How to Open DS_Store File Extension in Windows

Do you have a hard time opening a file that ends with .DS_Store? This kind of file is able to be executed only by specific programs. If you are having some difficulties when opening the .DS_Store file, it might be due to some reasons such as you do not have an appropriate program to open it or your file association is corrupted.

So, how to open the .DS_Store file extension in Windows? You can execute the .DS_Store file by double clicking on it. For those who have already installed the software to open it and the files that you want to open are set up correctly, the .DS_Store file will be opened with ease. If Windows keeps asking you which program that you need to use to open the file, the issue is probably caused by the broken file associations.

The issue related to the damage file associations show up as a result of Windows registry errors. If you want to fix the issue, the first thing that you will need to do is to click on Download Fix Tool to download the automatic repair tool. Then, click the Start Scan button in order to identify all potential issues. After that, you can review the scan results and click the Fix Items button.

If you have not installed any software to open it, then you need to do it first so that you can open the DS_Store file in Windows. There is a lot of software to choose from. Some of the most recommended ones include Free File Viewer, WinRAR, iTunes, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Notepad++, Picasa Photo Viewer, Power2Go, IrfanView, and Corel Graphics Applications.

Which one do you want to get? Here is a brief information about some of them.

1. Free File Viewer

Free File Viewer1

Free File Viewer enabled you to view lots of file formats without having to use the traditional software used to open them. For instance, you can use it to view the PSD images without having to install Adobe Photoshop, read the DOC files without having to get Microsoft Word or any similar word processing software, open the PDF files without having to get the Adobe Reader, and many more. What is great about this tool is its capability of multimedia playback, like for video, music, and animated images like GIF files. On top of that, the videos with MPG, MP4, FLV, and MOV formats and sound files with WMA, MP3, OGG, and FLAC formats can be played with it. It also supports some various file formats such as CFG, Bin, DAT, and DI.

2. Power2Go


Power2Go allows you to burn CDs and DVDs from data files, like audio and movie file formats and includes a simple DVD menu creation tool. Totally to the popular belief, it is not a DVD authoring program, it is just a simple application that enables end users to transfer their data to a disc medium. It is also able to be found as OEM or original equipment manufacturer software, in which it is preloaded in machines like in Acer, Dell, or Gateway that has entered a partnership with Cyberlink. As an alternative, it can be downloaded and a license key purchased online.

Apart from its main purpose of copying or transferring the data to the disc medium, Power2Go has ripping capability. It means you are able to extract the data or copy them from the disc to anywhere on your hard disk and make a disc image in which you are able to use the program itself to mount it as a virtual one. In addition, there is also an amazing 256 bit encryption, and you are able to create the system recovery discs that can be used to boot your computer in case you face the system failure one day.

3. Corel Graphics Applications

Corel Graphics Applications

Two of the Corel Graphics Applications are Corel Draw and Corel Photo-Paint. Corel Draw is the name of a complete graphics editing tool that is usually packed with another graphics editing program called Corel Photo Paint. However, while Corel Photo Paint is a raster graphics editor similar to Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, CorelDraw can be described as a vector graphics editor like the Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Fireworks. By using a vector graphics editor, you are able to freely make mechanical drawings or logos, artwork, comic book illustrations, and the thing that will not be possible if you use the raster graphics editor. Basically, a Corel Draw makes it possible for the projects to be edited at the same time in either editor, with the pop up tools enabling a part of the project to be edited in Corel Photo Paint and vice versa.

4. Picasa Photo Viewer

Picasa Photo Viewer

For those who are not familiar with Picasa Photo Viewer, it is an image viewing and image editing software created and published by Google. Actually, it was originally made by a developer named Lifescape. As you can guess, the name of the tool takes after the popular painter known as Picasso and the Spanish “mi casa”, which means my house. It is free to download from Google and it also has access to a photo sharing website like Flickr through Google Accounts, and online photo printing services.

Apart from being popular for its capability to sort your image files, Picasa Photo Viewer also can edit pictures using some basic tools such as filters, cropping, red eye reduction, sharpness, color enhancement, and text captions. There are a lot of features of it and they vary. This one supports tagging of images, importing, searching using some different kinds of filters and by tags, and even facial recognition and geotagging, where it is able to insert the location data to the image for a more personalized touch. In addition, it supports a wide range of image formats, such as WebP format of Google. The search feature works like the one owned by Google for an easy, intuitive searching through the collections of images.

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