke trust

You can try to use something like Trusty Bob or Honest Halie. In some cases, the simplest things can convince the other ones of your innocence.

Since a lot of people want to have an invisible name, here is the better explanation to make it:

Having an invisible name in the game is possible. If you think that making a username by yourself puts so much effort and you do not find any of these names listed above worthy, you might want to use an exploit to make your name go invisible in the game.

Setting the blank invisible in Among Us is as simple as copying and pasting a blank space into the name field. Actually, the game does not allow you to enter a blank space directly in with your spacebar, but you are allowed to copy and paste one in without any issue.

If you want to do it without any complicated steps, you can just simply follow these steps:

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is to copy the blank space between the following quotation marks “ㅤ”.
  2. Then, paste the blank space into the Name field in Among Us.
  3. Lastly, enter a match and your name will be blank and invisible.

Among Us has become one of the most fun and interesting games, which explains why it has so many followings despite the fact that it is considered new. It pits the players against each other in the game and they will question the true nature of their friends. This kind of theme is well-loved since everyone loves to think and loves to investigate. Another proof of everyone loves this kind of genre is the success of Sherlock Holmes and some other things that share the same genre.

In general, everyone is given a specific set of tasks that need to be completed in order to get the victory. It might sound that easy if you stop reading the article until here, but it is not. On the other hand, there are the Impostor who try their best to eliminate them so they will not be able to win the match. Having the Impostors after you is kind of terrifying and scary and it is surely able to make the tension up. The game is designed for the entertaining and social game purposes that encourages people to put each single move by the other player under the strict scrutiny. It is not necessarily the most competitive game, and eliminates the needs for those to showcase the edginess on full display. It is better if you use funny and creative names when playing the game instead.

One of the most favorite is to name yourself a particular color, for instance, green. The reason is because the players mostly refer to the other players as the color of the character, and due to the fact that your name is a different color, it will create more confusion.

Giving your character in Among Us a name is an important part of the game. However, it actually does not really matter that much in the game and it is not as important as some people think it is. Do you know why is it so? Here is the explanation about it.

In the early phase of the game and before any actions have been performed, names are like the things that can be used to attract the other players. Players are mostly not recommended to use the suspicious or sus sounding names. While there are a few proofs to suggest some of the names of characters are believed as non-sus or sus, it is not proven to be the best way to avoid seeming suspicious. The name that grabs the attention in Among Us will usually be very obvious that it is used to grab attention.

Since Among Us is like the trendiest game now, dozens of players have given opinions to which names sound the least of most suspicious. It is quite funny when players in general suspect a red Crewmate to be an Impostor more than any other color. A few things such as the names, the colors, and the dialogue of the game can definitely make a character seem more suspicious compared to the others, but actions actually take an even more big part.

Names in the game named Among Us might be the one that gives the first impression, but the ones who play the game focus on the actions. There are some certain moves that are usually done by Impostors like Venting, something that the other Crewmates will not usually do. As you probably know, the Crewmates are handed tasks that the Impostors must fake so that they can blend in with the crowd. It is the type of actions that can depend if it makes the character or breaks it in the terms of suspicion. It is true that a sus name in the game could make it initially seem like the one is an Impostor, but if that one is doing well completing the tasks correctly or even ends up dead, then it would be really easy to tell that they are not the actual killer.

It is the reason behind why the names of the character in Among Us do not actually matter. Impostors can try using the advantage of the non-sus name whenever they want, but if they are caught faking tasks or Venting, it is over for them as no one will care about their name, even if the name that sounds so friendly is used. It is like the popular proverb actions speak louder than words, which in this case, actions speak louder than the character names. Once again, the names of the character do not really matter, especially when players mostly just call each other out by color during the emergency meeting of the game.

In conclusion, the names of the game do not actually matter while using an inflammatory or attention-grabbing name that may get a player ejected from the game early. The real thing that is the most important is how a character is behaving or taking action in the game. It is the perfect way to spot who is truly innocent and who is the real Imposter might be. However, thinking about using the best name for your character is also not wrong since it is fun and it might be beneficial for you.

So, which name do you think is the best for you Among Us characters? If you have found no one on the list above, you might want to hunt from somewhere like on the communities of forums of Among Us. You can find as many as you can so you can use them every time you want. For more information about the names, the characters and the game in general, go visit the communities or forum or if you have something to ask, you can try to address it to the developer of the game called InnerSloth. They are actually active on Twitter and some other social media so it is good.