Valorant Best Agent for Haven

Haven is the only Valorant map which features three different sites on one map. Each of those sites follows a three-way entry format, giving many ways to approach one site. The most challenging part of this haven map is defending all three sites at once, for which proper agent selection is very important. Do not worry, here we are going to share Valorant best agents for Haven map.

Valorant Best Agents for Haven

Here are Valorant best agents for Haven:

Valorant Best Agent for Haven


    • S-Tier: Reyna, Jett
    • A-Tier: Phoenix
    • B-Tier: Raze
    • C-Tier: Yoru


Reyna and Jett

In Haven, Jett’s potential with the Operator is still insane. She can pick opponents off-guard, while Reyna’s Leer will be able to give vital advantages for the attackers. In addition, Reyna is able to rely on herself for health regains. Her Dismiss is quite as effective as Jett’s Tailwind in several cases. Both of those agents can get into a gunfight quickly and escape when needed. Remember that Haven features the most suitable terrain for Operators; accurate usage of this weapon needs the presence of Jett.


Phoenix has a high pick-rate in Professional matches. Lot of teams have Phoenix in their agent compositions for Haven. The key factor behind a high pick rate is Phoenix’s Ultimate “Run It Back “ability. Aside from that, his Curveball and Hot Hands also make him self-sufficient. Overall, he is a great choice if Reyna does not suit your playstyle.


Unless you know what you are going to be doing with the agent, picking Raze may bring several drawbacks for the team. First of all, Raze cannot heal herself like Phoenix or Reyna. She cannot escape or dedicate herself to any aim duels without proper support. Even though great for clearing corners and forcing opponents out of bombsites, her potential shines better in other maps like Split.


Yoru have to go through a series of buffs to be relevant on Haven. Recently, several teams have shown interest in this agent. But, replacing Jett, Reyna, or Phoenix with Yoru is not even a choice because most of his abilities are not beneficial for the team. Unless your aim is to lurk or make chaos, picking Yoru is still not a good choice in Episode 3 ACT 2.


    • S-Tier:  Astra
    • A-Tier: Omen
    • B-Tier: Brimstone
    • C-Tier: Viper



During the Stage 3 Challengers events, some North American teams have proven the effectiveness of Astra on Haven. Astra’s abilities offer precision and flexibility. To clear several specific areas in Haven, her Gravity Well is an outstanding ability. Other abilities like Nova Pulse and Nebula are also necessary to take map control. Eventually, Astra’s Ultimate will be able to give the ultimate solution for site control.


In your regular ranked matches, Omen must be the de-facto choice because playing Astra needs teammates with a high understanding of the game. Such teammates are frequently a luxury; thus, it is safer to play Omen whenever possible. Nonetheless, his abilities are also simple and easy to use. His Smokes and Blinds makes him an extremely strong agent for offensive and defensive playstyles.


Brimstone’s presence in Haven map has not been too strong lately. But, after the meta changes and series of updates, he remains somewhat mediocre in Haven. You have to know that his smokes are robust and long-lasting. However, his other abilities do not add much value to any team composition.


For those who know the lineups and all the accurate Toxic Screen positions, taking Viper must be a great choice. Besides helping the team in post-plant scenarios, Viper’s ultimate is also valuable to a certain extent.


    • S-Tier: killjoy and Cypher
    • A-Tier: Sage


Killjoy and Cypher

In ranked matches, it is always wiser to play agents that you are most comfortable with. Because Killjoy and Cypher are excellent anchor agents, defending sites from the attackers will not be much of an issue if you know where to place utilities right. But there are several things you must consider before taking any of those agents. If you want to play passive-aggressive, then Cypher is a better choice since his abilities are limited with range. Meanwhile, Killjoy’s Ultimate and other abilities give far better chances while retaking sites. So, the choice eventually comes down to your preference.


Sage’s Barrier Orb is the best ability to hold off B site. Her Slow Orbs, combined with other lethal utilities will make a Killzone wherever needed. Sage’s Ultimate is definitely a strong ability. Sometimes, her resurrection can change the fate of the game. Besides those abilities, she is also considered the best healer in the game.


    • S-Tier: Sova and Skye
    • A-Tier: Breach
    • B-Tier: Kayo


Sova and Skye

Sova and Skye are capable and effective in Haven. As Initiators, they give considerable value for their teams. Skye offers agility and support. While Sova is better for long-range recons and post-plants. Depending on your playstyle, you are able to pick Skye over Sova when you decide to play aggressively and clear out corners for your Duelist. While playing Sova means you will give information to your team and line up the Shock Bolts to clear out common corners.


For those who are playing with a team or teaming up with your Duelist, playing Breach is going to give you serious advantages over your adversaries. His Fault Line and Flashpoints are perfect to clear out chokepoints and rush through corners. While His Ultimate ability grants easy access to any site. Warning: Breach’s presence can be terrifying if the team composition suits him well.


Kayo offers several unique abilities, however none of them can bypass what Sova, Skye or Breach can offer. This is only suitable to pick Kayo if you have exact plans. Need to know that Kayo’s Flash/drive and FRAG/ment are not capable enough to cause much damage to the enemies. You might end up as a liability for the team if you are not confident about picking Kayo.

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