How Many Times Can You Dodge in Valorant

How many times can you avoid a Valorant match is one of the questions many players ask. However, a player may need to dodge a match because of some reasons. By knowing how many times they can dodge, the players probably will avoid to frequently dodge a match, as they will get certain penalties.

Do you also wonder how many times you can dodge in a Valorant match? If so, you’re at the right page, as we’ll show you more information about it that we got from some sources. So, let’s see how many times you can dodge in a Valorant match?

How Many Times Can You Dodge in Valorant.

You Can Dodge a Valorant Match, How Many Times?

According to some sources, you can dodge a Valorant match for once or twice with a relatively small penalty. More than that, you may get larger queue time penalties that result in you being banned from the Valorant match. When it happens, you may need to wait for a very long time to get a Valorant match again.

One of the reasons that you may need to dodge is to avoid a toxic teammate. Keep in mind, if you dodge a queue in a Valorant competitive match, you are totally at risk of receiving a small penalty to your rank rating. For more information, if you dodge a match in agent selection, you will get a 50 second penalty.

The players who dodge queues are not only ones subject to new penalties. Currently, Riot Games has applied the ‘Improved AFK detection’ that includes new penalties for frequent AFK offense. Those penalties actually scale up from warning and queue restriction up to XP denial, overall game bans and competitive queue bans.

Moreover, those same punishments will also be distributed for ‘chat-based offenses’. Even though it will not remove all the repeat offenders instantly, you have to see less of them when queueing up in the future.

Can You Dodge a Valorant Match Without Punishment?

That’s so possible for you to dodge a Valorant match without punishment. Certainly, you may need to take some extra ways to result in your dodging attempts becoming smooth, and almost undetectable. So, what should you do to dodge a match without punishment? Let’s see the multiple solutions below!

Solution 1: Disconnecting your internet connection

The first solution you can do is to try to disconnect your internet connection. Certainly, if your internet connection has been disconnected, Valorant cannot send or receive a connection from the server. For a result, you will appear offline on the Valorant app and will then be disconnected automatically from the match.

Many players have proved this way as a great alternative to dodge a match without punishment. If you use Wi-Fi, make sure to turn off its connection or you can try to disconnect the LAN cable from your computer.

Solution 2: Close the Valorant app

In addition to disconnecting your internet connection, you can also attempt to close the Valorant app. Such a proof, closing the Valorant app is a common way that most players often do. You can just simply press the ALT + F4 keys on your keyboard or also choose the end task from the Task Manager Menu. For a few minutes, the Valorant app will be automatically closed.

Solution 3: Not choosing an agent

In a section of selection an agent after a match is found, you don’t do anything in order to dodge a Valorant match without punishment. As we’ve mentioned, when you dodge a Valorant match in agent selection, you will get a 50 second penalty.

As you know, after a match is found, you will be placed on the agent selection. So, if you do not do anything in this section, you will be sent back to the mode selection screen. As a result, you will quit a Valorant match without penalty.

What Will Happen If You Dodge in a Competitive Match?

Certainly, if you dodge a Valorant competitive match, it will put you at risk of earning a small penalty to your rank rating. However, three rank rating points penalty is actually designed to be of most annoyance to repeat offenders.

Moreover, Riot Games referred to the penalty for pre-game dodging as a small punishment to player Rank Rating. Valorant revealed that the amount of the penalty will be just three points. This penalty is intended to the players who frequently dodge a Valorant match.

If you dodge a Valorant match entirely, you may lose ELO no matter if you won or lost. If you reconnect, you must be fine as long as you do not leave too many rounds. According to some sources, a dodge will not count as a loss in your placement match. So, you’re able to use them to improve your odds of placing higher. You may be looking to strategically dodge games whenever you can, even after provisional matches are done.

For more information, dodging placements will not affect LP or MMR or anything at all. In other words, placement games do not affect anything. As dodging is sometimes necessary, certainly you can still play 10 games to get placed.

Additionally, you will end up in a ranked division higher than what you will normally have placed in, if you win most of your placement matches with the help of a smurf. It means you will end up dominating, so it will not be a fun experience.

Why Do the Players Dodge a Valorant Match?

Of course, there are a number of reasons why many players dodge a Valorant match. When you join a competitive Valorant match, you may find toxic teammates or also get unforeseen reasons that encourage you to quit the match. It means that dodging does not always indicate the player’s error.

For more information, there are 16 brokers and 6 maps that Valorant has to be chosen by all players. Although it does not present the selection of a map most well-liked by the participant, the match executant will claim to observe an algorithm, so that the identical map does not repeat many instances for a participant.