How to Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty

Dodging a match in Valorant can be a major issue, as the match-finding screen will be back to search for everyone. In this case, dodging means the act of leaving the match without playing in a single round. However, dodging a match sometimes may be necessary for some reason.

In fact, many players are seeking an alternative, smooth way to dodge a match without penalty. While it may be hard to find a great way to dodge without penalty, but some blogs share with everyone how to dodge a match in Valorant without penalty. So, how to do it?

How to Dodge in Valorant Without Penalty

Dodging a Valorant Match Without Penalty, Is It Possible!

Even though the Valorant devs have not added any direct option to quit a new match, the following ways that we’ll show below may help you to dodge a match without penalty. We got these multiple ways from some blogs. Here, we also share with you. Let’s see how to dodge a Valorant match without penalty!

1. Try to disconnect your internet connection

Internet disconnection can be a great way for those who want to dodge a Valorant match. You can try to disconnect the LAN cable from the PC. If you use Wi-Fi, you can try to turn off the Wi-Fi connection.

If your internet connection is disconnected, Valorant will fail to send or also receive a connection from the server. So, you will appear offline on application. You will then be disconnected automatically from the match.

2. Close the Valorant app

Aside from disconnecting your internet connection, you can also try to close the application. This is such a great common way that most players often do. To close the Valorant app, you just simply press the ALT + F4 keys. You can also choose the end task from the Task Manager Menu.

3. Don’t select an agent

Not selecting an agent after a match is found is an easy way to dodge a match. As you know, all players will be put on the agent selection, once a match is found. By doing nothing, you will be sent back to the mode selection screen. So, you can quit a match without penalty.

Okay, those are some ways that you can do to dodge a Valorant match without penalty. Perhaps, there are other great ways that pro-players do to dodge a Valorant match without penalty.

As what some content creators share on their YouTube Channel that give some solution to dodge a Valorant match without penalty, here are they:

  • A video entitled ‘How to Dodge a Valorant Game Without a Penalty #Shorts’ uploaded by Koikeem that you can watch here.
  • A video entitled ‘How to dodge in a valorant game with no ban time’ uploaded by Brocky that you can watch here.
  • A video entitled ‘Valorant Queue Dodge Without Penalty #Shorts’ uploaded by Valorant Update that you can watch here.

Dodging a Valorant Match Consequences

Valorant developer has announced a list of potential punishment for repeat offenders including rank deductions for in-game AFKing, XP denial and smaller deductions for pre-game dodges during agent select or queue.

They emphasized that the punishments will only target repeat offenders and will have the minimal impact on occasional dodgers. In this case, the rank rating reduction will be three points to ensure that there will be a serious impact for repeat offenders.

Riot Games admitted that queue avoidance is sometimes needed, such as to avoid toxic teams. So, they will keep it up to regain your ranking rating quickly, though it is not impacting your MMR with this penalty.

Even though dodging a match will be needed in some cases, it does not mean that you can use it repeatedly. However, it will cause major problems for most players that result in an extended wait time and find a match and not play it again.

Reasons Why Players Need to Dodge a Match

In the game of Valorant, there are 16 brokers and 6 maps that can be chosen by all players. Even though it does not show the selection of selecting a map most well-liked by the participant, the match executant claims to observe an algorithm, so that the identical map does not repeat a lot of instances for a participant.

In some cases, players may need to dodge the queue in Valorant for some reasons. In this case, the players will get their major brokers that are locked by different gamers within the queue, not of their selection, face a map and even obtain dequeued as a consequence of web or crash issue.

Keep in mind, when you try to dodge a match, you should pay a value for dodging a queue. It will also inflict inconvenience to different games in that queue. However, the game of Valorant will have a fairly easy rule of penalty for doing queues.

As Valorant Patch 2.05, the match dodgers have been to face new penalties. In this case, if you dodge agent selects, you will experience penalties that can stop them from queing for a time frame. The frequent offenders will also experience larger queue time penalties.

The point is, dodging a match often keeps away from a map or also to obtain their major agent that just is not an enormous deal. However, if you often dodge a match,  it will impact different gamers on the queue. It should be noted that Valorant currently has a ban system, so you will be banned automatically if you frequently dodge a match.

Additionally, the system is meant to punish players for avoiding intentional queues and impacting teammates as well as opponents. For penalty, it will reduce the Rank Rating by a minimum amount. Luckily, it will not affect the current MMR, but it can stack up for repeated queue dodging and decrease a player’s rank as well.

Fortunately, you can easily increase your lost Rank rating back in the next match. When you already get a penalty for dodging a match, make sure to increase your rank by playing the game better.

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