How to Rank Up Fast in Valorant

In Valorant, there are ranks. For sure, you want to rank up fast in the game. If you want to rank up fast in the game, it means that you need some tips for ranking up fast in this game.So, don’t skip this content because after this you may be able to rank up fast in Valorant.

Here are some tips to rank up fast in Valorant according to some sources such as the Sportskeeda site and Steel Series site.

How to Rank Up Fast in Valorant

You Have to Improve Aim

If you want to rank up faster, you have to perform better in the game. It can be done by having a sharp aim. So, you are able to go to the Range and perform some drills every day. If you practice again and again and also you can maintain a routine, it will enhance your skill set and it will be helpful in ranking up.

You Must Play Deathmatch Before Competitive

There are a lot of players who enter a Competitive queue without warming up properly. Then, what happened to them? They underperformed in games and they lost. So, warming up is important. You can play at least one Deathmatch. It can help deliver better performances and at the end increase your chances of winning.

You Have To Learn the Agents

In Valorant, there are 18 agents currently. It is important for players to learn about the agents. As a player, you have to learn to play with at least four to five agents from different categories. By doing this, it will help you to have better performances.

You Can Play with Friends

You are able to try playing with your friends. If you do not have friends who play Valorant, you can try playing this game with trusted teammates. Playing with them is better to be done as much as possible. By doing this, it will permit you to have proper in-game communication and divide your in-game roles as per your comfort zones.

You Can Watch Demos

There are a lot of videos about Valorant that you can watch on Youtube or other platforms. You can watch them starting from the gameplay, analyses and many more about Valorant. It is because if they are a pro player, they can give you better insight about the game. If you want, you can also try and adapt their playstyle.

You Have to Find the Right Teammates

It is important for you to find the right players who also have a competitive drive to play the game. According to the SteelSeries site, the characteristics which should be had by all good teammates of any rank are communicating in a healthy, productive and resourceful way, finding meta and securing rounds. They are players that you have to find to be able to win games.

Let’s say that you are really grinding. If so, you will want to find a group of players for before, during and after your normal play times with overlapping schedules. You also need the backup and extra players.

You Can Consider Team and Agent Composition

There is another thing that you have to think about. When finding players to queue with, you have to think about what agents they are good with and how you complete and support the team with your agent pool. Let’s say that your agents overlap and you are only able to play dueling type agents. If so, the composition of the team could start to suffer due to a lack of support. You need to note that heavy fraggers do not always make the best teammates. However, a team which is full of support players will not work in games like Valorant. You have to make sure that you find balance through familiarization of the hero pool and playing to the strength that you have.

According to the SteelSeries site, there are some tips to build the right competitive ranked team composition.

    • You must have some friends that support you. However, don’t stack them.
    • Let’s say that you have a heavy fragger on your team. If so, you can let them have Raze, Reyna or Phoenix.
    • You can have a big friends list with a variety of players. However, you have to prioritize some of them first.

You Have to Collect and Communicate Early About Game Info

In the first 5 rounds of each half of this game, you are given a good amount of information on what sites to exploit or buff with support. As explained on the SteelSeries site that you have to communicate if you are struggling with holding key areas or if you think that you need utility from a player like Omen that is able to recharge and hold off enemy players for several seconds longer. If you are more communicative, you will get more information in your team and as a result, you will be successful in round over round.

You Can Play Mid

If you want to win on both sides, the key is most maps which are built with heavy mid lane focus. You are able to find angles and creative uses of your smoke abilities. It is to force movement and rotations into advantageous positions for your pre-aim or helping teammate crossfire. You can find picks on weird off beats during the round. You have to use the clock wisely and you have to control mid with utility. You also have to set up crossfires on high reliable peak areas. At last, force a pink in the weak areas with your fraggers.

When Communicating, Do It Like a Pro

When you are communicating with your team, you have to do it wisely and economically. There are several things that you need to note about communicating with your team according to the Steel series site.

    • If you shout over each other for enemy positions or updates, it is not effective.
    • Let’s say that everyone is talking. If so, no one is listening.
    • You have to make sure that you do not overreact or over rotate to deal with communications from dead teammates.
    • You need to interpret the communication in the most effective way and you need to find a solution that is not dangerous for you.

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