What Ranks Can Play Together Valorant

According to The Loadout site, now parties of up to five people of any ranks are permitted to queue together. Previously, players were only able to do this if they were in one rank (three tiers) of each other. However, in update 3.10, Riot has changed it. Now, there are five stacks who can play together regardless of their ranks. How does it work? Here is the explanation about how it works according to The Loadout site.

Let’s say that everyone in your group is Diamond 2 and below. If so, as explained on The Loadout site, you can expect longer queue times as you will only match against another five stacks of the same average MMR. When playing in a five stack outside of rank restriction rules, rank rating gains and losses will be reduced. The total of RR that you get depends on the ranked disparity in the group.

What Ranks Can Play Together Valorant

Let’s say that one or more members of your group is Diamond 3 and above. If so, you can expect much longer queue times as you will wait indefinitely until another five stack of the same average MMR. At a minimum, there is a 50% RR reduction which will be implemented and it is able to increase to 90% depending on the skill disparity.

Let’s say that one or more members of your group is Radiant. If so, you can expect much longer queue times as you will wait indefinitely until another five stack of a similar average MMR. At a minimum, there is a 75% RR reduction which will be implemented. If you play with any player below Radiant, it can reduce your potential RR by 90%.

Because of the five-stack changes, four-stacks are not allowed anymore to overcome toxicity towards solo queue players.

Is It Possible for Five Stacks to Play Together in Valorant?

According to the WIN site, here is the explanation about it. When five stacks play together in Valorant, they will see an increased queue time. However, it has been a common issue in the FPS game. However, after the new update in Valorant, stacks above Diamond 3 may need to wait for longer in the queue. The system will only place Diamond 3 and above stacks with the same MMR five stacks to ensure fair play and it will take time for sure.

If you do not have a problem with waiting, you need to know that five stacks will also spend a lot of your Rank Rating (RR). When you are playing in a five-person lobby outside the rules of the previous rank restrictions, points gains and losses will be reduced. The total that your RR is adjusted depends on the rank disparity in the group. Let’s say that one of the members is outside of the rank limit. If so, there will be 50% RR which will be deducted. The percentage will keep up with the numbers of team members outside of rank restriction. When the ranks scale upwards, RR deduction is able to be very high. Let’s say that one or more members of your group are Radiant. If so, playing with any player below Radiant will reduce your potential RR by 90%.

The developer has permitted five-stacks after high community demand. However, the restrictions are strict. If there are players who grind ranked queues, they would be giving up on a high amount of RR and slowing down the journey of their ranking.

It is important for you to note that only five-person lobbies which are exempt from the previous rank disparity rule. Stacks under five will not be able to queue with players who are outside of Valorant rank restriction.

About Valorant Ranks

In the list below, you can see the ranks in Valorant.

    • Iron 1
    • Iron 2
    • Iron 3
    • Bronze 1
    • Bronze 2
    • Bronze 3
    • Silver 1
    • Silver 2
    • Silver 3
    • Gold 1
    • Gold 2
    • Gold 3
    • Platinum 1
    • Platinum 2
    • Platinum 3
    • Diamond 1
    • Diamond 2
    • Diamond 3
    • Immortal 1
    • Immortal 2
    • Immortal 3
    • Radiant

About Valorant Ranks

As you can see from the list above, there are eight tiers to Valorant’s ranking system. Those include Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and Radiant. All Valorant rank tiers have three sub-ranks, but Radiant doesn’t. For your information, rank one is the lowest and rank three is the highest. So, in total, there are 22 Valorant ranks in case you exclude Unranked.

Radiant rank will be obtained by the top 500 players in each region. As explained on The Loadout site, almost the top 1% per region will get Immortal rank.

But, how to unlock Valorant ranks? You are required to unlock access to Valorant’s competitive modes. It is able to be done by reaching account level 20. Reaching this level will give players enough time to get used to some agents, learn the maps and also master some gameplay mechanics.

Some Tips to Rank Up Fast In Valorant

According to the Sportskeeda site, here are some tips to rank up fast in Valorant.

    • Improving aim is important. If you want to rank up faster, it means that you must have better performance in the game. You need to have a sharp aim. So, you can go to the Range and do some drills every day. By practicing often, it will improve your skill set.
    • You need to play Deathmatch before Competitive. A lot of players who prefer to enter a Competitive queue without warming up properly. As a result, they could not perform well and they lost. If you play at least one Deathmatch, it will be able to give you better performance and increase the chance to win.
    • Learning all agents is important as well. As you know, 18 agents are available in Valorant and if you know each of them, it will help you to have better performances. You can learn to play with four or five agents from different categories.
    • If you want, you can play with your friends or trusted teammates and you can do that as much as possible. If you do it, you will have proper in-game communication.
    • Watching demos can also help you get insight about the game. Even you are able to try and adapt their playstyle.